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  1. Yeah, even with Priceline and things like that it's still just too expensive to be practical.
  2. Any chance of a downloadable pdf of the reference sheet in the back of the book? Don't want to screw my cover up to make a copy of it.
  3. I have Defiance, and have not really looked at it a whole lot. I hear it's a very good game.
  4. I want to be master of all Time, Space, and Dimension. Then I'm goin' to Europe.
  5. My ultimate dream would be to be able to play my guitar for a living. Of course I'd have to have a LOT of practice to achieve the Vai/Satriani level of awesomeness to leave people in awe the way I'd like to. But I guess that would come included in the fantasy.
  6. Will it be available at the Asylum next Saturday? I'll have to make a trip to Denton if so.
  7. Sorry to hear that, I feel your pain.
  8. Well that stinks. I was just watching a show about him a few days ago, he seemed pretty cool.
  9. Ahhh, the memories. Yeah that was fun back when I used to actually play. Nothing better than landing an Indirect shot at about 110 inches.
  10. Isn't Crystal Caste still around?
  11. I'm gonna try to finish my buddy Mike's Fantasy Hero character.
  12. Holy crap. What the heck is that dragon? A kitbash or what?
  13. Yay, goblins! I'll buy several of those.
  14. Yaaaay, barbecue. I might try to do a brisket and some ribs and bologna Monday.
  15. I think we're gonna do the hotel thing again next year, so I may join you. All that driving sucks.
  16. Okay I'll go ahead and throw mine in. I used to really like Warlord but what turned me off was the almost constant updates and rule and SA and data card changes and blah blah blah. I don't think I ever saw any rules or data card versions I didn't like, just the fact they were always changing. At one point, when they gave all the models a lot more tracks, it even seemed like almost a different game. Not a bad game, but a different one. Just give me a game to play and don't change it. Stubbs and I talked about it quite a bit, and the example that always came to my mind was Battletech. A friend and I used to play the hell out of BT back in high school, the old first edition box with the Warhammer on the cover. That's all we used, and to us that's all we needed. If someone had tried to change it on a regular basis we wouldn't have liked it and probably wouldn't have played it. I did some play-testing with Stubbs a while back and what I saw was very good. I hope it hasn't changed too much because it was a lot of fun. I look forward to it.
  17. I added a base. Sorry for the not so good pics. I don't have a proper photo area.
  18. Thanks for running it Steve, I had a lot of fun. Can't wait for next year!
  19. Hmmm, you have a very good idea. This one's going on a CD base to be easier to handle for gaming, but maybe I could another more "realistic" one.
  20. Well here's my annual paint job. It's funny how I struggle to get anything done all year but manage to slam something out at ReaperCon every year. And with an Orc for scale. Or lunch. My Fantasy Hero group is not going to like me one day soon.
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