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  1. There's this big movie coming out and this week it's called John Carter. It's based on a book called A Princess of Mars that is out of copyright. You should sculpt pretty much everything in that book. ;) Iain.
  2. Depends on the figure. Some are very small and some are very large. I brought Jahenna, Vampire (2632) from storage and was hoping she wouldn't be too small to fit in with some Foundry Street Violence figures. When I put her side by side with a couple of Foundry figs I found out she was significantly taller. This particular mini s probably closer to 1/48 than 1/56 or 1/60 that most people mean by 28mm. Iain.
  3. Futuristic Tolkienesque adventurers. Bonus points if they don't look like they are stuck in an '80s retrofuture. Dennis Mize sculpted some amazing minis for Shadowrun over a decade and change ago. Two problems: they are all 25mm and Dennis isn't with us anymore to Rez illy them in 30mm. Enter Jeff Grace, someone who can make compatible minis in style in the larger scale. Just get some dwarf and elf boys and girls with guns, automail and spell effects and let me get my SR and Dragonstar freak on. Iain.
  4. Mounted characters in general. Hands with weapons in them including swords, daggers, crossbows and pistols. I'd love to see some Vampire Hunter D inspired minis, but VHD is post-historical spaghetti western supernatural fantasy. I'm pretty sure it belongs in Chronoscape. Iain.
  5. So it's agreed, the new name will be Oyuki, Japanese Girlfriend Experience. Iain.
  6. Apples and oranges. My question about dark elves appearance was to see which way the line is going. These are the coolest figures I have seen out of Reaper in a long time. My comment about company statements is that it doesn't address the question asked. I'm sorry to the Reaper guys if my response came across as terse. Iain.
  7. I know what they look like ... I have two of them. Just want to know if they are more drow (dark skin/light hair) or Melnibonean (light skin/dark hair). I'm assuming Machiavellian society. Lizard riders? Iain. PS: I don't know why people/companies feel the need to say like the expected, but cooler. Most people on the otherside just want the expected. I would expect you think your stuff is cool.
  8. Miniatures for Masamune Shirow's Shadowrun. You know traditional fantasy races (AKA Tolkien races) in a near future setting as postulated by Appleseed and/or Ghost in the Shell. I'm not interested in '80s inspired cyberpunk minis. I'd like to see some Shadowrun minis that actually look like they are from the future. Iain.
  9. So about these new dark elves for Warlord. Is there any info available about them? Are we talking D&D dark elves (AKA drow) or GW dark elves or ... ?!? Enquiring minds want to know! Iain.
  10. So ... Wayne Reynolds ... that would explain a lot about these here dark elves. What else is planed for this new army/range? Iain.
  11. What are all these awesome dark elves for? I noticed we covered the basics of fighter, magic user, thief and cleric by the way. Some guards with crossbows on the way? Maybe some berserker warrior(ess')s on the horizon? Iain.
  12. Pirates without firearms ... that is a fantasy world. I want more pirates with more guns ... and a pack of black powder weapons so I don't have to keep buying Razig's Weapons pack and throwing away half the contents. Preferably with hands already attached to the guns. Iain.
  13. OK, so one question answered, but what about the "old" Croc minis? Do they disappear into the void or get absorbed by Reaper? Iain.
  14. Will Reaper acquire the older CG figs or have to re-sculpt them? Iain.
  15. New bases ... I'd love brand new bases on your new old figures. ;) Iain.
  16. Weren't they always very-limited niche hobbies there? Heck D&D isn't what it used to be in '80s here. But so long as there is a viable market the hobby will still be there and thee will businesses catering to it. Iain.
  17. And what about people like me who choose to switch scales so their minis consumption is slowed down. $55 for one 54mm figure is a lot of Dark Heaven minis, but if they were all going to sit in packages and never get opened until I put them on eBay, why not buy the big ticket item and get a minis I really like. As others have said, my biggest budget these days isn't for money, but time. A 54mm might cost 8 times a 28mm mini, but doesn't take 8 times as long to paint ... and I actually enjoy it. Again, Reaper doesn't exist in a vacuum, they compete with other manufacturers and cost is the factor the matters least to me. Iain.
  18. The simple answer is when I can't afford it anymore. This hobby is a luxury. Little pewter figures aren't a necessity, so the only thing that will stop me is a) when I don't have any disposable incone to drop on my hobby, or b) when I feel another company offers me something that fits my tastes better. My Reaper buying took a hit long before any mention of a price increase was mentioned. I've been buying Anima Tactics, Infinity and Warlord Saga figures instead of Reaper figs. If I start playing a game and I need a figure that Reaper makes, I buy it. If I shift from playing RPGs to wargames then Reaper often falls to the bottom of my purchasing list. If Reaper puts out a fig I must have regardless of my activities, they get my money. As the OP said, event with a price increase, Reaper is still on the cheap end of the scale for products. If the other guys were taking money from Reaper before, it's unlikely this price bump will force any one to buy some Hasslefree figs. The point at which I stop buying Reaper minis is when I can't afford _any_ minis or when Reaper doesn't make any minis I'm interested in. Iain.
  19. I have no use for most of the scenery that comes with the Master Series minis, but then compared to other 54mm models Reaper's stuff us still very reasonable. Iain.
  20. More themed packs along the lines of <three generic troops> and <a couple of character models> for not just different races, but also different cultures. So you could have a pack that included an Egyptian archer and two Egyptian swordspeople and then another pack of say Pharaoh, High Priest and High Priestess. Again a pack of three ashigaru or samurai and then a pack with a daimyo, a onmyoji and a miko. Keep the idea going of different cultures with one pack of brutes and then one of characters. Iain.
  21. While I wouldn't hold my breath ... I would hope Werner does what her knows is the right thing to do. Iain.
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