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  1. I appreciate the info! It arrived last night, and all seems to be in good shape! Now to continue with my Ma'al Drakar...
  2. Sorry yeah, that's what I meant. It's not on Canada Post, USPS, or any of the couriers I could think of. I'm not super worried, I'm sure it'll show up, but that's a little discouraging.
  3. Hey! I appreciate the offer, Reverend. I did end up ordering directly from Reaper, though now it's a matter of trying to sort out where the box has gone. Shipped from HQ on the 7th, bounced around the US for a week (Texas to Vancouver, better route it through Chicago!). It's now gone through customs, and my USPS tracking number no longer works, and the last update was on the 17th... so we'll see I guess! Just hoping with the sudden turn in the weather that my paints don't get too badly damaged by the cold before they arrive.
  4. I saw that! Very happy to see that change. Definitely in for this now.
  5. Right? Fedex International Economy! "Economy" indeed.
  6. See I never had it - just played at a friend's house. I've got little boys now and they'd love it, but with that price point, especially with shipping, I may just have to wait for retail.
  7. 149 USD plus 135 shipping to BC, Canada. That's near 400 bucks CAD. HMMM.
  8. Super helpful responses, both. Thanks guys. I'll try the $ limit Buglips and see how she goes.
  9. Hey all! Does anyone know of a Canadian company that sells Reaper paints online? I'm running out of a couple of my more crucial colours, and finding RMS paints in the Vancouver area in person seems to be near impossible. Other brands are pretty well represented, but not my Reaper. I know I could easily just order the ones I need from the online store here, but between the relative weakness of the Canadian dollar at the moment and the high probability of getting dinged with duty charges as packages cross the border, I'm looking for other options. I'd rather not have to switch to another brand due to scarcity!
  10. Limited palette worked brilliantly. This is really striking!
  11. This looks great! Love the simple palette, and the design under the wings looks fantastic.
  12. I can't speak to "Dragon" black, but solid black and pure black are very similar. Solid black has higher pigment density, as far as I can tell, so it's better for base coats, but won't dilute quite as well as pure black
  13. Thankful that they put the Daimyo stuff in its own expansion. It's neat, but it's not something I have a use for. Love the dungeon dwellers. Still kicking myself about not getting Dreadmere last time.
  14. Oh no. A throat infection, and on Bones Day which also happens to be my birthday?! I suppose I should call in sick...
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