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  1. I forgot where I can find the time limit for adding more pledge and new rewards. When the Bones 4 pledge manager is closed?
  2. It is not Benzene, but benzine. Benzine does not contain much benzene. It smells really bad and maybe not good for health too, though.
  3. I saw a tweet in Japanese which says soaking Bones in benzine for about 2 days (more precisely, 44 hours, he says) removed plasticizer and bones are hardened. Did somebody tried this before? Any successful experience? Or experienced some problem?
  4. Really nice delicate works fo the fur and the face. I did not know that model is such a big one. Hmm... good for a D&D werewolf lord (were dire wolf)?
  5. That is some badass eyebeast! Covered by gore and pus, very terrifying and creepy!
  6. The red runes stands out nicely. And I really like the wat how you paint the rocks and stones. Dark, slightly covered by dirt. Very realistic.
  7. I really like the vivid Egyptian colors and the skin tone.
  8. Nice conversion work! The coif and belt stands out well and yet not too flashy in the entire white/silver tone.
  9. It seems to be a promising experiment. Now we can make various slimes and oozes from the same model. I mean, green slime, blue slime, ocher jerry and such.
  10. Oh that IS cool! Clear Bones + Tamiya Clear colors seems to be a nice combination.
  11. It was really fun to paint this set. I put the fire on a 25mm square base and put other stuffs on two 25mm bases connected by a plasticard. So, I can either use the fire only or can combine them as a mini-Vignette.
  12. I usually paint them in medium-grey, I mean, roughly "50%" grey, such as Tempest Grey. Then wash them with black wash or diluted pure black. Then dry brush them with medium grey. Lastly, highlight the edges and details with 70%-80% grey (one part medium-grey and one part white will do).
  13. The left one came when I have ordered bunch of minis this summer. And the right one came as a happy halloween gift. Are there any way to identify the names of those MSP colors? I want to know in case when I want another bottle of the same color.
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