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  1. http://www.forbes.com/sites/cameronkeng/2013/04/17/warning-kickstarters-policies-cause-irs-tax-audits/ Kickstarter has done it again... with its tax guide this time... on one hand it said they have their refund policy but on the other hand they encourage to treat reward is as a gift (which is wrong in my opinion).
  2. I totally agree with what you are saying, but the problem is kickstarter intentionally put up with this hipster attitude which resulted in a lot of backer do not understand their rights and position. I have seen time from time again people said (even here in this forum) the reward is just something the creator give it to you out of their free will and it is not binding. The same goes to ebay (the sales is between buyer and seller only), but ebay since ebay is so big it is doing a lot of mediation between buyer and seller to resolve matters and sometime pay back buyer out of their own pocket to maintain people's faith in the system. However, kickstarter took the different approach and cast more confusion as to the creator and backer position.
  3. The problem is there seems to be a lot of misrepresentation, Ed in Assimilation Alien Host said the main risk is he got no time to sculpt but reaching the goal will free him up and what do we get? He reach his goal but keep taking on loads of casting jobs. EFS in stated in Midgard they have experience in delivering kickstarter rewards, then Gladiator backer start protesting and EFS said they intended to deliver in stage, first stage being in Dec 2012 (which is obviously a lie since EFS now said the plan is to do family mold with 10+ figures, and EFS still haven't have enough figures to do the family mold) and at the first sight of opportunity retract that promise to deliver in stages. Then there is the problem of starting multiple kickstarter which almost like a ponzi scheme. People are not even sure what they are getting by backing! Some say they are not promised of anything other believed in legal binding promise to deliver! If kickstarter is not going to enforce its own rules and define itself, someone has to.
  4. Kickstarter is making a profit on the backing and then thinks it can just abdicate responsibility, leaving backers having to twist in the wind if the project never delivers. Yes I think the government should be weighing in on this before some federal judge starts legislating from the bench. Kickstarter don't really enforce its own rules (looking at the kickstarter that we don't speak of). It is not actually sure what Kickstarter want their project to be! On one hand they say creator is legally binding to deliver, they say it is not a donation and have a risk disclosure requirement, on the other hand they say it is not a store which lead people to believe the creator is not required to give you the reward if they don't feel like it and don't enforce their risk disclosure requirement (people just make stuff up which is unenforceable). If kickstarter is trying very hard not to define what crowd funding is, is it a pre-order? is it a donation? can they misrepresent facts? Kickstarter seems to say no to all of the above. An investor who invest in the equity is entitled to a share of profit from the end product; a lender is entitled to repayment with interest, a patron is credited for the sponsorship, a buyer who pre-order is entitled to delivery of goods, a donor just donate. Kickstarter is saying backers are none of the above.
  5. Not to put salt on wounds ;) Bombshell Babes had already sculpted up (and casted!!) all 27 miniatures (and bunch of sidekicks) and started shipping! In hindsight, I must say cleavage did not steal backer from gladiators, cleavage SAVE backer from gladiators. LOL
  6. I am sure I'll overcome if it is just a wait for a few month, I am worry that my stuffs will never come.
  7. Just been to a talk by Prof Anat Admati of Standford Graduate School of Business about the lack of regulation of banks and inefficient of Basel III yesterday, which she brought up the subject of lack of regulation in crowd funding... and today I was hit by bad news after bad news.
  8. Sigh... What is happening to Kickstarter? Red Box Game is also having some issue with Trollforge (Update 57) and now Ed said he wish that it will be over quick so he can go back to focus on the alien host... which kind of mean alien host will not be getting much love until the Red Box Game kickstarter is done.
  9. It is confirmed, Gladiators delayed again for 1-2 months. Missing package he said.
  10. They already doubled the original goal, I guess they are not going to announce it until tomorrow.
  11. I would have back a lot more if they have 45 days, so I can justify tapping into my June hobby fund. I wonder when will they announce the stretch goals.
  12. He will probably tell you that he is seriously sick.
  13. These are so nice, but I already have tons of Oni coming from Relic Knight... gotto make up my mind before 14th April...
  14. Are those master miniatures going to be 3D printed or sculpted the old fashion way? Some of the master they show are green not printed.
  15. So I got an update from Wyrd, they said the expansion is done but still did not give a time frame as to when will the stuff be delivered. Anybody else feel that for a established company like Wyrd they could communicate a little better? To be honest, the lack of update makes me forgotten about this kickstarter!
  16. Ooh, I got this one. At this point, you are going to get one box from Reaper. The more things that go in that box (that is, the more complex your order), the later in the process it will go out. So it is ready to be boxed up and shipped out, but simpler orders will be shipped first. I confess that I have not been following what have been completed closely, I am just hoping that they already got the big beasts done as well and will be shipping soon.
  17. Dear Bryan, when you said your are sorting out the shipment and ready for ship in a few days, do you only referred to the stuff in Vampire or all the big beasts from the add on too? If it does not include the latter does it mean if we elected single shipment our stuff will not be ship just yet?
  18. Sorry to going full Kyle Broflovski here... It is just for the sheer amount of people who don't see the issues and just tell the creator to ignore the negativity and back for the sake of "helping the little girl" really make me feel like voicing the problem. I guess what people believe and do with their own money is there own business. I'll take John Kerry's advice about people's right. I am going to leave it here
  19. Even if her sons is bullying her daughter she should not take side and bad mouth her son in public! It is murder for her son's social life! The sole purpose of doing so is to make more money (not to send her daughter to camp since she clearly can afford it). As a dad I don't approve of her parenting and have little respect to someone who will bad mouth her sons for money. P.S. Just watched the video and the golddigger thingy itself is offensive, not related to the kickstarter and unnecessary and this whole kickstarter have nothing to do with studying (instead kickstarter encourage her daughter to play games instead of studying) and the sole purpose is ask for money because she is cute which is totally against the message in the video.
  20. Not only she is a business women her fundher site suggest she is someone who is used to accept donation for quasi charity.
  21. Does it make me one of the Strange People for doing some background check? a simple facebook search show that a Chase Wilson graduate Kent Island High School, Stevenville, Maryland, back in 2005 and went to Duke University, Zach WhiteLightning Wilson look much older than 16 too... Of course they could be totally different Zach and Chase Steven living in Stevenville Maryland who just happen to look like a dead ringer to the little boys on the KS, but I don't think anyone could seriously believe that a 9 years old write those stuffs. I mean I am fine if people actually want those t-shirt but if they are doing this out of the goodness of their heart to fulfill a little girl's wish, they should at least do some checkup to make sure their story hold. I don't know what to think about this or Susan Wilson's parenting method, but I got that feeling of disapproval whenever I see Honeybooboo on TV.
  22. I believe it is a widely misconception. Kickstarter FAQ stated: Is a creator legally obligated to fulfill the promises of their project? Yes. Kickstarter's Terms of Use require creators to fulfill all rewards of their project or refund any backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill. (This is what creators see before they launch.) We crafted these terms to create a legal requirement for creators to follow through on their projects, and to give backers a recourse if they don't. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill. Kickstarter is not a store but it doesn't mean creator could make wild promises and take the money and run
  23. 9 years old can't legally enter into contract so they are not contractually under any obligation to deliver. I know it is not about the reward and that's why I think she should take this to Indegogo since kickstarter have a no fund my life policy.
  24. Thanks for the answer guys :)
  25. I have a question, as far as I know Cipher only bought the original Hell Dorado sculpt from a french company. Has it been revealed that the new minis will be sculpted by the original team or Cipher will have their own guys sculpt it?
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