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  1. Hi folks! It has been years since I posted here but it has also been a while since I painted anything. This is a step-by-step tutorial for painting the Daggertooth King Lizard made by AntiMatter Games for ShadowSea. The way this model is painted is in steps that require the paint to completely dry before going to the next step. It is a lot of washes and glazes that build up on top of each other and not wet blending. Step 1 was to prime entirely in white. Then in Step 2 the underside was painted with a mixture of Liquitex Muted Gray and Matte Medium, about 5
  2. Are you going to do a zenith prime of white on the base? I think that will make it easier to get bright colors on the coral and sand.
  3. Thanks guys. Here is a shot next to the Argonaut sub for deepWars.
  4. Hi folks, The new Deepstar Kraken model is coming out soon for DeepWars and I painted up this one for display using a lot of inks and liquid acrylics. This model (not really a miniature when this big) was done in different stages. The base painting was done with blue skin and light tentacles. The mantle and top of the tentacles were given two washes of Marine Blue (Ultramarine) liquid acrylics (Dr. Phil Martins brand) mixed with matte medium and water. When the first was dry, the second was applied. The underside of the tentacles was done with a mix of Cerulean Blue ink (Liquitex)
  5. Thanks folks. I also tried these liquid paint from which is essentially the same thing as the inks. Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite [link removed]
  6. Here is a painted Ogre Guard done mainly in washes and glazes of Liquitex inks. I really liked this sculpt and Bobby gave the model some real character. The Bones model was also really solid. There was a strange bit of miscast on the skull on the front of his belt so I made it into a jelly bowl for some squashed hobbit jelly.
  7. You may want to consider using washes and glazes of inks to bring out textures, like scales. Smooth surfaces like wings still require blending but many large creatures with textured surfaces can be done really efficiently with washes and glazes. Here is an old example a dragon done this way.
  8. Hi folks, Here is my painted version of the Sea Hag, Ol’ Ginny Greenteeth for the Nereids of Blood Reef, for DeepWars. It's a pre-production model as the final one is coming out later. She was done with a lot of washes and glazes over a “zenith-primed” base. Most of you already know how this is done, with a base coat of black primer all over, then white primer sprayed from above to simulate how light falls on the model. The skin was started with Phthalo Green ink + black paint + Matte medium. The clothing was started first with an olive hue, made with an Ivy green paint mixed with Burnt
  9. Hi folks, A couple more here, done with washes and glazes. These were given a zenith prime with black all over before white from above. What we have here are two new models for DeepWars, the Vanguard Scout and the Ethereal Thotag Crab. The Vanguard Scout armor was first given a base wash of Burnt Sienna ink while the weapon, respirator and scale armor were done in bright gold. Skin, tentacles and the crystal warheads were painted with Cerulean blue ink. The cloth on the back was given a light wash of Ivy Green paint. For the crab, the carapace was washed with
  10. Hi all, Here is one more step by step painting tutorial for the Sea Serpent for DeepWars, Blood Reef. This scaly creature is related to dragons so it has very heavy scales that work well with washes and glazes. Inks are Liquitex Pro inks and the Matte Medium is by Liquitex. Paints are Golden Fluid Acrylics. White and black are standard Americana brand craft paint. The first step was to paint the whole body in a light yellow shade over white primer, leaving only the mouth white. This was left to dry. Next, the body was given a wash of Pthalho Green ink,
  11. Thanks! The base actually comes with the mini.
  12. Hi all, It has been a while since the last post, but here is a quick, step-by-step painting guide to the Silver Death Fish for DeepWars. This model is suspiciously similar to an ancient Xiphactinus fish, but has slightly different fins, with a few finlets near the tail like a tuna. This model was primed in white and painted using the techniques very similar to the Dire Fish-Lizard from the AMG painting guide, Painting Scaly Beasts. The key was to use washes and glazes to give it the basic colors, then lighten sections with thinned white paint and make edges pop with pure white. The majori
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