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  1. So, another one I had intended on doing more of a work in progress posting as I went along and just completed it before I even realized I hadn't taken more photos. I had some issues deciding on what color I would do for the head and legs once I had the blue and purple decided on, but am glad I went with the brass/copper/patina look that i ended up with, as that seems to be a good contrast to the blue and purple and green crystals. I'll be sealing this quite a bit as it is a game piece for a card game, and the small crystals that stick out on the bottom of the base are detachable. Definitely glad I got in on this kickstarter as it was a lot of fun.






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  2. I had intended on giving some updates on progress as I worked on this and the other model I'll be posting here, but apparently I was too focused on getting it finished ::D: The spikes didn't work out quite like I wanted them to, but I'm pretty happy with it overall. I actually had thought I was messing up the eyes when I was working on them, but they turned out better than I thought they would. Anyhow, suggestions or critiques welcome!






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  3. Anklyosaurus.jpgAlong with working on my Tabula Games dragon, I've been slowly working on my Bones 4 Ankylosaurus. Trying to do something a little different with it than the typical red shelled look that you see in most artist renditions for them. I am going with an orange armor plates and brownish underside. The armor spikes will be bone colored towards the bottom, but I will blend them out to be orangeish/red on the tips - main reason I'm doing that is that in a lot of wildlife around now, many animals that advertise if they are dangerous to try to eat (especially insects and amphibians) have bright colors that tell predators that they aren't worth eating. Anyhow, I am going to line out the spaces between the armor plates with a darker color, and haven't started the spikes yet, but I'm happy with the start!



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  4. Hadn't had a chance to paint over the weekend as I was spending most of my time building a patio in our back yard.... But, finally got some time last night to start working on it again. Trying to do a sort of glowing effect to the armor plates on the back. Will do some more layering on the armor plates once I decide how light I want to go on the next layer (it's currently a base, wash, layer, glaze, and another layer). The underbelly is based in a purple/gray color, and will get a purple wash and then some layering as well. Not quite sure what I want to do with the head and the legs yet. If you have any suggestions, I'm up for getting them.





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  5. Just before Bones 5 completed, there was a kickstarter for a card game called Volfyirion by Tabula Games (KS link). I backed specifically for the mini, but did get the game as well (which is a lot of fun, by the way!). The base has crystal tokens that you plug into it that can be used in the game play and are made to be taken out. Here is the model unpainted:


    Anyhow, once I completed Blacktooth, I remembered I hadn't painted this yet, so started last night :) Here are the tokens painted up as green crystals with the first coat of green on them. They're a bit more painted up now (which I'll have in the third pic):



    Then, once I had those done, I started doing the crystals on the base in a similar manner:



    And, then as I did with the tokens, I painted the base crystals up with a darker green thinned out a lot, then a lighter green thinned out, and then a light green/white mix thinned and used to edge, and a green glaze over all of it, then a light dry brush of white on the edges. I also started base coating the armor plates on his back, which I like this blue/gray color combo for it, but am trying to decide what to do with his underside and his head... Thinking a light purple/gray mix, but haven't fully decided on what to do with it - if you have any recommendations, definitely let me know!



    So, so far so good! I really like the mini, and the game that started off as an afterthought purchase with the mini actually ended up being a really fun game! So, win/win with this kickstarter! Once he's done, I'll be back to trying to get Bones 4 stuff painted before I get a bunch of other minis in August from another kickstarter...

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  6. Thanks everybody! ::D: When I saw the painted version in the Reaper online store, I knew I wanted to pattern it off of that, but with some tweaks. Even though I have thoroughly enjoyed painting the Stygian Barge and the Blacktooth that I'm currently on, this one had a certain amount of satisfaction associated with it since it didn't take long and it worked out far better than I was anticipating!

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  7. Don't have a lot of earlier in progress shots of him, for some reason I got some inspiration on Monday night and got him to this point. I've been having some issues with him being able to stand up under his own power (even the boil/ice done two different times didn't help ::(:) but I came up with a decent workaround. I got the stem of a flight base, glued it to his chest and the base, and then painted it to look like a little tree that Blacktooth was walking over and sort of has pushed against his chest, then added a few piece of moss to make it look like it's got leaves. I'm mostly done at this point, except I will be doing more on the base when I get another chance to paint, and have a few touchup things I need to hit including some layering on the claws. I did his eyes like I did the Mumlak I painted, except in this case I did a slit type pupil instead of a circle. Very little dry brushing on this, I used it sparingly, mostly only to put the yellowish color on his back and a little on the underside to pick out some of the skin details. Thoughts?



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  8. Ok, so back to the Mumlak LOL I looked up what african elephants' eyes look like, and found that I never really noticed what they looked like! Anyhow, I decided I was going to try to come as close as I could to what they look like. Here's what an african elephant's eye looks like:



    So, it's got a weird darker ring, an outside white, and then orange in the middle. I couldn't quite reproduce the white ring around the orange but in the dark area, but I think I came up with something that looks rather similar :) The second picture here has a blown up view of the eye so you can see it better without having to go to the full sized pic to see it. I have some clean up work to do on the feet (some of the base coat got on them which I didn't notice until I was typing up this post), and I also haven't decided what exactly to do with the base yet. There are also 2 things that are like pendants or teeth or something on his wrists that I need to do as well.






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  9. 18 hours ago, strawhat said:


    I had not heard of this trick and will have try it out sometime.

    Here you go. For some reason I thought this was a more recent Reaper Live than it actually was HA! I linked to the exact spot where they talk about it:


    Apparently it was Ed that talked about it, not Ron. Guess it was a long time since I had watched this and got it mixed up.


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  10. 14 hours ago, strawhat said:


    I had not heard of this trick and will have try it out sometime.


    Yeah, it was in one of the Reaper Live videos back during the Bones V campaign if I remember correctly. It can take multiple applications, and the gaps can't be very big (Elmer's glue tends to shrink and the bigger gaps would never fully fill in and look decent). I tried to use it on some gaps on the Stygian Barge, but it didn't work well on those as a few of them were larger gaps, but on the ears here and on the back around the head on Mumlak you can't really see the seam, which is great! I just filled in the gaps on my Blacktooth from Bones IV and the Ankylosaurus, and I'd say 90% of them turned out really well. I'd say most of bigger gaps that I used this for (still small gaps, mind you) took around 4 or 5 applications to get it to the point where the gap was smoothed over. Once it's primed/base coated, if you add enough you can't see the gap, although I will mention that when the elmer's glue dries it will be clear so you can't tell when it's dry if you filled it in enough. Not sure if you could add some primer to it to get it to be opaque? I've not done much with mixing paint with the elmer's to know if that would work or not. Definitely a lot easier to work with than trying to fill those tiny gaps with liquid green stuff! (especially considering I have never been good at getting that to work at all).

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  11. On 6/14/2020 at 10:25 PM, Original_Carl said:

    Everyone is painting Mumlak!  I just posted in Show Off. :)


    I think I'm the only one who didn't shave the mold lines off his tusks.  :(


    Don't worry, there were a few places that I missed on the mold lines on mine on the body. I used Ron's trick of using Elmer's glue to fill in the gaps between the pieces, and while I was doing that I noticed the mold lines on the tusks. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten something completely painted only to realize too late that I missed mold lines! They're easy to miss, especially with the regular Bones material (they're harder to see due to the white color, I think). I'll have to go check out your Mumlak!

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  12. So, didn't get to paint anymore last night, but did get a couple more pictures. The orange/brown didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, and there are a few details that are muddied in the pics,. but it gives you a good idea of what he's looking like at the moment :) I'd say I'm about 80% done with him. A number of details (eyes, the rest of the thing on his hip, maybe some more highlighting) yet to do.





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  13. Since I pretty much finished up the Stygian Barge, figured I would start on another Bones 4 mini so that I can get those wrapped up before I get my Bones 5 minis and the Avengers Assemble KS minis I went all in on come in. I'm quite a bit farther along than this pic suggests, but haven't had a chance to get more pics. Anyhow, I like how it's coming along, it's been a fun challenge and actually has gone quicker than I was expecting. You'll see it in the next batch of pictures, but I wanted to put some of the orange/brown markings that some african elephants have, so that was a bit of a challenge as well, sort of like what you see in this pic:




    Anyhow, I'll try to get some updated pictures later tonight if I can find some more time to paint. Here's where he stood on Saturday night, basically just some base coats:


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  14. So, I think I'm at a good stopping point. I know the lighting of these last pics is rough, especially the skeleton, but hopefully you get the gist of what I was trying to do. First up is the skeleton figurehead. This is my first attempt at OSL. I couldn't get the camera to pick it up well, but I'm surprised with how it turned out, better than I was expecting. Also got the canopy highlighted, which also went well.








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  15. 3 hours ago, PaganMegan said:

    Is the glow in the dark ship still on the table?


    If it is, could the Reaper figurehead be glow in the dark too?


    The wench doesn't work as well for a ghost ship.



    We kind of want three.

    Ghost, pirate, and naval.

    That might work better with the Stygian Barge. ::):


    From Reaper Live, it seems they are still looking into the glow in the dark. I would assume that the base figurehead that came with the clear ship would be clear as well, although having the option to have a clear/glow in the dark alternative option for the other figureheads would be helpful.


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  16. Some better pictures of Charon and the passengers. I tried some new techniques on the black for Charon's cloak, so I took one of his front with the others, then one of the back. I don't quite have the brush control to do the multiple glaze layers on the fine details that some of the cloak has, so it's not exactly what I was shooting for, but I got it as far along as I could manage considering. I also need to do some layering on Charon's bones, and some detail work on some of the items he has like the oar. Layering on bone has never been one of my strong suits, especially on normal sized guys. Still trying to figure out what I want to do to layer up the canopy...





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