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  1. Tony Reidy had been shady since his wargames factory days. Which makes you wonder why would torn armour people would alleged gave the ks money to him....
  2. At least we know the cause of the plight is incompetence and laziness... still better than Defiance who just blatantly steal your money.
  3. EFS is a mystery... Mick is hording greens but not putting it into production or selling it... he just horde it and sit on it..... must be some strange fetish.... perhaps they got a terms for it in Japanese... or perhaps he just have no clue at all.... at everything.....
  4. As soon as Jason posted what happened on facebook I just knew it is EFS! Health problem, blizzard, internet outage, holding on master without sending it to caster..... only one person could be that sloppy
  5. OMG You got your stuff? You mean that lazy thing actually sorted your order, wrote your address on a box and went over to the post office for you? You lucky lad!
  6. But can the ducks fix tabs? Certainly not while constantly catching flu
  7. Haha I was sarcastic, I gave up and told Mick to ship in wave.....
  8. 5 weeks more and it will all be done people hang in there
  9. Wouldn't living human be scarier to the rabbit? Like we don't have to be zombie to enjoy a rabbit stew right?
  10. by the way it is Dday 70th anniversary and I am glad Mick was no where near it
  11. He will probably do another kickstarter to keep him running or start another these http://www.gofundme.com/63urac While there are Madoff winner and Madoff loser there are only Mick loser since he never delivered a single thing
  12. For goodness sake, those EU/APAC products are ready and sitting in the warehouse while the US shipment are being shipped across the sea.... couldn't they send some one to China already to sort out those pledges at the same time while the US shipment are being shipped?
  13. There are cafes in Japan where you can rent a giant stuffed animal, place it in the seat across from you, and have lunch/dinner with it. Of course there are also these... http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/05/26/national/body-of-dead-nurse-sent-to-tokyo-as-doll-spurs-probe/#.U4goa_mSwQQ
  14. In Japan there seems to be a demand for a great many things.... ç§ãŸã¡ã¯å­çŠ¬ã¨éŠã¶ã‹ãªã‚Šã®å¥³æ€§ã‚’æ„›ã™ã‚‹!
  15. $116,564 Oh my... I really need to airbrush some standard action man toys with alien skin colour and copy a causes from any of those wristband
  16. Bryan just posted a link to a thread which discuss cup size of Kingdom Death model few days ago, worth a read
  17. Looks great except the sword is so long the sculptor has to bend it or it will tip the model over
  18. I think they are waving this in the fact of Cmon to negotiate a better terms.
  19. Feminism is like a cash cow on kickstarter, you could basically re-invited the wheel write not boobies on it and make a feminist statement that men makes wheel round coz it remind them of boobies and call it a new product and people will actually buy into it.
  20. which deadly sin has anything to do with tentacles? well unless it is based on scifi tokyo of coz...
  21. If only KS cares about their rules *cough* creator not delivering stuff *cough*
  22. None of the existing kickstarter project would fulfill any listing requirement of any exchange.
  23. I just don't get it, at first when he started multiple ks, he got more to gain by defaulting rather than delivering. Then he go on and sculpt the green but not casting it.... Why? If he is going to taking the money and skip town why make green but not casting it? Is he hording green for his personal pleasure? Is he that lazy? Why didn't he want to cast it so it can sell it on retail? Is he that lazy? It just didn't make sense!
  24. Slender, you just made my day :)
  25. Originally, I pulled from Gladiator but Mick sent me a personal message... and you know the active backers are great.... so I hop back in... However, as soon as Mick announced Midgard I know things are going to hell... I tried to voice out my concern then but then people have faith in Mick saying he is only the project manager and he had a lot of down time in between projects... I would like to say told you so, but the truth is I am a sucker.
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