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  1. How many sections(roughly) in a 2000 point game? 2- to 4000 being recommended by the rulebook for beginners.
  2. Is there a recommended or preferred show-up time for the Asylum, or just whenever? I saw earlier there were scheduled games and such. Is there room for the late-comers?
  3. As pretty much a rookie with not much practice I have to say that's just insane. Beautiful, but insane. How long has it taken to be able to paint like that?
  4. Sounds very cool. I'll have to investigate when my wife's at work on Saturday and I have nothing to do.
  5. What is The Asylum? A company sponsored game day or something? I live in Garland, about a 45 min. drive from there and may be interested.
  6. Cool,thanks. It may be quite awhile before I get to test this. I only have about 8 completed minis under my belt, and something as big as a dragon, especially Verocithrax, is a bit intimidating. I think I'll probably do my Narthalyssk first to get used to the larger areas.
  7. Hi everyone. I lurk alot around here and would like to pose a question of you nice folks. I use 5-min. epoxy to put larger pieces together and want to know if primer needs to be removed or will it hold with primer on the parts to be joined. I picked up Verocithrax for 16 bucks on clearance today and it looks like the first mini I've found that I may have to paint a couple of parts before I attach them. Sound like a problem at all, or maybe try to mask of the joint areas before spraying? Tried a search but didn't find anything. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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