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  1. This is a WIP with 4 CAVs for Mercoutlaw. Great to see excited blood for the CAV crew! Sorry I didn't get anything in for your contest. These 4 models are going to be in the same camo scheme, using some techniques I've picked up from building scale models. Hopefully I can make these same ideas work on a much smaller scale. I haven't tried this yet, so we'll see how it goes. So this might be kind of a tutorial with some different ideas for people to try. I normally do my priming, basecoating, and camo for CAVs with an airbrush. But, I don't have access to my airbrush area right now due to a wreck of a garage and a broken garage door. So, I'll be doing most of this with spray cans. If you're careful, some good results can be had with them. So the first step- A Borsig-Spline Mantis, Hughes-Marietta Gladiator II, and a Koda Works Dictator 70. I have an H/M Centurion on the way from Reaper that I'll also put in the group. So far all they have is a coat of flat black enamel for a base coat. No primer, I'll just gloss coat the hell out of them til they're indestructible. The flat black will be one of the camo colors along with gull grey and gunship grey. That's all I'll do for now. I just sprayed them a bit ago, so they sit over night til the enamel dries. Then I'll break out the Silly Putty.
  2. I did about 10 in '08. Mostly of them were tabletop orcs and goblins for RPG use, and a couple of character minis.
  3. Here you go. Not strictly miniatures, but they're part of it.
  4. And then they could start charging 40 bucks a piece for them!! Or is that the other game company? Sorry.
  5. It didn't seem to make a big difference in the second one, but it really helps the first one.
  6. Here you go. Try the Gimp. It's free image editing software. Auto color level adjustment is pretty handy.
  7. Hey, Dragons terrain. That's what we use too. Looks like a good game.
  8. Great job! An award winning painter in the making, I'm sure. Keep up the camo!
  9. Man, that's nice. Very good work. Try lining a Butcher next.
  10. My mother-in-law didn't know what to get my Muslim brother-in-law one year, so got him a tin of cookies. "You know Kathy, Muslims also use things like......clothes........or cologne. Or some other generic gift." My other brother-in-law got a can of buffalo meat from one of his half-brothers once. He's not very close to that part of the family for obvious reasons. I can't think of any really bad presents I've received.
  11. The Miniatures Page. Star Ranger's page. RPG.net has a miniatures section in their forum.
  12. And I think you may have inspired the clockwork robot a bit too.
  13. If I use vampires in Warlord I'll use a red glass bead for a casualty marker.
  14. We usually pick a sibling's house to gather at, it was my turn to host this year, and eat a bunch of food. There's always turkey and ham and all the requisite side items. The last few years I've started bringing a dish called corn maque choux. And someone always puts the ritual throwing back and forth of the ball on TV.
  15. Some of Ground Zero's stuff is okay. The vehicles more so than the figures as far as detail does.
  16. We have both my family and my wife's family coming over to our house for Thanksgiving this year, so of course there's a lot of cleaning and organizing and finishing painting of walls we had started and blah blah blah blah blah. All that kind of crap. Anyway, part of my organizing is getting my guitar/hobby room back in order. In the middle of this I'm organizing game stuff, even got rid of some stuff I know I'll never use. Then there's the stuff I can't part with no matter what. So looking at all my games, I started thinking about my favorites. Mine- Battletech, the first box, second edition Battledroids. The one with the Warhammer on the cover and the 'mechs fightin' in the swamp on the back. If I were able to keep only one game in the world, that would be it. What's yours? Favorite game ever? Any game at all, not just minis or RPG, but if it works out that way that's fine. D&D, checkers, tic-tac-toe? Monopoly? Let's hear 'em.
  17. I know how that goes. I've been in my trade for about 17-1/2 years. It won't be long before some kid will show up to work and question something I do and I'll be able to say "I've been doing this longer than you've been alive." And I'll never grow up either. Bury me in a t-shirt with a monster or a superhero on it.
  18. When my daughter was in high school geometry last year, she told me she had to have a calculator to do a graph of an equation, because "that's how they taught us to do it, with a calculator." Take away the calculator and they don't have a clue how to do it. That's really teaching them something, how to use a calculator. Ask a kid how to use a card catalog nowadays, or even what the Dewey Decimal System is. "The what?" Yeah, things have changed a bit.
  19. "I remember when you were this big......." Yeah, it has that effect.
  20. Be veeeeeeeerrrrry careful with that Flat Base. Too much of that and not enough Future and you'll have a frosty mess on your hands.
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