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  1. Oh wow.. these are fantastic. Er. I'm referring to the paint, but the minis are very cool too. Never seen any of this before.
  2. I can only post from my own experience, and that's fairly similar to @Auberon above: - Army painter makes some great colours, their washes are good, their metallics are good. Everything is a little thicker than you probably want, so prep for that. - Citadel is, for me, not remotely worth the price. I hate their pots, so I transfer everything to droppers, and still don't find myself prioritizing them over similar colours from other manufacturers. - P3 makes some lovely colours, and the ones on the more vivid end are some of my favourites. Coal black, Arcane Blue, Frostbite and (something) Magenta are fantastic. Similar issue to Citadel re: pots. - Vallejo Game is too inconsistent for me, I don't care for them - Vallejo Model Air are some of the best metallics I've used, for sure, and worth looking into even if just for that. - Reaper are far and away my favourite paints for most things, but I've had awful experiences with their metallics, so I avoid those. Their other colours thin, mix, blend and layer well, and for me require less fiddling to work with right out of the bottle. If they were available in stores where I live, I'd never buy anything else (again, except for metallics). - I don't care for craft paints on miniatures. They fall out of suspension too easily, don't tend to thin very well, and are generally harder to work with, imo. I save those for terrain. I can't speak to others from enough experience to be a worthwhile authority.
  3. I started with cheap dollar store plastic paint wells, which were fine for a while but I found I was wasting a lot of paint because of the fast drying time of acrylic. I then moved on to a shallow container lid, paper towel and parchment, and I've honestly probably used that for over 10 years, happily and successfully. A few months ago I switched to the Army Painter wet palette, and I've been thrilled with it. Doesn't dry out as fast as my home-made one, the sponge retains moisture better than the paper towel did, and the paper doesn't soak through quite as quickly, so my paints stay useable without getting oversaturated. I haven't used other storebought ones, but I'm more than satisfied with the AP wet palette, and would never choose to paint without some kind of wet palette again, honestly.
  4. I love this mini so much, and you've done a wonderful job. I've been looking for inspiration for her myself, and this colour palette is fantastic. Reminds me a little of the Dora Milaje from Black Panther.
  5. Man I knew I recognized this in the show off channel! I'm glad you came back to it. Final paint looks amazing.
  6. The cloth texture on that coat is freakin' gorgeous. I really need to work on my hatching...
  7. I'd only seen the male version of this. Didn't even know this one existed! Absolutely gorgeous work. Love what you did with the skin and musculature (adding some definition) in particular. Armor looks fantastic too. Love the pink-to-yellow.
  8. After reviewing this thread some time ago, I ordered the Intellab mixer. I've been using it for about 2 months now with wonderful results so far. More consistent than manual shaking and gets me painting faster. +1 recommend for anyone that's out looking.
  9. Hmm.. I'll look into that. Not something I expected to have to worry about already!
  10. Hey all. I have an Iwata Eclipse hp-cs that has been used fairly lightly for less than a year. Recently, I had some issues where it was only pushing paint through while the needle was moving, but not when pulled back fully. I emptied and cleaned everything, and have tried running just plain water through it, and it's now lightly bubbling up into the cup while the trigger is fully down and back. I've cleaned the nozzle quite thoroughly, and I can't seem to figure out what else might be causing this. Thoughts? Thanks!
  11. ... Acquisitions Incorporated did a Clank expansion? I had no idea. Nice work on those guys!
  12. Oh man I am just seeing this for the first time, but if there's a Q2 one, count me in!
  13. I! LOVE! THIS!! God I've probably listened to that podcast 3 times all the way through now, it's so damned good. Gorgeous work. Where's the mini from? Edit: Nevermind, you tagged the company. Lord I need to get a printer.
  14. I love these, and I eagerly await their arrival. I also play Hero Kids with my boys, and we have occasional drop-ins with their cousins and friends (or we did pre-covid, anyway). We'll move up to 5e when they're a little older, and will likely keep using kid minis for a good while, so a variety would be fantastic. Beginner heroes are a great idea, and I LOVE the brother sister pair concept. The paired sex idea is one of the few things I really like about the wizkids minis actually, and I think that's something worth pursuing. I like the idea of dragonborn/tabaxi/etc, but I would likely never use them myself. Humanoid children with a variety of equipment or obvious classes, with some fun elements like animals or (as mentioned above) ramshackle or "borrowed" items like rolling pins, dad's helmet (is that what's happening with the little fellow with the war pick?), pot lid shields and so on would be great. Would be easy enough for them to serve as young humans, dwarves, half-elves, genasi with the right paint job, halflings or whatever else. I love this idea and would happily buy more.
  15. Very nice work! I've just started getting these guys re-based and prepped - what was your process for their fur? I like what you've done here. I often see people go white over light blue, and I think that can be visually interesting but it's not quite what I'm going for with mine. I like your grittier, dirtier fur here.
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