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  1. Mine is currently one dollar. I'm sure you'll do just fine, man!
  2. So given the amount of enthusiasm we're seeing for the dino expansion and t-rex, how many of you folks have campaigns running in the Chult setting right now? oO
  3. Dear GOD. Here I am with my 1$, regretting that I can't afford to increase it until manager time. These things are REALLY poorly timed for teachers - 2 months of no pay leading into September...
  4. I really wish this had happened before I went fully down the rabbit hole making my own foam tiles! I've got more dungeon/wood floor/cavern tiles now than I'll ever use, but had I not made those I'd be all over this thing.
  5. Baugi

    Bones 3 Crusader

    I need to get my butt down to the border to grab my big box o' Bones. I love these guys as elite or royal guard. Anhurians as city watch, these guys as the next level of security. :) I love the purple with the dark armor!
  6. Baugi

    Draconian with two swords

    Thanks! That's HD Crimson and RMS blood red, with just a little dark green wash in the deeper shadows.
  7. Baugi

    77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger

    Thank you kindly!
  8. Baugi

    How do I get this water effect?

    Just to be sure.. you're wanting to paint this effect on unpainted dwarven forge tiles that have resin water already in place? If that's the case you may be out of luck, because it definitely looks like these were painted before the resin was poured.
  9. Baugi

    Ice Troll

    Yeah, mine is just like this. I think he got bent in shipping. Much more aggressive than the default pose, and I think I kind of like it. :) CG - You're right that it comes off very dark, but your highlights are high enough that it looks intentional. I quite like it!
  10. Baugi

    Draconian with two swords

    CRAP you're right. Fixed.
  11. Baugi

    Draconian with two swords

    This little fellow is from the old Official Dragonlance Ral Partha Draconian set. I've got most of them in my big box of old pewter, but this is the first I've painted. Lots of character in this little guy. Paint is HD Crimson, HD Garnet, RMS Blood Red, with AP green wash in the shadows and AP metallics. Broken feathers on helmet are AP turquoise and P3 Arcane Blue, with P3 Beaten Purple on the fringe. Edit: I just realized I didn't take a back shot. Will edit to add later when I get home.
  12. Baugi

    77022: Michelle, Female Human Ranger

    Thanks! That's the tanned triad with a little chestnut brown in the lows.
  13. Hey all! I've been away from the forums for a while, but I've been able to get some hobby time back into my schedule and I'm happy to be back! I'm starting out by clearing up my Shelf of Shame (as much as I can anyway), starting with Michelle here! Edit to add: I had a pretty handy little photo setup at my old house, but haven't been able to set anything up since moving last summer... I'll see what I can do about that so you don't all have to look at my grungy thumbnail in every photo.)
  14. Baugi

    Sophia, Lady Knight

    The trim on that cloak is incredible!