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  1. Anyone know what's the scale compared to unchartered sea and dreadfleet?
  2. Really? If people are happy with that quality they should be happy playing with cardboards...
  3. So the kickstarter will include both Tough Gals and Death Kro... I mean Space Nazi chicks?
  4. From the Mantic email blast before the Loka KS went live. For all we know Mantic is just a few dudes, they may call themselves Mantic Games, Mantic Design Studio, Mantic molding and casting workshop, Mantic logistic department and Mantic customer service limited but it will always be the same few dudes. Starting their third kickstarter project is no excuse for delaying their first one and I hope they get everything ready within the next two months.
  5. At this stage I don't really care if it is different from the concept art, as long as I get something back from them I am more than happy.
  6. 1/ Which Kickstarter did you miss that you wish you'd supported? Zombicide 2/ Which project did you support that you wish you hadn't? EFS Dwarf Gladiators 3/ Which company with which range of figures would you like to see undertake a kickstarter? Wargames Factory trench coat troopers line 4/ Which project have you enjoyed participating in most? Mantic: Kings of War, Bones and Kingdom Death 5/ You have the means to arrange a kickstarter focused on a new line of minis from any genre, what would you choose? Forge World doing a Cathay line for warhammer fantasy
  7. I was thinking about the one on the left, but after I checked the two headed ogre or ettin or whatever it is called dont have that chain under his armpit so it is not the one I am thinking about.
  8. Haha Bryan, althought your SHARKDOG! are better sculpted ks is about helping the underdog, so in a ks thread my vote goes to the new comer otherwise your SHARKDOG will be the top dog. Btw is the ogre in the back from the mind your manor set? Those are huge! I should have got three copies more if I knew they are going to be that big -_-"
  9. That depends. If we're talking about Defiance Games there's nothin they can do. Some folks just shouldn't be running a business. In my opinion the war games factory stuffs are getting better and better since the takeover.
  10. The problem with kickstarter is most smaller company (which are those ended up being late) cannot afford a refund, since amazon already took their cut and they already spend the money by the time they realize they are late, so they will either ended up behind schedule or just defaulting.
  11. I'm really glad to hear that. I very nearly backed that one, and the fellow running it was very helpful and nice. Unfortunately I couldn't fit it into my budget at the time, but I'm still pleased it's doing well. Actually, he's made all his updates backer-only, so I can't see, but has he posted a tentative timeline for those to go retail? I'd still love to get my hands on the PNW warband. Nope, no timeline to retail yet, but he said in the comment section regarding the locked factions "I am currently looking into pre-sales after the models hit the caster and the packaging hit the printers. This takes a little bit of time to work out. But you will be the first to know. :)" As far as I see PNW is almost done. The warrior will be a multi part kit with spears, clubs, some sort of whale bone sword and bow option and there are 3 whaler with large harpoon greens. The hero and spirit beast were done prior to the close of ks. So i guess we are only waiting for the totem for PNW. Sorry, since the creator limited the update to backers only, I am not sure if he wish the green to be re-post.
  12. While I am at it, I would like to give a thumb up to Go Native: Warpath kickstarter, another 1 man kickstarter project. I am really glad I could contribute and help out the kickstarter. This guy is super organised and he managed to write a ruleset and sculpt a lot of miniatures (good one too!) after the kickstarter ends. I will not be surprised if I actually got stuff from this guy first, even if that kickstarter ends half a month after the Gladiators one and have half the backer and funding to work around. Having said that I encourage people to keep back one man projects because with some hard work and organisation it can actually work.
  13. Hi Recruittons I see you are connected to Mick on a personal level, there are some confusion as to post kickstarter communication. At first Mick said just PM him, then someone ask for a survey and Mick said yes but the survey has yet to come. So which one is it? PM or survey?
  14. Nice to know that we are actually getting an update now, so they still cares,and they are starting to build a team for the production now! It is a sad things that it shows whining works....
  15. The big problem with that is those are the same minis we saw before the KS even ended and there have been no new greens shown since then, and there are still over a dozen that haven't been seen yet. Well, there is a half finish slayer type gladiator green, but other than that we have no timetable, no survey, no confirmation to the PM, meanwhile the guy is starting kickstarter after kickstarter... I am not sure this guy is lazy, unorganized or a fraud, but no good could came out of any one of those.
  16. Not trying to point out the obvious, but those Dwarves sculpt were done prior to the start of the kickstarter. There are still 11 men size more, 2 chariots, 2 cavalries, 2 monster infantries, 1 monster and 2 war beasts to cover. If it takes him 2 months (already excluded the month which amazon pays him) to make a mold from what is already available before the start of the kickstarter, there are legitimate reasons to concern that whether the kickstarter will ever be completed (at the same time he keep starting new kickstarters).
  17. I am concern about Dwarf Gladiators and I found a few forum stating bad previous experience eastern front. I am probably being paranoid but the fact that they start two other kickstarters further worries me (the more backers equal the more profitable for the creator to default rather than to deliver). Should those forum posts exist before I hop on board I would not have back that kickstarter.
  18. I heard liquidation proceeding had been issued
  19. I don't like Kickstarter "Don't like it don't back it policy" and you may only comment if you at least back $1 policy. All these information are very important! While the case of Maelstrom might be well known it is very difficult for backer to check on a small size company with just one or two staff. Kickstarter should have stricter disclosure requirement or include some way for people with previous dealing to leave their comment.
  20. It is so funny that in Risk and Challenge it said "The team behind Mierce Miniatures have been creating and manufacturing miniatures for a number of years now..." then a few paragraph down it flip flop and said "One thing that may concern some people is that Mierce Miniatures is somehow tainted by association with the former owners of our miniatures range, Maelstrom Games. We can assure you that this should not be so. Mierce Miniatures is a completely separate legal entity..." So they claimed credit of Maelstrom's team where credit is due but when it comes to the blame they avoid it like plague all in one page!
  21. I hope Reaper would do a crossover Sophie with kingdom death! I love all the the crossover stuff KD has been doing and I would love to see a crossover between the two top miniature kickstarters.
  22. It is 18 Dec already and Mick still did not even have the greens for all core set dwarfs at hand (not to mention the actual casting of the mold and production) I don't think they will be on track fro December delivery for the core set since it is the holiday season and they lost another week of work time. As for the remaining 9 man size model, 1 multipart set, 2 beasts, 2 cavalries, 2 huge monsters and 2 chariots... we still have no timetable for it.
  23. Seeing that Dwarf Gladiator only have 6 completed man size model sculpted (4 of them is already completed during the pre-ks stage and it take them roughly 1 month to get each men size miniature sculpted) but with 9 more man size model, 1 multipart set, 2 beast model, 2 cavalry, 2 huge monster and 2 chariot planned and no real time schedule for it. Perhaps I am jealous that they are diverting resources to sculpt 5 men size creature and one huge monster for midgard, but most importantly, I am afraid they will keep rolling out new things to attract new backer and ended up going bust in the end. Let's face it old ks will not generate future income (unless they actually use the product and it become a big hit in the open market) but new ks will,it is very tempting to put their resource (backer's money) into new project which will generate new income and ended up defaulting old ks.
  24. I guess I'll wait until more progress report for the dwarf gladiators too.
  25. I don't know why Kicktraq keep lowering this KS trend (it is only at $1.5M now). I think this KS will do much better than $1.5M but I don't think it can really challenge Reaper's Bones, not in a sense that KD's stuff is not as good but in a sense that Reaper have most of their sculpt done and they only need to give their master to a mold maker then ship it to china and get it mass produced while KD need to sculpt every new sculpt they unlocks.
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