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  1. oooo yeh plug it into a powerstrip with the power switch off, then put cat/dog bed on top and wait for animal to fall asleep......
  2. Cool beans! Nice wedding! You'll have all kinds of pent up creativity now!
  3. I vibrated all my tax papers off my desk today, it was hilarious! I had been working a lot of over time, so I can understand that.
  4. Cool! Thanks everyone for the info, man I wish I could go to Reapercon! Sounds great. I look forward to learning more about your world and adding it to mine. I have my own campaign world, with world map, but I purposefully didn't do all the continents so I can add more stuff. Naming towns is ridiculous!
  5. I did regret writing that immediately, but thought the potential for jokes was worth it.....
  6. You didn't paint these, you just shrunk real Derro down to mini size and froze them forever! Totally what these guys should look like!
  7. What the heck is Dreadmere? I am diggin these new minis but was curious as to what Dreadmere is. Is the name for a line of minis or a town in Warlord or Pathfinder? Anybody know?
  8. I just got a Typhoon Paint Mixer from Robert. Hes so nice and easy to work with, shipped fast and has a solid product. I am very happy with my mixer from him! I had been looking at the Robart paint shakers but went with this one instead, its very sturdy. Since I broke my right hand a bit ago shaking lots of paint bottles doesn't feel very good for my bones. The Robarts are 20-30 bucks and my Typhoon from Etsy was about 100. I like that I don't have to strap the bottles in and can do it one-handed while I watch tv or play video games. I also got some ArtBin bottle storage containers, they hold my dropper bottles upside down so I can see the colors easy.
  9. Tooth Fairy! Great idea! Thanks buddy! Ill try to check in more often, cya later!
  10. Damn I just typed up a big paragraph and then closed the browser, ha ha ha! Still alive, working a ton, Sunday is my day off, but with Army drill that kills one Sunday a month. Haven't done any new terrain, painted some minis. Painted a nice space mural in the kids room and started making an illustrated story for him, just need to finish it before he grows up! Checked the forums recently and saw everyone had wished me a happy birthday, totally missed that! Buglips even friended me. I think the key is to not be around then he likes you more. It is possible he wants to know when I'm not home so he can steal by bitz box. Its way to late I better go, love your scarecrow! Very fun sculpt. I want to change his scythe into a toothbrush!
  11. Everything is great, however for some reason I am loving the tar pits and chem pool with the bubbles most of all!!!
  12. Happy Birthday! Day late yep, just got another forum password ha ha ha!
  13. I LOVE YOUR COLORS!!! Your graveyard is spectacular! If your stumped do something else entirely and come back to it later. Let the creative juices build up again. Sometimes it takes me months/years to work on something more.
  14. Love this project! You are kicking some butt! Apparently they key is to build a good game table first.....
  15. Great work! Now make molds of the building and starting copying them!! You and Malefactus need to be on display in the Smithstonian museum. Has anyone asked you what your next project is? I don't read every post.
  16. Mushrooms, pumpkins and flowers..... sounds like a vegan nightmare!!! Love your pumpkin people! Well done!
  17. Thank you guys!!! I used Michaels generic paints for the building. Its their Bright Red (craftsmart?) paint on the shelves. My intent is that the shelves are lined with red cloth to place the weapons on. I don't plan on weathering the shelves.
  18. Purple and orange are always great together, really popping on your shroom. Fairy #2 looks great especially the wings!
  19. Well here's what I got done so far. I wish I had taken pics when I was painting the stone, so many steps. At one point it looked like "rainbow rocks" my wife said. Need to do a door and sign for the store. At some point I will do the second floor, but I am happy enough with this to throw it on the tabletop now. I have Army drill this weekend so wont be able to post a response until Monday if you write. Have a good weekend. Spencer
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