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  1. Popping in quickly before heading off to work this morning with two things I wanted to share: I saw the following on my way into work yesterday: My husband and I are going to see Brian Adams in concert tonight! Squeeee! That is all.
  2. No, there is a Toby Keith song called 'Red Solo Cup" There is a major difference There's also a Glee cover of that song, which is the only reason I already knew the song existed.
  3. Lately? Nothing is coming to mind.... which is weird. There's usually something weird going on around me...
  4. Here I am, up early, on the bus, heading into the gym before work for the first time since mid December. Meant to start back last week but forgot to wash my gym clothes in all that time and was to busy every evening until this past weekend. Oop. Bus stop is coming up. Gotta go.
  5. I sort of caught up. I read about ten pages after my last time here and then read about ten pages before the current last page. But I think there were about 70 pages total so I've actually just skipped 50. Ah well. Been a busy weekend away from the computer as I was either not feeling well (and thus sleeping) or I was out and about. And now I've just realized it's almost 11:30pm and I have to be up early tomorrow morning so I guess I should head off for bed. Be well everyone!
  6. When you say "the first two Star Wars movies" do you mean the first two released (Ep IV & V) or the first two chronologically (Ep I & II)?
  7. Travel-wise, it has to be the Disneyland Resort. I love amusement parks and I love being child-like and doing whimsical things. My husband and I spent half our honeymoon there (the other half was in Maui, HI) Event-wise, gotta be VCON. I love that convention, the guests, the people, the art, the merchandise. I look forward to it every year, whether I'm involved with the organization or not. Every-day-wise, at home, working on hobbies of one kind or another (whether that's at the computer planning RPGs, following up on convention emails, doodling in Photoshop, Illustrator or Flash, or s
  8. Thanks! dsmiles sent me a PM, and it worked like a charm! gmail = 1, Verizon = 0. It looks like the issue is sorted out for the future. I'd love to join in on the next one! 2cp; I vote Ironhammer gets put near the beginning of one of the circuits for next time? Why thank you! It would actually be kind of nice to be a bit further up the chain. I'm a fairly obsessive mini converter, with scads of nicely converted figures which I then never get round to painting, and I've often thought it would be nice to see what someone else could do with some of the stuff I've made. I figured I could
  9. Mmmm. Pocky. My favourite is dark chocolate with crushed almonds. Om nom nom nom!
  10. You think those would be hard to run in? Try these: I mean, sheesh. Srsly? Those are hawt.
  11. You think those would be hard to run in? Try these: I mean, sheesh. Srsly?
  12. It's -1 here... Uh... That's Celsius...so, for you United Statesians that's... Uh... Divide by... 5 times... 9... Add 32... About 30F! (or, I could just have subtracted 1.8 from 32, but it's more fun to do so the math!)
  13. Hm. Have to go with Ancient Egypt. I've been fascinated with the archaeology of the region since I was a wee little sprout. I have a framed, 3'x4' poster of Tutankhamen's funeral mask on my wall which I purchased when "he" toured the US and was in Seattle in 1978 (I was 10). I did go to see the more recent tour and while I enjoyed the exhibit I was rather disappointed when the only posters they had available were a mere 12"x18" and weren't very picturesque either - I had thought about getting a partner for my existing one. My love of Ancient Egypt indirectly led to my first undergraduate
  14. Not to mention a werewolf, a puss in one boot, an enchanting sorceress, a talking blue berry and a sentient goblet of red ambrosia.
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