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  1. Yeah I can see that both of your points are valid. I will give it a go when I get back to the face.
  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I appreciate the critique Darkstar. I was trying for an oriental skin tone, but maybe I need to look at the tint a bit more. I do plan on doing exactly as you said during the final touch up stages.
  3. Some of you on this board may remember me, but most likely not lol. To save you all a long and boring story I had to stop mini painting about 3 years due to severe pains in my neck and shoulder, which was later diagnosed as Repetitive Stress Injury. Along with starting a new family and the previously mentioned issue I wasn't able to get the focus I needed to get back to painting. Lately I have been able to start to manage the pain from RSI and find some quiet time to slowly begin to paint again. Anyway... Here is the piece I am working on as a bit of comeback. I have no idea the n
  4. Sorry for the lack of update, had a few shoulder and back problems so couldn't get much painting done. Anyway here is a pic of the cheast piece and feathers started. I will finish off the details of the chest piece and clean up the feather later. The chest piece was started with deck tan, then shaded with green brown fllowed by burnt umber and finally dark prussian blue. I glazed it over with green brown to blend it all in. The feathers were painted with pale greyblue, then shaded with field blue, grey green and the glazed with black. Ja
  5. I would have had updates up by now, but my shoulder has put me out of commission. I will try the bronze first and if I am not satisfied withthe look I will then go for the gold (no pun intended). Ja
  6. The brass armor is a good idea, I may try that next. Already tried two colours and they didn't work well at all :( Ja
  7. Heya flynn! Glad to see your still putting the brush to paint! That would be an imperfection (you were just supposed to politely ignore it lol), it will be fixed up before the final result. Ja
  8. Thanks for the encouragement. So I finished up the bottom cloak this morning. I didn't want to stick with the leather all the way so I switched it up for pastel green, which I really like. The question is now what to do with the armor. I was thinking about carrying the green up, and make it lacquered armor, but I am open to suggestions. Btw the green was done by first painting paleblue, then gunship green and finally mahogany sand. Ja
  9. I used to have the skinning problem when I used extender in my mix, but ever since I stopped using that I haven't had that. I haven't tried the thinner yet, I do own a bottle which I got from the VMC paint case, I may experiment with it one day to see how it works out. Ja
  10. Pretty much, the mix I am using right now is about 2 parts water 2 parts glaze medium and 1 part paint.
  11. Thanks :D Here is the best shot I could get so far of the back of the cloak. It 's so frustrating because it looks so much better IRL
  12. Yeah I can see what your saying, thanks for the tip. I started the cloak, turned out good so far. I started with green grey, then shaded with middlestone and violet, after which I glazed with middlestone.
  13. Yup so I opted fort he contrast shading. As for colours I started with flat flesh, then shaded with medium flesh, tinted it with a little salmon rose, then continued shadin with azure blue, then blended it back in by glazing it with medium flesh. Here is a shot with his skin complete. ONe question I have is whenther I should lighten up the left arm, since that will be the direction of the Zenithal light, or if I should darken the right arm, or just leave it alone?
  14. Since I have been away I forgot how great this forum can be so I would love to get your input on this guy. Once again being tired of my usual style I decided to branch out and try something new. So I dug into my box of minis and picked out Kelen. My thoughts are to make him a very dark looking character, by using muted tones and zenithal lighting. Two things I really need practice on, considering usually I work with ambient light sources and more solid colours. Here is what I have done so far. You can tell the right shoulder and left arm are different. I had started ont he left arm, b
  15. Thanks for all the comments guys, guess I will mark this guy down as a failed experiment For the skin I used VMC foundation white, purple and dark blue. Ja
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