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  1. Baugi

    77279 : Narthrax

    This looks great! Love the simple palette, and the design under the wings looks fantastic.
  2. I can't speak to "Dragon" black, but solid black and pure black are very similar. Solid black has higher pigment density, as far as I can tell, so it's better for base coats, but won't dilute quite as well as pure black
  3. Thankful that they put the Daimyo stuff in its own expansion. It's neat, but it's not something I have a use for. Love the dungeon dwellers. Still kicking myself about not getting Dreadmere last time.
  4. Oh no. A throat infection, and on Bones Day which also happens to be my birthday?! I suppose I should call in sick...
  5. Oh, that is VERY tempting. Wonder what the shipping to Canada would look like. Frustrating when this stuff is in Seattle, it's a 3 hour drive!
  6. Aw, thanks guys! I've been damn near absent from these forums for a couple years, and came back a few days ago. What a lovely reception!
  7. Hello all! I've decided to jump into the world of airbrushing, particularly because I have some very large models to attack in the fairly near future (including a Ma'al Drakar) and I was wondering what you folks prefer. I'm starting out with nothing here, so I'll need the actual airbrush, a compressor, and cleaning materials. I've seen many articles and lists and so on, but those are pretty far from conclusive, and I don't want to throw this kind of money at the wrong thing. I had a look through the pinned list in this forum, but much of the data and conversation was several years old, and there have been several newer models released in the meantime so I figured I'd ask. Essentially I need: - a solid airbrush that's versatile enough for basecoating and some detail work - a relatively quiet, reliable compressor - any other equipment or supply recommendations that experienced airbrushers might recommend! Thanks!
  8. Mine is currently one dollar. I'm sure you'll do just fine, man!
  9. So given the amount of enthusiasm we're seeing for the dino expansion and t-rex, how many of you folks have campaigns running in the Chult setting right now? oO
  10. Dear GOD. Here I am with my 1$, regretting that I can't afford to increase it until manager time. These things are REALLY poorly timed for teachers - 2 months of no pay leading into September...
  11. I really wish this had happened before I went fully down the rabbit hole making my own foam tiles! I've got more dungeon/wood floor/cavern tiles now than I'll ever use, but had I not made those I'd be all over this thing.
  12. Baugi

    Bones 3 Crusader

    I need to get my butt down to the border to grab my big box o' Bones. I love these guys as elite or royal guard. Anhurians as city watch, these guys as the next level of security. :) I love the purple with the dark armor!
  13. Thanks! That's HD Crimson and RMS blood red, with just a little dark green wash in the deeper shadows.
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