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  1. I'm a little concerned they are running a second, different campaign on IGG: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/street-masters-tide-of-the-dragon/x/1873715#/
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dreamsforge/adventure-in-the-mushroom-forest Story If you are tired of empty tables and your dream is to fill it with mushrooms, with this scenery pack you can animate any game table, whether for wargames or role-playing games. Paint it with your own style to create a perfect atmosphere and discover the mysteries that this mushroom forest hides. We hope you enjoy your adventures in the mushroom forest!! here you can see in more detail all the files included in this project CAVE PORTAL LAKE HOUSE FOREST TREE BASE BIG BUSH
  3. From Discord: Janeco - The Tapdancer Today at 12:07 PM Summon? okay so they are both pose 2 the modular and the one piece one piece is being reviewed modular is done but anyone has a problem talk to me as I did it @Illithar which version are you having problems with?
  4. Yessik's Team is working on the file now, one of them was re-doing supports in the MMM discord server chat last week
  5. @dusty thanks, I was playing with learning airbrush blending and it just sort of took off in my brain
  6. Shipping on my orders from them has been around 10 Euros..
  7. They are also selling resin versions
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/signumgames/527267827?ref=3nzxlc&token=1a256880&mc_cid=28db65d226&mc_eid=abdb3f3c83 Story Signum Workshop is a division of Signum Games company that specializes in the creation of high-quality fantasy miniatures in STL format for self-printing. Signum Games have been creating and casting fantasy resin miniatures for several years, and our miniatures have a lot of admirers from all over the world. 3D printers are nowadays becoming more and more popular, therefore we decided to join the market and make our miniatures more accessible to you. The imagination of our artists and modellers have no borders, and sometimes there are just too many new characters (or variations of one character) for us to be able to cast all at once in resin. But we don't want new characters to just gather dust on the hard drive and wait for their time to come. After all, now we finally can share all our new products with you! All of our miniatures have 32mm scale, which was not a suitable scale for some board games. All our models in files will be pre-assembled and have an option of individual parts. You can learn all about the quality of our models and to print files simply by clicking on the link and download a free model! The Signum Workshop project is only at the very beginning of its journey, so we will be happy to see your support, questions, advice, and comments on Patreon! By supporting us on Patreon, every month you will get access to a new set of STL files of our newest miniatures. Dear friends, this set introduces 4 factions that will appear on our Patreon in the future. You will meet Plague fighters from the far East, proud warriors from the hot South, harsh warriors from the cold North, and adventurers from the mountains of the West.
  9. I love some of the sculpts but like my other games, they will just sit and not get painted..
  10. It looks like thats the Welcome pack stuff.. I love a lot of their models, but tare 32mm so I am definitely curious about what they will bring out
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