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  1. He was definitely one of my favorites from this KS. The figures are pretty much all done now but for signing the foot tabs. So they will be off to Valiant come monday. That means I will be starting the offering for the next KS this week!! I am of course always open to suggestions! Feel free to post over in the comments section of the KS and here and on the FB page as well! Female treasure hunter? I think that sounds like a good idea. I want to fill out all the basic roles of an adventuring party / Frostgrave Warband first and then I can start making variants to introduce as stretch goals. This KS should start delivering just before Christmas so that gives me a LOT of time to build the offering for the next KS. Hopefully funding will allow for the production of multiple warbands next time around!
  2. Well I will be here when you are ready man! Do what ye got to! Arc, they should be back in the store tomorrow or saturday as I will be filling all remaining KS orders tomorrow and then posting the thugs once I have all the rewards covered.
  3. the thugs will be back in stock friday and will go back in to the store when I have finished fulfilling he Warbands II KS. I just have to cover a few more packages. thanks everyone for the encouragment and support. I am really glad yall like the mages. I would really like to make a few more truth be told. I always have a lot of fun with them. Playing Banner Saga II is definitely fueling my inspiration streak right now and I would really liek to explore a few more concepts of mage type for frostgrave. I have a pretty cool concept idea for a bunch more stuff. I could seriousl yjust spend the next 11 days churning out more stuff but I am going to try to keep focused. There is one particular mage concept that i am currently working on to replace #20 with ( the former #20 may end up a stretch goal as I think it repeats a previously offered sculpt a little too much really ) that I think people will really enjoy. we shall see. I would also really like to explore making some Njorn non combataants as well. Been wanting to do that for a LONG time. who am I kidding..... I have no end of ideas.
  4. Nice! :) Tre still owes me some limited artwork from some of his early resins and a little something special extra for supporting the early helsvakt. :) Everytime I remind him of it he promises to get on it, but I fear that it has slipped his mind this time, too. :D embarrassingly I did indeed. shoot me an email and I WILL get this worked out for you. In case anyone is wondering. Gref is referring to the LE art cards originally supposed to be included with the Belegast and Yrsa resins WAY back in very early 2012. Just before the KS1 catastrophe. at any rate i do wish I could add more cool goodies to packages. Once I get squarely on my feet again I will be doing so. Just have to get a few more peices in place first. Cheers Yall! Warbands of the Cold North III launches on the 4th of October! Tre'
  5. Yeh sorry about the tshirt separation. there are still a few people who have not answered their surveys and I dont want to over order the tshirts ( they dont sell well post KS ) and did not want to have to order 1 or 2 shirts post KS and pay as much as I sold them for.
  6. Wait now... what? UK hasn't left the EU so nothing should have changed in this regard. Or has something happened with this? Do we have any UK members on this forum that could give some input in this. Would be much appreciated. essentially it i sme not trying desperately NOT to put a foot wrong with my fulfillment partners. The exchange rate means a bit of a reduced cost to me and an increased " cost " to my partner. We had an exchange agreed upon which is effected by the change in the value of the GBP vs USD.
  7. Ah sorry man. Good news gang! I will take delivery of the initial run tomorrow. So looks like most of the US backers will have their rewards by the weekend!
  8. This is for any money owed and postage. Read the full update George. ETA: I always send Tre PayPal via Friends and Family since I don't want him to get hit with the added costs, or if I was going to do the $5 with the "goods/services" I'd send like $5.50 so that he doesn't have to eat that added cost, he's a small business with a tight profit margin. Yep this is for postage for the US orders. sorry if I was unclear.
  9. well....... not quite. there are a couple backers awaiting missing figures.
  10. hahahah not yet dear Uber but soon! And thanks yall for your patience. Hopefully the fulfillment will go through really quickly and we will be able to get the next project launched within the month of July!
  11. It was originally estimated to deliver in May. So if it delivers in the month of July that will put it 2 months behind. Thanks for yall's patience with me on this. I wont be launching the next KS until the originally pitched product is at least mastered.
  12. Best of luck with this man! and yes 10 days is DEFINITELY the way to go. Specially given the bloodbath that summer time usually is for KS and hobby funds. get in keep up the pace and get out.
  13. Is up and running once more. Extra special big thanks to Jason Pape!
  14. yeh man we can make this happen no problem. I do this pretty much every time I run a KS what you will need to do is place an order through the webstore. but select " store pick up " int he shipping option field. Then note int eh comments that the figures are to be bundled with your KS rewards. and yeh Cash this is pretty much the way i would want everyone to handle this.
  15. nay sir she doth not. Tre, did you say you are going to do a fully "Skyclad" version of her as well at some point? I was going to....... however, I have since had a better idea. Another one of the MANY project ideas floating through my head. I want to make a range of fantasy Ancient Celts, and they will have a few skyclad folk in the range.
  16. Tre is by far my favorite sculptur. Got more comming once I've finished them :) awesome Job Patrik and Thanks!!
  17. I am very glad you are excited! I am too! I have so many ideas bubbling in my head that I often have a hard time deciding which to pursue first! So for the rest of the year my focus is to just relentlessly pursue every single idea I have. ;) As for the turn around between KS and store availability; I learned a hard lesson in my last KS that not accurately calculating demand post KS for retail can be a disaster if the fulfillment takes too long. The production of this KS will be faster than usual as I am splitting hte work between two different contractors. Both of whom I work with on a regular basis and trust to deliver promptly. I am a bit on the fence as to whether or not to open up the KS product for pre order during the production phase to reduce the time between KS fulfillment and retail fulfillment. I do not want my KS backers to feel their support and patience is being trod upon. They ARE first in line after all! :) In any case the recent kickstarted stuff will be in the RBG store and ready to ship within the next month MAYBE sooner depending on how long the resin production of the bear takes. Cheers yall! Tre'
  18. probably through KS exclusively. These limited editions will be actually limited editions. KS makes facilitating that VERY easy. Through the KS system I can manage exactly the number of items sold and then when they are out they are out. These will be very very short run Kickstarters with a really strict limit of the number of figures produced. The campaigns would focus on just a small few figures at a time. The first one I am thinking of is a Manticore as a test for this idea. maybe limiting it to 250 copies or so. I would announce the launch of the campaign at least a couple of weeks out from the launch date and I would only run the campaign for 5 days, and yes Scenic elements are a project priority this year as well. :)
  19. yeh Jodi is casting allmof hisnown resin. And No metal is not going by the wayside. resin is going to be for larger monsters and special edition " epic " figures and scenic elements and what nots. ;)
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