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  1. We asked for more pirate hands for rum.. and we got em
  2. 3dartdigital is doing modular pirates, these are the women
  3. Signum is supported by Atlas.. they use MMF, default scale is 32mm i believe
  4. Titan Forge for July is Highborn Elves Signum will be Ophidians Bite the Bullet is doing Genasi this month
  5. Check your emails.. I just got a Hilton Honors promo for 3x points for stays over 3 days at Hilton properties if I register for it.. I don't think I've ever gotten anything less than 2x points since we moved to Embassy Suites
  6. He's posted about it on Facebook.. Well Folks, I have been agonizing over this long enough...... It is time for Red Box Games to change shape. To that end I am going to conducting a final sell off of Red Box Games figures. Through the end of the month of June I will be taking orders on everything in the Red Box Games store which will include some ( not all ) of the previously discontinued back catalog items as I have had a LOT of inquiries about several discontinued items in the recent months. There are several reasons for this. Chief most being the past year was BRUTAL for R
  7. I hope none of these minis broke in shipping after taking 3 months to arrive.. it's my late pledge from https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fellowshipgames/vampires-egyptians-and-necromancers-for-fantasy-football
  8. Bah missed this one... I'll be a backup if someone ends up dropping out/comes up missing
  9. They all just seemed dull and kind of goofy to me.. and there is not a shortage of really any of these cultures that are better sculpts..
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