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  1. Seems to be an awful lot of these involving Bryan.
  2. "I'm sorry I had to make Bryan touch you."
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!! :bday: :bday: :bday:
  4. You are insane. But in a good way. That is the coolest freaking thing ever.
  5. Myself, Mrs. tj, and Nightwolf (that would be my step-son) will be there.
  6. Yeah, mrs. tj doesn't want our son to have one either. And it is a bit risque for a 13 year old. I will wear mine with pride though.
  7. Does Winsor & Newton brush cleaner have any adverse effect on fabric? If it'll take dried paint off a mini I'm sure it'll take it off a shirt.
  8. Oh yeah, are we gonna play Panzer Blitz again this year?
  9. I'll join you for this one I think, Steve. I'll get the rules and give them a read through.
  10. Litko Aerosystems? They do custom bases if they don't have what you need, I believe.
  11. I married a Damn Yankee. Does that make one by proxy?
  12. Is the bundle of the faction books still available?
  13. 54mm Finari!!!!!!! And Snake Eyes!!!!! Coolest ever! And the French maid rocks.
  14. Very cool. I've never even seen a Battledroids mini. Didn't even know they existed. Good job.
  15. They're pod-people. The real Ed and Bryan and everyone else are horrible people with nothing but contempt for their customers.
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