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  1. As long as the belt matches the shoes.
  2. Damn. That's pretty rough. Very good work though.
  3. Speaking of in hiding, where the heck have you been Ichabod?
  4. That's pretty sorry. I'm sorry to hear it.
  5. Series 7's in the sizes we use are only 6 or 7 bucks at Dick Blick.
  6. Let us know how that one is. I've been looking at it for quite a while too. I also just picked up Federation Commander: Academy. Yay, new games!
  7. So that's why the Christmas lights we bought a couple of years ago had a lead warning on them.
  8. I shudder when I see those Ikea fasteners. But still cool creations nonetheless.
  9. Very sorry to hear that. My sincerest condolences.
  10. I picked up Fine Scale Modeler's special issue Great Scale Modeling 2009 a little while ago, and a picture of this diorama of hers is featured from MMSI. Great work and congratulations Noel!!!!! :bday: :bday:
  11. I don't know what's brewing up in that vat of "ether", but it don't look good. Kinda gross.
  12. Yeah well, all that crap like me getting sick and going to the doctor and then my son getting sick and having to go to the doctor, and all that. I did get the basing put on a few minutes ago. After some of the cool winter minis that have been done lately, I think I'm gonna try a snow base and they can have winter camo. I also got the Centurion yesterday so I have to put him together and get him started. I'm out of 2 colors of spray paint though! Oh well, another trip to Hobby Town.
  13. More progress. The weapons are picked out, a bit of work on the cockpits, and the bases painted but not finished yet. They have a lot more personality now. The hunk of wood behind them is to block off the view of my cluttered paint table.
  14. I'm not sure if it's me getting a little older now or the fact that I haven't gotten new glasses in way too long, but over the last year or so I find it easier to work on small stuff by holding it a little closer and not using my glasses. Or I keep them on and look over them.
  15. Next will be all the detail painting like weapons and cockpits. That will take a little longer. Pics soon.
  16. Next step- I've put on the Flat Gull Gray. I also smooshed out the putty I already had on the model so that when I add the next color the black spots will have a ring of the Gull Gray around them. I also added some more blobs of putty to make spots of just the gull gray. Next is the Gunship Gray put on with all the putty removed. Now that I look at it, I should have put more camo spots.
  17. Let's call it old school CAV 1 style freelance. Since those are what I had handy. Except the Centurion. I had one of those still in the blister but heck if I can find it anywhere. But he'll be here soon. So the next step- In the camo scheme I'm masking off the areas where I want the black to stay with Silly Putty. It works because you can make irregular shapes easily, like camo tends to have. I discovered that at such a small size though, it's hard to get very narrow shapes to taper to a point. You put enough pressure on the putty to make it hold down and it smooshes it out some.. It'll still work though. Next step is an overall coat of the Flat Gull Gray, followed by more masking in the spots where I want that color to be.
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