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  1. I think i might drop out of the CR-6 KS.. as much as I want terrain I think I'm more likely to want to print busts and minis first..
  2. Torn because I like to support Game Envy and they have been stellar in the Kickstarters I was apart of.. but at the same time, I was just looking at these on Etsy and they are cheaper and I can get them big enough for DW inks
  3. 9469 through 9485 are old HD paints formerly under the SKU starting with 29XXX
  4. These might also work as coral for the shipwreak or coral golems.. also looking at this, a rocky outcropping for a tower that has been eaten away at the base by water..
  5. Reaper order placed. 03836 Jakob Janssen, Monk 09487 Yellow Mold 44116 Thrasher Snail 77917 Sneaky Rocky 77918 Treasure Rocky 77919 Flying Rocky 77920 Scheming Rocky 77921 Annoyed Rocky 02458 Liriel Silverlocks
  6. So apparently my maker space has a Form 3 I can play with...
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/greebo-games/vicious-wildfire-orcs-ferocity-and-football In any case, we keep on marching on and trying to become an ever better brand, and you will be able to see it firsthand with our upcoming Orcs campaign: no more humongous campaigns with three or four teams delivered one year after their unveiling, but a single one, luxurious in all its details, with an almost immediate delivery. You’ll soon be able to see not only their renderings, but also how the pieces are assembled, how they are physically and how they look in real life. And, something that many will surely like, we’re also trying to make a resin version. Well, maybe it’s going to be a limited edition, due to time management issues, but still… resin! RESIN! REEEESIIIINN!!!
  8. I'm in but only for a few models.. thankfully these are mostly going to retail and I can pick them up when I'm ready..
  9. Yep, and Mr Lee's. El Greco has had 3 busts i want as 'coming soon' for a while, so I ended up on Figone for several, but there's still an order I'll have to place on El Greco when stuff gets in stock.. Figone had Excelcy which is OOP just about everywhere else..
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