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  1. The Tamiya extra thin is good stuff too, but slightly more limited in its' applications than the Testors. It's got a really good brush too.
  2. One thing I do for that is when damage is rolled during the round I put one diagonal line through the box. At the end of the turn I go through all my sheets real quick and change that one line to an X. It eliminates having to remember if damage was done this turn or last or when.
  3. Thanks! I think the I found the one at Black Orc.
  4. Starmada is good stuff. I take it you'll be using the Admiralty Edition?
  5. Thanks! I didn't find the Warlord mini when I searched earlier. That's probably the closest fit I've seen so far.
  6. Anybody know who might make some feline humanoid minis? My wife's Fantasy Hero character is from a race called the Simburu, which are lion based feline humanoids and I can't find a decent mini.
  7. That's good stuff, especially the really old ones. Was the Apocalypse Gaming System ever in production? That one's really cool.
  8. Ares, Tigers & Stalins, CAV hex bases for fighters in Starmada and Full Thrust, Battletech, Fantasy Hero, and Champions.
  9. Dunno why but can't stop thinking of Dr. Zoidberg all the sudden! "I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar." Nice ships.
  10. That's exactly right. Within 1 billion years, the Sun will have increased its brightness to a point that will push the so-called "Goldilocks Zone" further outwards, rendering the Earth uninhabitable. 5 billion years from now, having used up its supply of hydrogen fuel, the Sun will fuse helium into carbon in an effort to keep itself going. The increased temperature and pressure required for this will cause the Sun to bloat and expand, engulfing Mercury, Venus, and perhaps Earth. 100 million years hence, the Sun will shed its atmosphere in a relatively gentle (cosmically speaking) manner, leaving behind a white dwarf, a stellar remnant made up of mainly carbon about the size of the Earth, but very dense. So dense that a teaspoon of its matter would weigh several tons. By the time Earth's geological engine slows down, we'll have already been through a lot worse. Mmm, talk dirty some more...............
  11. But now would be the best time to work in some errata and do some rearranging and change some of the stuff that didn't work so well and............................................................
  12. I have one that looks like this- The one with the ball on it. I can't remember the brand but I got it at Hobbytown.
  13. Is Cobra Commander at least better than Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four movie? God, I hope so. And was Clutch in it? He was always one of my favorites.
  14. That didn't go hand in hand with a stern talking to did it?
  15. Get rid of the stupid freakin' bubble. I guess that's more complaint than suggestion.
  16. I knew I should have made it up there.
  17. I'm back to working on it again. I haven't bothered with a scale lately, I can really tell more by just how I feel. And the fact that I think our scale has crapped out. My gut made a pretty good comeback over the last couple of months which makes me feel like crap. I'm back to mountain biking a few times a week (it's a good thing to live half a mile from 17 miles of bike trails), and working on kicking the sugar/junk food addiction again. I did really well with that for quite a while, but I've slipped a bit especially when it comes to sodas. I'm working on it.
  18. Looks great. The purple is a bit rough, but the hair and skin are great. Particularly the skin, great pale skintone. What colors are those?
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