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  1. MTG mate, I don't just mean the guys here but don't take it too hard on yourself from opposite view elsewhere. From their response I think the guys in www.frothersunite.com are just voicing their personal experiences rather than set out to destroy dreams.
  2. MTG, please don't take it personally when other peoples voice their concern about starting a project before the first one shipped. They do not want to trample over EFS's dream but goodwill and confidence are based on delivering. EFS after all is one man with a dream he could do all he want but he is still one man. I am sure all of us wish EFS to have success after success and offer healthy criticism because they meant good.
  3. I don't want to trample over EFS's dreams and EFS said 5 new sculpt was being shipped back in 26 Nov. If the shipment hasn't arrived then it hasnt arrived and there is no need to sugarcoat it as it happens all the time and backer will understand. By the way regarding to the logo, I think you can trademark the term Midgard Miniatures if it hasn't been registered but the copyright of the logo itself belong to Kobold Press so it might be wise to get a new logo before launching the ks.
  4. Can you even trademark the name Midgard?
  5. I don't know until I try to paint one myself but it seems that you need to keep the paint quite thick for it to get on the figure which make it harder to do wet blending for yellow and orange part of the fire
  6. Hi Bryan, I think I read somewhere above that you will finish shipping the rest of the Sophie this Monday or Tuesday, but I still haven't got any email confirmation. Should I be worried?
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