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  1. Yes, this update makes me very sad. I feel like this is going to be a long wait. It is really unfortunate how many obstacles have gotten in the way of fulfillment, but I'm excited to get my order and I guess I'll have more time to paint my bones in the meantime :P
  2. My number in the queue has moved up I think 5 spots since the 12th (I'm at 103 now haha). Glad to see progress moving along.
  3. Me too, hopefully I get it before too long, I can't wait to check everything out. Unfortunately I am toward the back of the queue, like the very end, because I mistakenly didn't finalize my pledge manager. Understandable with how life problems pop up and I really feel for the guy, but hopefully fulfillment starts picking up. Start of January he said he hopes to do 25 every 2 weeks, but the last update it was only 10. There have been 124 of the 389 basic sets shipped. With 114 orders left to go, it seems like the orders left comprised the majority of the product (Assuming it takes lon
  4. This is encouraging and surprising news. I actually never thought this would ship on the original estimated date and was likely to be arriving around Christmas/New Years time. Now that could still be the case, but it seems like they are pushing full speed ahead to get the product in our hands. One on hand, this is great, on the other I am really so invested in the future of this I realllllly hope they are doing what is best for them. This was a pretty big KS goal and we hit everything and raised quite a large amount of money. I know it's not unheard of amounts or anything, but it reall
  5. This thread is very interesting in that it is informing me of some of the stuff I missed out on. I have been very busy with work, school, and life... of course! So I wasn't able to follow the KS all that closely outside of the last couple days. I didn't even find out about it until I luckily decided to randomly check KS one night. I had pretty much imposed a self-ban on KS for the time being until my two biggest investments are received (Drake: The Wargame and Itar's Workshop, fyi) and I had stopped spending so much (ha funny compared to how active some people are here) time on the forums. Nee
  6. The thing is, I think Tre Manor's Red Box miniatures look really nice. But the miniatures he does for Reaper are my absolute favorite!!! His Monstrous Humanoids are brilliant. I would love if he didn't do stuff in the 20mm scale though.
  7. I agree. In all practicality, they have given us quite a good number of warlord models including some of the most important ones like the solos/huge/unique guys. Not really even close to all of them, but a good number that would be hard to proxy. Like the Sokar avatars and the Dragon Turtle. Really all the Nefsokar models are hard to proxy effectively, so it's good to see some "official" support. As someone else said, and as the rules really encourage, you can absolutely proxy different miniatures for a certain creature. The good thing about this is that there are so many wonderful Dar
  8. Does anyone have a link to those pictures that had Nethyrmaul, Cthulu, Kaladrax, Pathfinder Red Dragon and whatever the new stuff was all together? I cannot find it at all using the search, I may have actually seen it in the KS comments though. Thanks in advance. I am just trying to see what the scale of Khanjira and DDS2 is like in comparison, from what I recall K was about as tall as Cthulu, but much thicker.
  9. I love translucent miniatures, That is all. :)
  10. Hello Sirithiliel, I just wanted to say that as I stumbled upon this thread I immediately saw a lot of painting talent! It's very obvious that you have a good level of skill with painting and a very creative mind in putting together these fabulous color and pattern schemes. My painting is on an amateur level when compared to yours, for sure. So in that regard I can't really offer any helpful criticism except to say that they look great! When I look at your miniatures I wouldn't guess you were using craft paints for the most part, you do a very good job with them. There are a few m
  11. Wooo a reply! Thanks, yeah I think we are going to hit the L2PKs next or maybe a few more bones. We knocked these out in an hour or two tops without priming or anything. I thought the L2PK might take a little longer and we didn't have much time. Excited to keep it going though. Thanks for checking it out everyone and for commenting Kay. BTW: I painted the red one :P little messy, needs better brush control and a better eye I guess ( couldn't tell that bottom part was part of the rope lol).
  12. Hello! So I received my Kickstarter package a week or two ago and after enjoying the rather later mass of miniatures I decided I better get painting. My girlfriend isn't a gamer and wasn't really into miniatures, but I surprised her with a decent order of paints and all these Bones and she was down to paint! I started with the L2PK 1-5 for paints and then added in another 10-15 to try and round out some of the colors. I realized that I don't really have a grey though so I will be ordering some more soon. She has a good amount of experience and talent painting with acrylics on a canvas med
  13. Wow that was an adventure. I poured all my bones into a big pile LOL before checking the contents of course :) After going through and checking everything I am very happy to say that my order is 110% complete. Now I see a few people have gotten some extras which is cool and I wound up with some as well... I actually got into the KS late. I found it right after it had ended (of course >:( lol) but I was still happy to be able to pledge. Of course this came at a premium and I was pretty miffed about that. I wrote in my comments how I thought the markup on Vampire was excessive and that 20
  14. This is how I want to start off. I am waiting to see if the Lone Star near me can get it from Reaper and if not then I will just order it straight from them. The problem I have is the images on the Reaper site look like the old kits I heard about. Don't they now have all bottles in them and no sample paints? I have been confused on what I am seeing and reading so it has taken me a while to decide where I want to get it. I ordered all of them from Miniature-GIANT.com and they told me that all stock from the past 6 months or longer (they said over a year actually, but I've heard 6 mos. too)
  15. Some of us are just getting into the hobby because of the KS. So, yes, it is empty. LTPKs are the way to go. I already got all those and a few more Bones hehe.
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