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  1. I won't be there either. Other commitments due to forgetting about certain dates and all that.
  2. And the black part smells like Fritos. Yummy!
  3. Very, very cool. The one on the left center could pass for an Elder Thing.
  4. Man, I haven't eaten those since I was a kid, but they were gooooood.
  5. No, you will not need to pin with plastic. For all intents and purposes, plastic cement turns the separate pieces into one solid piece.
  6. You might also try a dark brown wash, like Walnut, over the gold bits. Really mutes down the gold and gives it some depth, and a bit of aging.
  7. I saw mention of Baytown, it looks they got hit pretty hard. I don't know any specifics though. Haven't seen anything about Channelview.
  8. I've been watching the news all morning. Downtown Houston has lots of wind damage with windows blown out of buildings. Galveston is screwed, they had an 11 foot storm surge, and there's 9 feet of water in downtown Beaumont. Many prayers for everyone.
  9. Not yet, but I'll have to get it. I love the first one.
  10. Or how about "25.807- The Square Root of the Beast"
  11. My nephew Ethan has one of those. I doubt he'll part with it though.
  12. That didn't take long, only about an hour once we actually got playing. There is still the advantage for the lumbering giant who controls Asia. My wife did and won. And of course one of the objectives was "Control Asia." So that gave her the second objective and then took control of more than 18 territories for her third. I liked it even if I lost. Have to play it a few more times but I think I'll like it better than the "3 in the morning and still grinding away" version.
  13. Well, crap. According to the rules the winner can make the losing players call them "sir" until another game is played. Looks like we'll be calling my wife Sir for a while.
  14. Not a totally new game, the basic mechanics are still the same but they've made it objective based instead of grinding it out back and forth over the same territories for hours on end. Once a player has accomplished 3 objectives the game is over. There are also cities that are randomly placed at the start of the game that double the value of a territory for troop reinforcements and each player also has a capital that also has to be held to win in addition to the 3 objectives. Well, my wife and son and I are getting ready to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes.
  15. I finally found the revised version of Risk yesterday. Has anyone played it yet, or have any interest?
  16. For the Masses by Majestic 12 Games.
  17. What gets me is how they ask a "Bigfoot hunter" to examine the body. Isn't that kind of like asking someone from MUFON to verify video footage of a UFO?
  18. I'll wait the medical and scientific analysis.
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