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  1. This is definitely looking like it might be more expensive than I'd originally planned.. I think the only expansion I haven't been interested in was the Black Panther add on but since it comes with the $90 pledge I guess it doesn't matter..
  2. Pre-ordered Yundun the Atlantean Dragon from Karol Rudyk. I wasn't able to afford the other LE dragon they used to have, so I wasn't going to miss this one
  3. Sorry.. flu + new job has me swamped.. Reaper labels 022420.pdf
  4. Hoping they are available separately later on.. I could use one or two but not 5.. of course we get the scions in Bones 5 soo...
  5. I want so many of these minis.. I just dont want all the other stuff.. sigh.. and Bones 5 kind of has my Dragon needs covered for the moment
  6. I just remind myself that Frosthaven is coming
  7. https://hardware.slashdot.org/story/20/02/20/0028207/a-new-use-for-mcdonalds-used-cooking-oil-3d-printing
  8. If you don't find these red enough, there are also: 9241 Auburn Shadow 9305 Tarnished Copper 9404 Cinnamon Red 9458 Kobold Scale
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ulissesspiele/myth-world-of-myth?ref=discovery_category_newest Story By popular demand, we are giving everyone a second chance to own a gorgeous piece of Myth lore! The World of Myth is based on the highly sought-after Myth Limited Edition book. It shares the same high-quality leather binding and gilded pages, as well as much of the exceptional art and lore from the original. However, it also includes dozens of pages of brand-new content! These new pages will provide readers their first look at parts of the Myth story that have yet to be told, including stories by Brian Shotton: After the siege of Farrenroc, a Wall-commander loses faith in the Bright Legion, challenges the Commander-General's strategy and loyalties, and begins a journey to expose the secrets that have led to the deaths of so many of her soldiers. A master storyteller weaves a tale of love and jealousy between Anunkara, the Sun, and Lunankanen, the Moon. But is there more truth to the story than she knows? For those who are new to Myth or who missed the Myth Limited Edition rulebook, this book still includes much of the fantastic world-building from that previous volume, such as: Lore overviews for every hero class introduced so far Guidance for solo play, including multi-class deck construction The Art of Myth A full bestiary, including brand-new information about the Lucanines Whether you are a veteran hero or are just beginning your journey into Myth, The World of Myth has many wonderful new things to discover. This is a small, straightforward campaign, so we’ve kept our reward levels to a minimum. We are mostly concerned with offering a leatherbound Myth lore book for everyone who couldn’t get one before. However, we wanted to make sure that anyone who had picked up the previous LE book had a chance to see the exciting new content! Digital Acolyte This is the perfect level for everyone who already owns the Myth LE book and doesn’t want to pay for another physical book with overlapping content. We’ll send you a full PDF of World of Myth, plus you’ll get digital versions of all the stretch goals. That means that you can print them and play with them as soon as we have them ready to go! World Weaver This is the core reward level for the campaign. It features the physical World of Myth book, a gorgeous leatherbound collector’s item that you can proudly display with your Myth collection, whether you have one already or are getting ready to start one. You will also receive a digital version of the full book, and both physical and digital versions of every stretch goal unlocked. We want to keep our goals manageable so that we can get you your rewards as soon as possible. With that in mind, we’re sticking to a combination of cards (which we can print quickly) and digital rewards that do not depend on shipping. The cards will be available digitally so that all backers can play with them, regardless of reward level.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/806316071/conan-the-conqueror-adventure-mode-expansion?ref=discovery_category_newest Story Five years ago, CONAN the board game became a massive hit and spawned a faithful community of players, designers, and enthusiasts. Brand new content has been long in coming, but it’s finally time to unlock the remaining quantities of 1st Edition boxes alongside the release of our biggest Hyborian Age expansion ever. Those who wish to wet their swords for the first time and veterans from previous campaigns shall join ranks and heed the call of Conan the Conqueror! Not only is the Adventure Mode (our original one vs many system) gameplay you know and love making its return, but we’re also adding a revised version of the solo/co-op rules featured in the Conan Monolith Sourcebook. Regardless of which version of Conan you own, or plan to purchase, all of the new content will pair perfectly with what you have. To celebrate its 5th Anniversary, we are making the Conan: The Boardgame, the 2015 classic 1st Edition available again in limited quantities. Combined with the new mega-Conqueror expansion you’ll be able to enter the savage worlds and raise your own bloodied sword. This new expansion will boost options for ALL owners of the Conan Board Game. To play all of these new scenarios, you require only the core version of the game; however, King Pledge and Barbarian Pledge owners will find further options in some of the included scenarios. All of these scenarios will be presented in the Tome of Skelos: a 60+ page hardcover book in the style of our previous titles. Inside, you will find 6 brand new scenarios for the original Conan Adventure mode (one vs many mode) that make use of all the new miniatures, maps and tiles. We will add a seventh scenario if its Stretch Goal is unlocked. We’ve also included an updated version of the solo/co-op rules that debuted in the Conan Monolith Sourcebook as well as a campaign of 7 specially designed solo co-op scenarios, where players will choose their heroes, gather equipment, and gain powerful Boons to complete their escape across the Pictish Wilderness. The Version 1 rules can be found below as well as a description of the gameplay. The Tome will also feature brand new artwork created for this campaign.
  11. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/idwgames/batman-the-animated-series-adventures?ref=discovery_category_newest Story
  12. Ugh.. thats the only exclusive I've been wanting.. I wish their White Witch hunter wasnt out of stock.. My only issue with ordering from them is that orders sometimes disappear for weeks when they leave Ukraine.. I'm still waiting on my order from January which left the ukraine on 1/20 and has no tracking update since.. my other order from them was here in 14 days.. they said this sort of thing happens right after the first of the year and it can take 5 weeks for stuff to show up sometimes
  13. Lets chase down those scourges of the sea!
  14. Pinup screaming God Armor was the one pinup I regretted not getting more than one of and now I don't want to buy the entire collection just to get additional copies.. plus it's resin instead of plastic so bonus 1x Death High - Archivist - HQ Warehouse (USA) 2x Pinup Screaming God Armor
  15. Let me get home and I'll upload the PDF.. sorry, I forgot that part I've got a Word file set up for Mail merge
  16. I'm in.. and they just added the Asgard expansion
  17. Reaper order placed: 01647 Courage the Koala, 2020 Australian Brushfire Relief Miniature $9.99 1 $9.99 01648 Hope the Koala Druid, 2020 Australian Brushfire Relief Miniature $9.99 1 $9.99 44125 Winter Wolf $4.99 1 $4.99 44133 Mystic Portal $19.99 1 $19.99 14274 Clarissa Banshee,Razig Mage FREE 1 FREE
  18. I know Lizards are running behind, but I'm hoping we get that one delivered before this one closes.. I'm in for terrain regardless though
  19. The only thing I hate about their minis is how many parts they cut stuff up into
  20. <mod> Added 'Live' tag
  21. Received my LE Tainted Grail King Arthur and Etherfields Sphinx that I got in the Essen Pre-order. Also finally received my Water bust from Aradia. Of the 4 elemental busts, theirs was the worst packaged by far. Shipped in a lightly padded envelop which caused the outer wap the box to be banged up, but the mini inside was fine..
  22. I was tempted but I remembered that Limbo has a 75mm KS coming
  23. Sounds like the Embassy suites will need to add another tower like the Hilton is here. We'll have an additional 100 rooms for Origins eventually that is attached directly to the convention space.
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