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  1. I am hopping to Magnetize my models as well. including the missile load-outs. I'm hoping that i'll be able to use a magnet to hold them to a stick (toothpick?) and brush paint them. Also, the Sprues are heavy duty enough you need to be careful with some of the really fiddly stuff can break very easily just trying to removing them from the sprue. to be fair, I'd just assume not attach some of them as they break from accidentally mishandling them using them in a game.
  2. Actually, The Expeditions format is mirroring their Living Forgotten Realms adventure set-up. In fact their entire organized Play program is being combined to fall under one large umbrella and will have multiple methods to enjoy. Not everyone has to play D&D the same way so they are attempting to structure things to provide organizers options that best suit their stores player base. Encounters on their regular Wednesday format of 2-3hours. This will officially start with the first 4 chapters of the Horde of the Dragon Queen Adventure (about half of the book if I understand correctly). The first 4 chapters will available for free to stores and will be slightly modified to better support the 2-3Hour time frame. Its intended to run till Jan/Feb next year to provide organizers enough time to complete the adventure taking time off for holidays or other events. Excursions will be their 4-5hour option that will be short adventures like their living forgotten realms adventures. They will be thematically linked to a region in the forgotten realms (Moonsea I think) and have a light link to the Tyranny of Dragons main story arc. I believe they intend to launch these adventures initially at conventions through out the year (monthly-ish) and then a few weeks to a month later the adventure will be made available for organized play. Epics will be major convention only play experiences which will be akin to the old battle inter-active's, major story focal point adventures. GenCon is launching the first of these and the impression I get is their might be one or two a year, maybe three at the most and are strictly convention based adventures. All (but epics) will be available for home play as well as public play. As long as players adhere to the Adventure League rules when playing their adventures (horde of the dragon queen, Lost mines of phandolin <starter set adventure> or the expedition adventures) they will be able to play their characters and take them from event to event. Characters that tract their characters can earn magic items but if they play at participating stores they will be able to get certificates for the magic items that will allow that item to be traded to others (up to two times) and items must be exchanged for a like rarity item. The launch of Tyranny of Dragons - Horde of the Dragon Queen adventure will have special Faction folders for Players and a DM (faction like) folder for the DMs. Playing adventures will earn Renown in your faction and unlock special rewards as the players rank up in their faction. These faction packs include a neat little welcome letter from the faction, a sticker and a few other items. DM packs are similar (and kinda cool cause the welcome letter is from the villains in the Horde of the Dragon Queen adventure). DM's get a special reward item as a thank you for being a DM that they can use on their personal characters when they get a chance to play. So all in all, lots to look forward to!
  3. I for one am definitely looking forward to 5th. I've been running the regular Wednesday D&D Encounters. I was a fan of 3rd, a fan of 4th and now I wont be turning back when 5th comes out. I see that it brings a lot to the game, it offers a lot of flexibility both in the rules and in its ability to tell fun stories (both as players and DMs) and is robust enough to not break down under the flexibility it offers. I dont see a problem with the price point for the books. I have seen the reasons they've said why they are doing it (it makes sense and they are covering their bases with the BASIC D&D option so that your not out in the cold waiting for all three just to run/play a game). For that matter we've not had any significant D&D product for almost 2 years now so its not like they've been gouging us with mostly meaningless purchases for the last two years. The releases of the books are actually going to be spaced about 6 weeks apart. Combined with how they re-inventing/launching their organized play program their should be quite a bit of free material for people to utilize with the Basic D&D while waiting for Monster Manual and DMG. The DMG from what I heard will include additional player and campaign options (such as I heard Player Race: Warforged) will be in the book and not just a tell your GMs how to run games. Do not know the full scope of this but it appears to focus on options to expand your campaign so definitly something to look forward to not just for GMs. I am excited for GenCon as well cause I got into the All Access Pass event and they said I'd be getting a 'Yet unannouced product' (this the Sunday before they announced the product schedule) so I may not have to worry bout buying that one. All in all I think 5th has a lot to offer everyone from all editions, especially those who did not like the later editions. They've learned much from 3rd and 4th edition thanks to the open playtest they learned what people really wanted (not just what some complained about).
  4. One of the things I was most happy about KS#1 was the variety of figs I got. I frequently take a bag of mini's for players and have assorted monster bags that I take when I DM D&D Encounters (Iroinically I'm takng a season off right now and haven't needed to update my bags to Bones yet) but I ended up getting 3 Vamps so I could get enough of certain creature types to use as monsters and I nearly make back the cost of one whole vampire selling individual figures to people for a buck that were extra's that I dident need 3 of. I'm looking forward to the next season of D&D Encounters or starting my own home campaign so that I can start using my Bones. I'm hoping to see more things like Dungeon Attack and Orcpocolypse as ways to get large groups similar figures. For me I see this as a one of the reasons that makes bones great. To be able to afford large groups of certain figure types. One of the things I most hope they do would be figure types to cover things that while not nitch are pretty common in play such as animals like dogs, wolves, cats and bears. Some players will want these for Familiars, animal companions or even wild shape forms while DMs will want them for wilderness encounters. In the end I am sure ReaperBryan wont disapoint with what goes into KS#2, heck I'm happy they are doing to do a KS#2
  5. I totally completely and absolutely understand dice Addiction. I came back from GenCon this year with 15 new sets... bringing me up to a total of 235 sets.... I've got a set of the Shapeways printed metal dice, several of the semi-precious stone dice, several sets of the small dice and a couple of micro metal dice.... several convention only sets, plain, speckled, borialis, gemini, pearly..... it takes like 6 tackle/storage boxes to store them all. I even got one of those sets of 'RING Dice" (dont have a link, but their the dice you put on your finger like a ring and spin like a bushing)... My Friends have threatened Intervention...
  6. Just got my UPS notice as well.. 25 items (pretty sure)... 33.4lbs! Est Delivery.. Tomorrow! (San Antonio) I hear ya. if UPS picks up this evening then I very well could have it tomorrow. If it doesnt go out till the morning delivery most likely wont be till Wednesday. --- Got the Reaper Email this morning. Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Kaladrax Reborn x1 Hydra x1 Nethyrmaul x1 Fire Giant Warriors x2 Red Dragon x2 Starter Set 2 x1 Clockwork Dragon x2 Undead Giant x1 Deathsleet x1 Demons x1 There Be Dragons x1 Figure Case x1 Orcapocalypse x1 Undead Paint Set x1 Starter Paint Set x1 Ebonwrath x1 Fire Giants x1 vampire x6 Your shipment was postmarked on 07-08-2013 and is being shipped UPS Ground. --- They arrived Thursday Afternoon! the boxes were not the size of a washing machine but still was almost 4 bankers boxes worth of volume. Go Reaper packers!
  7. I see the stores that are complaining are mostly knee-jerk reactors. Yes a number of people became big spenders and get in on the deal. But now the figures will be more accessable to a new audience bringing in people who want to get into the hobby over all should inprove their sales. The stores that dident want to buy bones (or chose not to get in on the deal) are missing out on the ability to buy in cheep and sell at retail. Their will always be people who dident get the deal that will want figures or people who want more of certain ones. Reaper has said only about 10% (2000ish) of the people got more than one vampire level. Want more Skellies or Goblins or whatever get em from the store! by the Sounds of it Reaper even wants stores to have time to get bones in stock before they start selling through their own website. how much more Store supportive can you be? I agree another Kickstarter should prolly focus a little more on a different line or something, maybe having the deal be not quite so awesome but focusing on more new figures thus making the price point higher could work as well. In the end I think the store will benefit in the long run. People will buy paints or other things from them (things possible with better markups) and those that missed out will still get them from the store.
  8. I doubt Reaper would go all plastic (for a mixture of the reasons above). It just makes more sense for them to maintain a mixture of plastic and metal. Metal allows them to experiment and try out designs where bones makes large figures practical for buyers despite the cost as well as allows for high volume of popular figures or mob/pack like figures to be produced for those on a budget. One of the reasons that the pre-painted plastic mystery mini's in a box lines (both by WotC and Paizo) are so popular is they are cheep ways to get monsters. Till those lines hit the market monster figures were often prohibitively expensive in metal. But many people like their hero figures in metal or want to stay on top of the latest releases which are typically metal. So I see Reaper keeping the best of both worlds. The Bones Kickstarter is a huge success for expanding their line, I could see them doing it maybe every couple of years (not yearly, its just too intense I think for them) with the years in between planning and experimenting in metal (and recovering). This is a great time for bones since the sale of the prepainted mystery mini's in a box are not as abundant as they used to be.
  9. Last I heard was that two weeks after fulfilment was complete they were going to start distrubuting for sale. I dont know if that will change based on how extensive fulfilment was but thats the last info I know about.
  10. I'd like to see more animals especially Dogs/Wolves and larger cat types like Leopards and Lions. I dont know if I've not been looking in the right places or these are just rare pieces. Packs of Dogs and Wolves and groups of lions or Tigers or Bears (oh my!) are classic staples of many an encounter. Doing up a group of Dogs or Wolves like they did the Rats would be great (2-3 poses each) along with a lion, tiger and a leopard (Maned cat, powerful cat, slim cat) would be great. If nothing else one of each (1 or 2 types of dog, 1 or 2 types of wolf, the three types of cats) at the bones price would still make it cheep enough to get several if you want them from monsters or one if you want it as an animal companion.
  11. I think i'm in the the mid-20's. I got 6 Vampires with every one trading sophies for 1-2 options each plus a few additional things. Several friends of mine pooled resources under my payment (and they paid me back), As it is, most of my friends would have gotten their bones by now and I might have been coming up soon if we had had them create separate backer accounts and let me just have me pay for it. At least one of them would have gotten theirs before the delay and another 'might' have (forgot off the top of my head if he had anything big that would have delayed it). Mine personally was 3 Vampires and several options. It was simple easier/cheaper to get lots of duplicates of the mob type creatures (Skeletons, Goblins, Rats, Orcs etc...). Now i've got extras of hero types figures I dont need so many of, and can trade for more of the Orcs and Skeletons.
  12. I imagine part of it is not just that they have to code the manager which could be pre-done but I imagine imputing the data into the manager once received from Amazon could take time. Unless you've run a Kickstarter before you are likely to not know how the information is provided from Amazon so you may not have a good way to import it in a useful manner. If you don't know how the info comes from Amazon even if you pre-made your manager you may have to modify it import the info correctly or differently. I imagine also they have to stress test it at some point to make sure it wont crash when it goes live. So in all I imagine even if they had the framework of a Pledge Manager laid out that their is likely still a lot of work to do once the data comes through from Amazon.
  13. From what I remember I think they said that it is a new and improved but backwards compatible rules system that gives more attention to RP and streamlines the combat mechanics while allowing for additional options and more dynamic customization.
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