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  1. Sylvan Creatures! this just keeps getting better!
  2. 120 minis for the core set. I wonder how high it can go? Waiting for the next paint stretch too.
  3. Count me in as a rider on the Savaage Worlds stagecoach! Go Reaper! Thank you for the minis for all of us that love Western stuff.
  4. This was the first time I sat and refreshed to make sure that I saw a KS start. I am glad I did. That first 30 min. was so much fun! It is also the first time I pledged before I even read any of the page other than the pledge levels! I think I was one of the first ones in. Pretty cool.
  5. Anyone have a count on how many minis are in the core set so far?
  6. What a way to run the first 30 min of a KS. Way to go Reaper!
  7. Jumped in right at the start. Just had to reload Amazon payments.
  8. Man, only ninjas are going to be able to keep up with this thread!
  9. Prepare to hear the cries of the poor F5 keys.
  10. So the question is, read the KS first or just pledge and then read? hmm
  11. Multiple browser windows. works wonders
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