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  1. Another $135 down the drain.... I just hope going to Defiance is a really stupid decision and not intentionally sink the ship so she can salvage the wreckage as her own. I don't think they ever mention they are going to work with Defiance, and if they did I would avoid them like plague.... Lastly, I am sure she reserve some funds for the clockwork dragons! She should at least fulfill that part of the bargain!
  2. Mick need your help! http://www.gofundme.com/63urac?pc=fb_cr
  3. *Edit* sorry... Double post
  4. For a moment I thought EFS started another kickstarter ;)
  5. Be glad if you could show me how to make cigarboxes look that neat. I have tons of those.
  6. I thought, Gamezone only make metal figures.... Do they have experience and the tools to make plastic minis? or does the box comes with all metal minis?
  7. I asked whilst it was running then noticed it was already in the FAQ that you'd be able to add to your pledge after using a pledge manger. .... then they replied to my question saying that you couldn't increase your pledge after and everything needs to be pledged up front. I pointed out that this was not what their own FAQ said. The, they replied saying it was a kickstarter limitation and everything had to be pledged for before the end date. Then they added an update saying that you'll be able to increase your pledge later in their pledge manager.... Could anyone say no to more money?
  8. This is what he posted on Dwarf... Creator Mick leach 3 days agoKatie completely said and done and and 100% shipped everything..best guess is Jan./Feb again this would be the metal being part #2 molds/casts... So when Mick Leach said Jan/Feb he mean NEVER! Damn I wish I would have stop listening to his lies and just get a charge back a year ago!
  9. I am not sure if I want in... after all I am done with my ios warhammer quest as soon as I reached max level
  10. By my calculation the original Core pack which are at $100 are worth $262 if we pick the item individually. The original deal are awesome for its value, the a la carte menu not so much. Or am I missing something here?
  11. cigar box with popsicle sticks on the side is cheaper
  12. You guys are really awesome, hate to see the project didn't do as good as it should :) EDIT: P.S. Is there Special Unit Ogre size or in this case Oni size?
  13. One question... Is the model going to be the same resin you are using now or are you changing the material to fit the lower price? I really hope you do it in kickstarter
  14. Morrow Production is based in Hong Kong and got a kickstarter... I think kickstarter is much superior than indegogo and kickstarter miniature project do much better in general (except freebooter fate)
  15. Great News from Dwarf Gladiator (the only kickstarter I really wonder if it will ever deliver)! Creator Mick leach 3 days agoHi guys great news almost all of the molds are now made resin/metal and i should see samples by next week to sign off on.I got the email today :)
  16. I just got the Bloodlust Tyrant for $20 + shipping and now it is $15 :( Great quality though...
  17. It take them 8 months just to pack the stuff from their dusty shelf and ship it...
  18. They are doing those sign up before [date] and get this for free thingy as stretch goals, for those who are interested might as well jump in right now. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1588487845/journey-wrath-of-demons/posts/637426?ref=activity
  19. my understanding is, NOTHING had been cast... since all the green was sculpted now, he can't blame the sculptor anymore thus all the stories about sending stuff back and stuff.
  20. Wait... " larger models..the bears..minotaur..shadu..etc that require quite large tab" Didn't he said he is casting the larger models himself with resin back in July? Do they need tabs? So he has not been casting those larger model since they do not have tabs (which he said he has been adding in his May update)... So basically, he got all the green now but have not done a single thing with it...
  21. Must resist the urge to post "I told you so" statement regarding Midgard and anything after that...
  22. He is obviously easily distracted. Now he got all his green and molds made for him. He said he is doing the resin casting himself and even if he just casted 10 minis each day he would still be done by now.
  23. Don't worry about the price because there is no doubt it is a deal, so if you like it go for it, if you are not sure about the sculpt give it a pass.
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