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  1. I haven't really experienced many of those issues with BCC or Kimera so I'm sorry you have..
  2. I'm hoping the walrus and keeper are fully removeable with minimal touchup on the lighthouse because it will make an excellent beacon tower..
  3. Agreed.. mine were slated for July and are now august.. they have been great about fulfilling something thats a pre-order through their newsletter but their KS backlog I think is inhibited by their ongoing re-dos and i think having the free cash to pay outside sculptors to do the work
  4. I'm in for so many models.. mostly Asteria.. mounted, 75mm, bust, one of the undead.. maybe a second asteria.. lets just say i like that model a lot.. Kimera does good work.. i'm not sure about the paints yet.. i still have too many of those
  5. I really just want the hand with the Egg but I know thats probably never going to be sold on its own.. decisions decisions..
  6. Well this should be outside the expansion in the Green Griffin extras add on.. so maybe there will be more there you want?
  7. There is no timeline on the merge so nothing official has been sent out all we know is it could happen maybe this year.. there is really no solid plan yet <mod> Lets take the topic of paint lines merging to the paint forum and not bog down the Bones 6 topic with it since it is not related
  8. Ed said he's still working some things out but is expecting it any time now
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flameofudunstudio/the-cucurbits-of-the-underworld-3-pay-what-you-want Friends for your Overgourd!
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solgoodcreations/the-gamers-sampier-project
  11. Can we get some rangers without bows and some mages without a staff or more with spell effects in their hands.. The current set of Dragonborn covers a lot of the male classes, and I agree on the bard instruments and female variants..
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