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  1. Those CBT miniatures were not resin, they were cheap plastic. there are real differences between the two....(see the forge world miniatures for warhamster)
  2. Well I have to give credit to fanpro for realizing that this rework HAD to be done. I started playing battletech right when the name was changed from Battledroids to Battletech....In fact I remember making the choice to buy the Battletech boxed set rather than the latter because I liked the name better. This re-release is a direct result of complaints from the people trying to demo the game. The CBT universe is far too unwieldy for new players and this is an attempt to market the game in a way that will bring in new and younger players. I personally gave up CBT when I was exposed to Heavy Gear, as I feel that is is a superior game...and it doesnt take 5 hours to get through a game. My buddies and I do still occasionally pull out the mechs and play a pick up game or two....(Centurion too) but as of this moment, I do not plan to dig out my mechs just yet. It would take major rework of the system to get me back. But again I say.....fanpro deserves credit for its attempts to keep CBT alive. PS: I keep toying with the idea of selling off my 200+ 3025/2750 minis, but I just cant do it......
  3. I ran several hours of Warlord demos at Winter Wars this past Saturday. This game is such an easy sell. People there loved it. I had more interest than time. Many who played bought miniatures for the game that very day. I think the best part was the age range of interest.....I taught 10 year olds and 60 year olds ....and the mix was very true.......most importantly EVERYONE loved it.
  4. In all reality that philosophy is not much different from ours (Malvernis) the large difference being that we ask "will you convert to our religion?" before we ...."Just pump it full of holes and then theres no problem." Keeps our numbers up.
  5. I absolutely love this piece.....and the use of the primary colors makes the piece very dynamic......in fact Red/Yellow/Blue pieces have really seemed appealing to me over all lately.......this I might be growing up.....
  6. mooseyjoe I agree with some others that you tend to sell yourself short....i really like this piece and the inconsistancy of the beams gives it character....and in no way takes away from the fact that this is a very well done piece.
  7. very nice, though I am curious about what the bright turquoise stuff on his behind is.....i really like the wound also.....makes him look meaner....
  8. Nasty little hobbitses.....but the patchwork is very nice and I like the bright green for the cloak. Snow might be very cold on the toeses though....
  9. i like the bases alot.....and as Haldir said the color variation on the second one is nice....adds character....will there be a whole pack of puppies or just these two?
  10. I like the brighter look to his skin and who says orcs have to be dark and dirty anyway.....and the shading on the staff is very nice too.
  11. I have to agree with all of the above comments...i really like the shading on the scales, and the red and gold on the big guys armor is a very nice look....
  12. This is a very cool piece....very playable.....I really like the greens.
  13. very nice looks like the beastie off the front of the old Gamma World RPG boxed set.....ahh those were the good ole days.
  14. I really love this figure.....from the NMMs to the fantastic way the red on the tabard popps.....I want one just like her.
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