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  1. I love these, and I eagerly await their arrival. I also play Hero Kids with my boys, and we have occasional drop-ins with their cousins and friends (or we did pre-covid, anyway). We'll move up to 5e when they're a little older, and will likely keep using kid minis for a good while, so a variety would be fantastic. Beginner heroes are a great idea, and I LOVE the brother sister pair concept. The paired sex idea is one of the few things I really like about the wizkids minis actually, and I think that's something worth pursuing. I like the idea of dragonborn/tabaxi/etc, but I would likely never use them myself. Humanoid children with a variety of equipment or obvious classes, with some fun elements like animals or (as mentioned above) ramshackle or "borrowed" items like rolling pins, dad's helmet (is that what's happening with the little fellow with the war pick?), pot lid shields and so on would be great. Would be easy enough for them to serve as young humans, dwarves, half-elves, genasi with the right paint job, halflings or whatever else. I love this idea and would happily buy more.
  2. Very nice work! I've just started getting these guys re-based and prepped - what was your process for their fur? I like what you've done here. I often see people go white over light blue, and I think that can be visually interesting but it's not quite what I'm going for with mine. I like your grittier, dirtier fur here.
  3. Baugi

    Black background?

    Explain further! Do you set up an actual light box or anything?
  4. So many of y'all are pulling off these pitch black backgrounds with strong contrast in your photos, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to manage this. With black construction paper, felt, an old black t-shirt, I can only ever seem to get BRIGHT shine off the background and washed out mini detail. What are your secrets?!
  5. I haven't used the Reaper Coal Black. Is it like the P3 one? P3 Coal Black is basically a very dark teal.
  6. I had never considered that connection but you're absolutely right. And thanks!
  7. Was excited to finally get to this guy. I've had him in the pile for a really long time, and I was always intrigued by the sculpt, as it's oddly angular, and hard to pick out the detail until you've got it highlight or zenith primed. I'm pretty happy with him! Robe is a blend of the dark elf triad and P3 coal black (a very dark teal), and skin is mostly fair skin triad. One thing I definitely noticed is that the version in the store has some details MUCH crisper than my copy (see his right foot - er your left, which has virtually no actual sculpted toes anymore, just a big foot shaped lump). Anyway, I don't see much of this guy around here so I was eager to give him a go!
  8. Thanks! I airbrushed the initial black prime and zenithal white, and hit most of the red parts with crimson red to start (It's quite translucent when used through the airbrush.) Thanks so much! I wanted to make the eyes stand out. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
  9. I'll post up some close-ups soon. Neutral background with a model this big is actually pretty tricky, but I'll see what I can sort out. @TaleSpinner I was probably painting for 10 or so hours over the course of about a month.
  10. Hey folks! Been a while. Finally tackled this bad boy for a friend's birthday. The palettes for the white and blue heads were generally pretty similar to Minigrinder's from his excellent video on this piece. The green is a variety of RMS and P3 greens undercoated with Regal Purple, the black is Dark Elf Skin triad with a base of Nightshade Purple, and the red is about a dozen RMS reds, starting with HD Crimson and working up to HD Brilliant Red, with many in between. I tried to blend some of the scales into the red to make the transition a little more natural for the other colours, but had.... mixed success with that, I think.
  11. I appreciate the info! It arrived last night, and all seems to be in good shape! Now to continue with my Ma'al Drakar...
  12. Sorry yeah, that's what I meant. It's not on Canada Post, USPS, or any of the couriers I could think of. I'm not super worried, I'm sure it'll show up, but that's a little discouraging.
  13. Hey! I appreciate the offer, Reverend. I did end up ordering directly from Reaper, though now it's a matter of trying to sort out where the box has gone. Shipped from HQ on the 7th, bounced around the US for a week (Texas to Vancouver, better route it through Chicago!). It's now gone through customs, and my USPS tracking number no longer works, and the last update was on the 17th... so we'll see I guess! Just hoping with the sudden turn in the weather that my paints don't get too badly damaged by the cold before they arrive.
  14. I saw that! Very happy to see that change. Definitely in for this now.
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