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  1. He's partnered with RJ Palmer to user his Realistic Pokemon art..
  2. Looks like titan Forge is back on the menu for me for Feb..
  3. they haven't said, but I'd guess mostly in China although I think some pieces will be BonesUSA.. I don't think we'll see large scale US production until sioRes becomes a bigger thing and someone wants to invest in all the necessary equipment because Bones takes months of running at 24 hours a day
  4. New Bones KS, new thread time! Start contributing those ideas!
  5. With the announcement of Bones 6, this thread will be locked to Reaper can go through it and compile ideas.. please continue in the new thread.
  6. Feel free to post screen shots etc from Reaper Live and such to get us all hyped for Bones 6!
  7. This post is for information and discussion of the Bones 5.5 Pledge Manager only. This is the current status of Bones 5.5: The system to place additional or new orders has been disabled. Orders have been reviewed. All purchase orders with the vendors we use in China have been placed. Deposits ensuring the beginning of production have been made. We've been told that production will commence before the start of Chinese New Year and will be completed after the Chinese New Year. For those not aware of how Chinese New Year works, the country closes all types of businesses for 4-6 weeks. In the case of one of our vendors, their factory will be closed the last week of January and will reopen after the first week of March. We expect updated shipping and production information after the end of Chinese New Year. Our next email update will be in March.
  8. With the announcement of Bones 6, the offical end of Bones 5 and no new posts for 30 days, I am closing this topic.
  9. With the announcement of Bones 6, the offical end of Bones 5 and no new posts for 30 days, I am closing this topic.
  10. That has actually how some companies are.. Charles Agius has the right to sell some of his STLs he made for RoboRocket and a couple other people, but Mirico and Limbo bought the work outright and own all rights to it.
  11. I think this would be a useful Boneyard replacement for some things.. especially older OOP minis.. it might be a way to offer things like the a new Shipwreck maiden.. although I think that Bones USA might also give them some advantages to offer Print on Demand or take like an old Warlord army and convert it to a modular Bones USA army.. or the weapon sprues..
  12. None of the last one really peaked my interest enough.. although we had a good chuckle because my step son's name is also Christopher Lovell
  13. I think Bobby and Jason have been encouraging him too..
  14. Got my models, Hilda bust had some wing damage, Ahriman has a few pieces I'm not sure where to attach
  15. WIP photo #1.. currently arguing with her wings before I glue them on
  16. Right now I have: Jasmes Wappel Mocha Painting Big (Anne) Miniature Monthly I've had: RedArt Miniature Academy Considering: Trovarion Zambies Marco Frisoni Sam Lenz
  17. Right now: Signum Workshop One Gold piece Mini Monster Mayhem (Their discord and the 3D printing knowledge there is more useful to me than a lot of the models) 3DArtdigital I've avoided Titan forge for the second straight month, and I dropped Lord of the Print as well since it seems like they are moving away from what they were doing towards an army style like Titan Forge. All my other patreons are painting patreons and I may shuffle those next month too
  18. Wyrmwood/Dispel Dice pledge has arrived Kimera/Aradia Ultima Thule pledge has arrived. And my Christmas present from the wife , a Wyrmwood Thief vault has shipped...
  19. This is the same material as BonesUSA for those that are unfamiliar with SioRes.. its really a game changer
  20. Its that time of the year again.. please help me clean up the tags on the posts when you can! Thanks!
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