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  1. He was an old timer when I first came around here. His profile says he was here not long ago.
  2. The omnipotent Froschmeister is still on premises I see. Still playing Legos?
  3. Well met. No, it was a prolonged entanglement in R'lyeh. The Big Guy's always watching, hard to find goof off time. I had to act like I was going out "recruiting" to get away.
  4. Nope. Dibs is still called unless I uncall it.
  5. Howdy eveybody, how yall been? I haven't been here in a loonnggg time.
  6. I got the book for free a couple of years ago, but sadly have not had time to do anything with it. It looks a bit crunchy from what I've read of it. I hear it's a very good game though.
  7. Who was the younger guy that was with yall last year? Was that Chris?
  8. You can borrow my Mega Mat if you want Randy, I can bring it with me.
  9. Myself, the Misses, and the boy will be there. We have Anthony that weekend this year, so we should all be there Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. I'll be there Thursday after work.
  10. I'm starting to get old, and wear glasses and have a second pair with a different prescription for hobby work, they're only good for out to maybe 30 inches away from me. They make a very large difference. For detail stuff like eyes I use one of these in addition to the hobby glasses.
  11. There's a feature called macro that should help.
  12. Good job. Who makes those? That looks a lot like my dog.
  13. I run a game set in Taltos based off the Dark Heaven Apocalypse fluff using the Hero System.
  14. My wife had it about a month ago too. She was only really bad for maybe 36 hours, with fever chills and all that. Her fever broke after that. She was still tired and weak for a several days after though.
  15. It drives me nuts when people say "ideal" when they mean "idea." Ex.- "That's a really good ideal!"
  16. Have you looked at GOBS? It's supposed to be able to handle really big battles. I haven't played it personally, but it's something to look at.
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