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  1. Recently, I dropped my Note8 and cracked the screen. I decided I could live with it, as my budget didn't allow for phone payments again, and work told us this year that we wouldn't have raises back when COVID first hit. Even though the budget for our department was trimmed a lot, they actually told us this month that we got a small raise. Completely unexpected, but was a nice surprise. Anyhow, with part of the raise, I decided I would build in a new phone into my budget! Ended up getting the Note 20 Ultra, and my oh my is the camera FAR better than my Note8!! I mean, not even close! So, I decided I would test out the camera on a mini here a few minutes ago, and decided to try it with the Pirate King! As you can tell from the other pictures from the Note8, it's washed out, and the colors aren't quite true to life. Even after adjusting brightness and contrast to try to get it closer to what it looks like in person, I just couldn't get it to look right. But, with the Note 20, it brings out the colors exactly how I painted them!!! I was already impressed with the camera before, and now I'm just blown away! I need to go through and retake a bunch of mini photos now! LOL I am ecstatic with this phone already, and have only had it a day!! I will still probably tweak some settings to have it focus a little better, maybe even try setting the phone up so that I can take the pictures without holding the phone (for stability) - the S Pen that comes with it allows you to push the shutter button for the camera from it while you are only holding the pen!!


    Didn't mean to make this a commercial for this phone, but I'm am absolutely impressed!




    forgot some people have issues seeing the images....


    Pirate King Front

    Pirate King Side

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  2. So, after completing my Marvel United minis and FINALLY getting Argent painted, I am now starting to try to get caught up with some of my Bones backlog from the Bones I, II, and IV kickstarters that I still have sitting around that I want to paint, especially since I have WAY too many minis coming for Marvel United and Bones V coming in the spring! My daughter decided to commandeer some, which I'm perfectly fine with, but I kept a fair number of them as ones *I* want to paint. So, just finished off Oman Ruul, Wizard last night. Far better than I had anticipated, and the orb was fun! Started that with 4 different metallic colors (bronze, gold, silver, and dark steel) and made little patterns on it. Then, did a heavy GW wash of green on it to subdue the metallics and give it a hazy green look. Then did some free hand wispy white things, did a light glaze of green, went over the wispy again, then an even lighter glaze of green. I definitely like how that turned out :)  The rest was rather straightforward really. The eyes even turned out ok... Not great, but I was expecting them to look a lot worse! :lol:




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  3. So, I wrapped these up yesterday. They have been gloss coated ('Ard Coat from GW) then Vallejo matte varnished. My daughter finished Black Widow also. Now, before you ask, I have no idea why Black Widow has what looks like a mustache. I asked my daughter, and she can't decide if it's her mouth or if it's a mustache (we watch a lot of Bob's Burgers, so maybe that's it?). Anyhow, here's a group shot on our countertops, then one of them in their home, the box for the Marvel United game!





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  4. 19 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    Great job finishing this beastie off!  I love the scales and the wings are a great color choice.   One suggestion I would make is on the eyes:  I would expand the blue to cover the whites above and below the iris and I would add a pupil.  I would also either coat the eye with gloss varnish or add a white dot to the blue area to make the eye look like its sparkling and bring attention to it.  Its a small thing but it can bring a lot of life to the face for a small amount of effort.


    But I really like what you did with him.  I am afraid I took the easy route and airbrushed him one of the color change silvers.  Yours looks so much better!


    Thanks for pointing that out! I must have gotten so excited to wrap up the plates on his chest and back that I forgot that I wanted to add a little more detail to the eyes. This is why I always welcome critiques, helps me with remembering stuff like this sometimes :lol:


    19 hours ago, ManvsMini said:


    I can only imagine that the size of those wings made them difficult to paint.


    For the underside of the wings you could do wash of brown (Agrax Earthshade, if you want) and let it get into those recesses (probably have to hold it upside down since the shadows underneath are the high spots) or instead you could do targeted glazes and build them up in the most shadowy areas. I personally might go the glaze route, it will take longer, but you can build it up to your satisfaction.


    That area where the metallic scales meets the yellow wing is probably trickier. I wouldn't try to do a wash of yellow on the metallic edge; I worry it'd ruin it and make it look slightly goldish. I'd try to again use some of the Agrax E (something you've already used on the scales) around the transition and feather/fade it out a bit onto the yellow wing. You don't have to go too far up the wing, just enough to get it to do a bit of blending. Maybe water the Agrax E down if you think it'll be too dark right from the pot, and build up layers until you are happy.


    Better painters than I may (hopefully) have some other advice for that wing transition.


    I did at one point try to do some washes on the underside of the wings, but they did, as you say, end up being way too dark. Not only that, but since the wings are so large and curved, the wash pooled in weird places and I had to repaint them. I think the transition between the scales and the yellow would definitely benefit from that, so when I get the motivation to put him back on my painting table I'll try that out.


    Thanks for the comments everybody! Out of all of the dragons I've painted so far, this was BY FAR the most challenging to figure out what I wanted to do with colors and techniques. Heck, it took me far longer to figure out what I wanted to do with Argent than it took for Ma'al Drakar even! I have T'Raukzul primed now, and hopefully I have less challenges with him.



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  5. 13 minutes ago, ManvsMini said:

    I like the work you did on those scales. Really fantastic. I'll have to read through your WIP to see how you did it. I also like the face, has personality and character.


    Only constructive criticism I have is (1) the underside of the wings could use more shadow (maybe it's the pictures?) and (2) the transition on the wings from the scales to the yellow bone part could be softened.


    I didn't do much shadowing on the underside of the wings, they're basically a little bit darker version of the top side. I can see what I can come up with, but I would need to do some experimenting on something else before I tried to change this as the wings were a pain because of how big they are. What would you think would work with the transition? A wash of the metallics over the edge of the yellow? A wash of the yellow over the edge of the metallics?


    As to the scales, I didn't really go through much detail in the WIP as I've done some more work since I posted it on there. I started with Reapers Blackened Steel paint as the base over top of a black undercoat. Then, I did a wash with Nuln Oil (GW wash), a layer of Tarnished Steel, then a wash of Agrax Earthshade (GW wash), then a highlight of True Silver. I thought I was done, but then decided to do another watered down Nuln Oil, and then went through and did another edge highlight of True Silver. I thought about drybrushing, but actually went through and edged each scale individually with the Silver. That was probably the longest part of this process.


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  6. So, this one is a little different than the others I've done (hence the *). Our 5  year old painted this one up! This is the first one she's painted where it wasn't just a blob of pink, purple or light blue, and she actually really tried to paint it like I painted the others. It was really fun having her ask me questions on how I did certain things, then telling me what I needed to do on Taskmaster and telling me how much she liked how I was painting :lol:




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  7. 16 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    My hat is off to you!  I helped my Dad with his patio, but he bought pallets of bricks so I only had to help tamp and lay then out (and cut them on a wet saw).  I was young and unbroken back then, I shudder to think how my body would rebel if I tried it now.


    I certainly didn't know how well my body would handle it, that's for sure. I'm in my early 40's, and haven't been in decent shape for... far too long :lol: I've tried a lot of things to try and get into shape over the past decade or so, and nothing ever really stuck, but this kicked my rear end enough that I have been riding a stationary bike now that I finished the patio to try to keep my metabolism burn going! Aside from a couple finger injuries from using a rubber mallet trying to level the blocks and a sore lower back that lasted about a week after getting done, I've actually fared a lot better than I was anticipating! 

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Absolutely awesome!


    Thanks! It was quite the job, that's for sure! I first told my wife about wanting to do it all manually, and she said I was nuts :lol: It was tough slogging through the digging and hauling of gravel and sand, as there wasn't any progress that gave me a sense that I was making progress, and shoveling 3-400 lbs of gravel/sand per load then pulling it into the backyard was exceptionally tiring... But, once i hit the point I was making blocks and laying them down as they were cured, it made it a LOT easier! I had actually thought I'd still be working on this into next year due to bad weather from winter and not having the energy or will power to finish it off, but I surprised even myself getting it done in the amount of time that I did considering how much other stuff we had going on. Now I need to figure out a project IN the house for the winter, cause our state is already starting to surge again with the virus, and we're anticipating we'll not be getting out and doing very much for a few more months :/

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  9. So, like everybody else, my family has been cooped up a lot over the summer. Back in March, my wife and I started working from home, and our daughter's school year was cut short. We got to the beginning of May and we were all going a little stir crazy, and I decided I was going to build a patio around our fire pit in the back yard. So, on May 15th, I started planning out and digging around our old fire pit to begin. Coupled with taking a several classes each term online (going for another degree), working full time from home, and having a kindergardener running around, this absolutely helped keep me busy and not the very least out of my wife's hair for a couple hours a day :lol: It's also a reason my painting slowed down quite a bit over the summer too.


    It took me almost 5 months to complete having worked on it virtually every day during that time for at least 1-2 hours (some days more). I wrapped this project up on October 8th, just in time for the really nice fall weather for having a fire out back! This was, by far, the largest endeavor I've ever undertaken. For some reason, I decided that I was going to do this all in as much of a manual process as I could manage, and not only that, do it completely by myself. This is what our fire pit looked like when we first bought the house a few years back.


    At one point a couple years back, we replaced the concrete chunks and cinder blocks with retaining wall blocks, but it was only one level high and really didn't look all that fantastic on it's own. After laying out the new fire pit dimensions (approximate) that we wanted, I started digging. There are 4 trees within 30 feet of this fire pit, and I did employ the use of an 80 volt battery powered tiller to get through the roots. This is just the beginning of the digging, and you can see the roots already:


    I spent around 2 months digging as I was mainly digging by hand (except when needing the tiller to get through some roots). The digging consisted of going down 7 inches on the lower side and 15 inches on the higher side. The patio base area was now 20 ft in diameter, with an approximate 3.5 ft diameter fire pit footprint in the middle for a patio area of approximately 275 sq ft. Here is that area with the first wheelbarrow of gravel dumped in, and you can see one of the 4 or 5 piles of roots we burned during this process:




    This project took 5.5 tons of gravel, which I also manually moved from our front yard where it was delivered one Gorilla cart load at a time to the patio base about 100 yards from where it was delivered. This was the pile that I started with!




    After moving all 5.5 tons (and another half ton for other small areas around the yard we wanted to put gravel down), I hand tamped all of the gravel with an 8"x8" hand tamper.




    I used plastic garden edging around the outside circle and around the area where the fire pit is going to be. Next up was the basing sand on top of that! That was another 1.5 tons of material that I used that Gorilla cart to move.



    As you can tell in the last picture, this is when I started making pavers. I started with only one mold for the small blocks, but eventually I ordered a second because I realized that making only 12 blocks a day and having nearly 800 to make was going to take well into winter, and that wasn't going to cut it. I hand mixed every batch of concrete using a garden hoe and a wheelbarrow, and then transferred them into the molds. Here is my set up during one of the batches:


    I did have a bit of breakage of the boards, but I was able to reuse the ones I broke for pieces I need to cut to make the circle. It was definitely a learning process, as I had never used concrete molds before! Week by week, I would make progress on it, slowly making a circle patio!



    At the end of the week before October 8th, I completed the making of the blocks, cutting, and placing them!  Aside from the tiller to help with the roots, the angle grinder with diamond blade and a leaf blower for the polymeric sand process were the only power tools I used this entire project!


    Wednesday and Thursday. Oct 7th and 8th, I stained, sealed, and then put down the polymeric sand between the blocks!


    We've had a couple fires already, so it's broken in. Now we have to figure out what we want to do for furniture.


    In all, I made nearly 800 of the post blocks from the 2 small block molds, and more than 70 blocks from the board mold! I did lose track of exactly how many I ended up making, due to breakage and a couple of bad batches of concrete, but I know for certain that I used well over 4300 lbs of dry cement to make them! The molds I used were awesome, and I might be using them again next year if we end up working from home next summer to build a walkway from the house to the patio. Of course, I won't be doing it all by hand LOL I will probably rent some digging equipment and buy a cement mixer... I did lose around 25-30 lbs, which was awesome! 


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  10. On 10/18/2020 at 6:23 PM, Darcstaar said:

    You can always mix whatever color you are thinking in with your mid tone.  If it doesn’t come out quite right, glaze over it with a dilute layer of your mid tone to tie things together.  That can take some of the pressure of guessing correctly out of the equation.


    Did some experimentation, and I think I got some highlights that help. What do you think, better?



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  11. 15 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    You can always mix whatever color you are thinking in with your mid tone.  If it doesn’t come out quite right, glaze over it with a dilute layer of your mid tone to tie things together.  That can take some of the pressure of guessing correctly out of the equation.

    True! What's funny is I have at LEAST 12 different colors of blue, around 8 from Reaper and around 4 from GW, and none of them were quite what I wanted for this color. I used a mix of a dark blue with Sofie Silver to get this look, then put a layer of a lighter version of it, then added a blue wash. But, every color mix I tried was... underwhelming... after this point. I definitely don't need another blue color, so I need to do some test mixes with what I have to see if I can't come up with another color.


    Although, I am glad I was able to get the eyes fixed LOL the derpiness of my first attempt still makes me cringe :D

  12. 4 hours ago, Darcstaar said:

    I really like the battle-worn look you gave the shield.  If I could make a suggestion:  Some of the areas you applied blue wash are still darkening areas that are upturned, like the neck-guard portion of the back of the helmet.  Even if you don’t want to fuss with a third color for highlighting, reapplying the base coat to the upturned areas darkened by the wash will add more volume to the overall look.

    yeah, that's what I'm stuck on. I don't know what color of blue I want to do to highlight more. I will probably try to do that, but I have to have the shade right.

  13. Continuing along :) Here is Wasp. I have some touchups to do, but I'm pretty close to being done. The visor was smooth, so I tried freehanding her eyes behind it and then glazed over it to make it look like it you could see her face a little behind the visor. I don't have very much talent with the free hand, so it's not exactly what I wanted to go for, but a lot better than I thought I'd be able to do :D



    Wasp Front


    Wasp Side


    Wasp Back

    And just noticed that I got some yellow down into the black space between the yellow on her helmet and the visor... ugh, gotta fix that...

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  14. Not very far along with Cap. I have his shield done, and have started on his head. I took these pics, then realized I painted him with a lazy eye! :lol: I've since fixed that (well, we'll see when I get another good picture), and cleaned up the A on his head. I haven't yet figured out what color scheme I want his outfit to be, like if I want it to be closer to the comics, the movies, or the Avengers video game that's out right now. Too many choices!




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  15. I have Ultron mostly done, although I have some touchup stuff to do, and I'm still trying to decide on how to highlight the areas that look like they are glowing red... I can't seem to figure out the best way to make that stuff look red still without going too orange with the color (many of the red highlight colors I have are orange/red). I may call it a day with him... Not sure why my camera didn't do a very good job with showing the variations of the metallics very well... Oh well.




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  16. I actually almost have Red Skull done. Have some touchups to do, specifically around the eyes and I may end up trying to repaint his teeth as the white paint I used was way too thick even after I diluted it a bit and I'm not sure if I'm happy with the end results. I didn't know how good I'd be able to paint him, as reds aren't usually one of the colors that I do terribly well, but I'm actually ecstatic with how he's coming along! I would say definitely one of the better ones from the Marvel game I've painted so far!




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