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  1. Had way too much extra time this weekend... Ended up getting Hulk close to being finished, and then started Iron Man! I used the Reaper paint Ruby Red metallic for his armor with highlights of a mix of that with Sophie Silver and I think he's coming along pretty well. Trying to decide what to do with the energy for his repulsors in his feet and how to get that worked out. Next up will be Red Skull :)
  2. Thanks! I'm almost done with him now. Need to do some touch ups on his feet (I got some gray from the base on them), and I need a better pic of the front, but I think he's turned out well. I'll post an updated front pic when I get the touch ups done
  3. Started working on Hulk last night after getting to a good stopping point with Ant-Man. The years of painting 40k Orks is helping tremendously The green will go through a couple more layers of wash and highlight, but I like how it's coming out. The purple pants will need a wash of purple, then another highlight I think, and this is just the start of his hair, so that will be highlighted up from that dark green base. Of course, then the facial features need done up like the eyes and mouth.
  4. Oh my was I excited when mine came in! :) Even though I have plenty of Bones to paint, I knew I would want to jump right into these when I got them! Loving every minute of it so far LOL I think I am almost done with Ant-man. I'm not 100% sure if I like how the lenses on his helmet turned out... I tried to reuse a technique I've done for glass things in the past and it didn't turn out quite how I wanted it to. I have a few other touchup spots to do, but overall I like how he turned out! :) I'll be posting the start of the Hulk once I get this posted!
  5. Was able to paint a little bit more on him last night, although no progress on Hulk since I focused on Ant-man. Base colors are down, although I do need a little bit of touchup on some of the silver and a few places of the red to fix some places I messed up because my daughter wanted to use my detail brush. Anyhow, the helmet they designed the mini with looks a bit like the one he wore in Captain America: Civil War, so I'm trying to have the rest of his costume match that as much as I can manage even though the details aren't exactly the same.
  6. Finally got the core game from COMN for the board game Marvel United kickstarter yesterday. Of course I ABSOLUTELY had to start painting them, and besides starting on the Hulk (which I'll make another post for when I get some pictures for WIP), Ant-Man was the one I needed to start with. Why? Because they sculpted a quarter into the base for him to sort of stand on like he was shrunk down. Probably one of my favorite poses from the minis in the KS! Anyhow, I have the quarter mostly painted up, and am pretty excited with how it turned out. I have a few touchups (like my highlighting going down between some of the letters of the words on the quarter, which I'll need to add a tiny bit of wash to cover up), but that's it. I was pumped to get these guys and already am having a blast painting them! My daughter was even excited and made me set her up with some Bones minis to paint (she opted for the skeleton warriors from one of the previous Bones KS's LOL). Aside from the mold line that I just noticed in the pic on the back of his right arm that I'll need to get rid of, any thoughts/critiques?
  7. Should have been working on the patio last night that I'm in process of building, but ended up having a mishap that involved a rubber mallet, a finger, and a bit of blood. Anyhow, instead of continuing to work on it, I ended up painting and finishing off my Brinewind Box Treasure of Blood Reef mini! I apologize for that the colors are washed out, I couldn't get the settings on my phone just right to get it to look exactly like it does in person, but you should be able to get the idea. The purple in most of the pics on the octopus are NOT that blotchy, but the one pic from behind it has the best representation of the purple how it looks in person. The pirate's eyes did NOT turn out like I wanted them to, but my left hand (which is my off hand and was what I was holding the mini with) was having some issues with stability due to my finger throbbing from the patio building injury. Still, love how it turned out, and I really like how the octopus turned out!
  8. Thanks! Next time I break out the paints I'll have to try that!
  9. And this just made me think of a great name for his ship..... THE DEAD ALBATROSS LOL Would also sort of fit the theme of the Pirate King having bad luck with him going paranoid, and then it would also be a bad omen for merchants that are attacked by it after the crew goes undead :)
  10. I did, actually :D I used the gold triad from MSP paints, then used on top of that the new Pieces of Eight paint they had in the ReaperCon paints (which is a sort of silver/gold combo). I did do a wash on them, but then highlighted up a couple times after the wash. Maybe I need to do some more layers on them or something.
  11. The one thing that I would change with it are the gold coins around the throne. For some reason, even though I tried to get them to be bright and very colorful, they are very muted. It might be because I started off with black as the base, but I used some bright gold colors on it, and it looked ok while painting it but once it dried they are underwhelming.
  12. Got my Brinewind and Hobby box from ReaperCon 2020 on Saturday, and broke into it and painted furiously Saturday and Sunday. I know that the bird on top was meant to be a raven or crow, but I thought painting as an albatross was more apropos. This is going to be a piece I'm going to use with one of the the pirate ships I get from Bones V. I have even come up with a story for it :) Pirate King Blackheart Indigo was a successful pirate that plagued shipping lanes throughout the seas. For decades, his ships would plunder naval ships and merchant ships alike, and Indigo was both feared and respected by all who sailed through the waters he patrolled. Slowly, though, his mind began to deteriorate and he found that he was becoming more and more paranoid that his crew was going to try to kill him despite their fervent displays of loyalty. While raiding a merchants vessel, he discovered a sorcerer who had attempted to use the black arts in a feeble attempt to protect the merchant ship. Blackheart took him prisoner and forced him to privately build him a throne that was imbued with powers that forced his crew to remain loyal to him. When this was complete, he then forced the sorcerer to walk the plank in shark infested waters so that no one in his crew would be able to know what process the magic wielder took to bend their wills. Unfortunately, this did nothing to stave off the paranoia that gripped Indigo's mind, and he refused to leave the throne and found that he was less willing to eat and drink anything that the crew would bring him. In time, he died from starvation. The thing that neither he nor the sorcerer that built the throne thought of while creating it was how the crew would respond if the King perished. The crew continued plundering, but in a much subdued fashion. They began to die off, some from raiding other ship, others from scurvy and then some from just plain old age. The spells used on the throne, though, meant that even death did not free them from service to their king! Many years after the passing of the last crew member, the ship (I'll have to think of a great pirate ship name!) ETA: the Dead Albatross still sails the seas, looking for passing merchants to board and steal from. The ships are boarded by undead crew, mostly skeletons now, that have no fear and cannot be killed. The hold of the mighty pirate ship is filled with booty, although still being pirates they do unload from time to time on a deserted island which is now richer than most cities and towns along the coasts of the seas. They still place offerings of food, rum, and gold at the base of the dead king's shrine unaware that he will never give them orders again.
  13. Well, tomorrow is going to be a great day for shipments! The hobby and Brinewind boxes, an order of t-shirts, one of the Pizza Dungeon and one of Black Chum Rum shark, and a Black Chum Rum and Pizza Dungeon Pizza sticker! Can't wait to dig in and try out the new paints and assemble (and maybe even paint!) the Dead Pirate King mini!
  14. Alas my friend who went over swung and missed twice trying to see if she could get the box from the current residents. They weren't home the first time, and wouldn't come to the door the second. I told her I owe her and her husband a meal once the COVID stuff settles down for making the trips over. Oh well, c'est la vie. Reaper has been extremely understanding with it, which is one of the reasons I keep coming back and spending hundreds of dollars at a time with them I even just bought one of the Hobby Boxes from ReaperCon to accompany the Brinewind box since I didn't have the funds at the time of preorder to get that as well!
  15. Looks like I caught at the right time! She was actually about to go past my old house this afternoon, and is already going by to see if they have it. Here's hoping that the people living there are home and got it and could pass it off! Would be nice not to have to deal with UPS on it and having to have Reaper do more than they already have (God bless 'em!).
  16. Waiting on UPS to reply to me. I did remember that an old friend used to live a few blocks from where my house was, and I contacted her to see if she's still living there (it has been 6 years since I've been able to hang out with people I knew on that side of town). Haven't heard back from her yet, but if she's able to stop by there, she may be able to see if she can get the box from them. I can't imagine them wanting to keep something like this since they wouldn't know what it was.... Anyhow, hopefully she gets back with me and is able to stop by and the people living there give it to her! It's a long shot, but it would be the best possible outcome overall. I'm glad I remembered she used to live nearby!
  17. I'll have to go back through things then. I checked everywhere I could and didn't see anything, but that doesn't mean I didn't miss something. And it's odd that it waited 6 years to happen. I probably have 2-300 transactions in that time through eBay, online stores, and even kickstarters that it never happened with. I also contacted PayPal about it, but I don't know if I expect much of a solid answer. Unfortunately, I never got to know my neighbors there enough to have any phone numbers to call... And the drive is almost an hour one way, and we had family stuff last night going on we couldn't reschedule after work so an added 2 hour round trip wasn't feasible. Not to mention that one of the reasons I never had stuff shipped there was that I had at least a dozen boxes stolen off of the porch. Heck, when I was trying to sell the place someone broke in and stole all of the copper, a washer and dryer, and a couch out the front door in the middle of the day and none of the neighbors heard or saw anything. If it had been my former employer's address (where I used to actually have things shipped to) I could get it as I still have friends there who would gladly get it for me. My old home address is literally the last place that it could have gone with any hopes of being able to retrieve it. Just for gits and shiggles, I just checked the auditor for the county for my property, and the place is a rental now... So, even if I could contact the owner, that just gives me even more doubt that it I'd be able to retrieve it.
  18. No, that was the other thing I checked. I use Firefox and I don't save that stuff. That and I've switched every system I use since I moved as well. I'm at a loss, as I've made a lot of other orders through Paypal and Google Pay since then and haven't had any issues. I'm literally at a loss as to what happened, and really mad at myself for not catching that the shipping address was different....
  19. Anybody ever have Paypal/Google Pay submit an address for shipping that hadn't been on their account for a number of years? I ordered a Brinewind box from the ReaperCon preorder, and when I checked the order out, apparently I only looked at my billing address (which is my current address), and didn't think about checking to make sure that the shipping address was the same. It was delivered yesterday, and it wasn't at my current address. I go back and double check my invoice, and it had the shipping address as my last address. That address hasn't been on my account for 6 years, it doesn't show in my account at all. When I checked out, I did so with a guest account so I know it wasn't an account in the Reaper system. I know what you'll say, I should have checked the shipping address before it was delivered, and I don't disagree, but I didn't even know it could potentially submit an address that used to be on my account. I contacted Reaper's help email about it already to see if anything can be done, but I'm curious if anybody else has ever had this issue. I don't know why I feel the urge to say this, but I'm not blaming Reaper on this at all. It's partially my fault for not checking it fully, and whatever glitch caused my account to pass in an old address :( Just depressing that I could be assembling a dead pirate king and using some new paints today..
  20. Probably more expensive than what it will be in retail, but if you really want it now... Ebay Stygian Barge Not my auction, it's just the only on on eBay right now.
  21. Great use of the patina color :) I have used that effect before myself, and you did a great job with it! The eyes look fantastic, and I really like the choice to leave the claws on the feet black, it's a nice change against the normal use of bone color for them!
  22. Now, of course, these were regular Bones as they came from the kickstarter, so I didn't get to work with the clear versions, but I am VERY happy with how these turned out! Of course, these particular minis make me wish even more that I could get my photographing skills up to par, I had to use the flash, and that brings out all of the flaws you can't see in normal light Oh well. These were a lot of fun to paint, and I was trying a new technique for working with the black, although I do need to clean up some of the lines on bits. I just got the Gold Triad Reaper paints and used a layering effect for the gold on their armor using the triad, with a GW Agrax Earthshade wash between the Ancient Bronze and Antique Gold, and a sepia wash between the Antique and New gold layers. Critiques welcome! Sorry for the overly gratuitous flash on the pictures, I couldn't get the light quite right to show the details, and the flash was the only thing that seemed to bright them out better.
  23. Hey, I just started on these guys :D Good job! They definitely have a gritty, been dead a long time but keep coming back look to them! I approve!
  24. Very cool! I did a reaper mini diorama with a piece of wood in a piece of epoxy resin that was a test piece for a resin table that I built a few years back. Fun stuff!
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