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  1. My mother in law is using my long folding table I have for gaming to make a quilt on. Its always good to score points with the non-gamers who look at you funny when you have all this hobby stuff.
  2. Cool I will have to get some MDF then, I don't like to compromise on quality if I don't have to. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Malefactus glad your trip is going well! Its always good to get out of the house, especially for family!
  4. This project is on my to do list already! I got floor tiles for the backing, but MDF may be better. I looked at mdf before but it was a little pricey compared to floor tiles. Soooo much foam in my hobby room. Have fun!
  5. Ironically no, I am a 68V Respiratory Therapist. I worked In Landstuhl and Walter Reed, I helped close Walter Reed. Got forced out of Active and joined a Guard unit to finish up my retirement time. Secondary MOS is Admin so I am in the S1 shop. Everyone else here is combat arms, which is funny when they talk about me. Cool Beans Knarthex and thank you for your service! (which some people find offensive as a saying for some reason) Painting this project is on hold until warmer weather, wife wont let me prime it and bring it into the house =(. Hopefully soon.
  6. Mothers would speak of Malefactus's terrain in hushed tones and threaten to show it to naughty children. Love your flowers!
  7. Also after I bought all these weapon packs Reaper announced they were coming out with them in Bones! Also shows how long ago I wanted to work on this, I've had all these weapons sitting in my hobby room forever!
  8. Ok cut some wood for the shelves and super glued the weapons down. I plan on primering and painting, then gluing the weapon boards down. Having the weapons on boards will make them easier to paint than if they were attached to the building. There are three weapons in the middle pedestals, which I will paint separately then attach to the pedestals.
  9. That is the US Army Knight armored scout vehicle (M1200) and yes I am standing next to it. I sprained my ankle at work and had volunteered to work the Veterans day ceremony in town. My job was to help kids in and out of it, one of the easiest drills Ive done with the unit. Its air conditioned but they don't let the scouts use it because the AC makes noise. You know Malefactus cars don't magically disappear of the screen in real life when you blow them up =P. But yeah it would be fun!
  10. Thank you Malefactus! I had planned on getting the weapons done today, but definitely this week. Dunno if this will work but its me on Google Maps, during the Veterans Day ceremony I was working and the Google car went by! https://www.google.com/maps/@44.8102872,-73.0826936,3a,16y,180.88h,88.27t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sk5iyBfwqCwV_SYGSd6jQfQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  11. What a hell of a winter it has been for me, December I worked 13 hour days getting up at 230 am to start work at 5am until 6-8 pm and get home around 9 or 10 pm and crash, 6 days of the week! We had the option to work Sundays but I was like heck no! My free time has gone into video games, managed to win Transistor, Divinity Original Sin, Deus Ex, and got started into Fallout 4, which makes me motion sick (hurray!). The first floor is done, next is priming it and painting it. I will most likely cut pieces of wood for the shelves, glue the weapons on, then paint them then glue to clay shelf structures. I tried to leave room for minis to maneuver inside because players will fight anywhere they can. Didn't bother having so they can stand on the stands, but they could probably manage. I was aware of the "wobble" factor to working with clay and next time will use a frame of some sort to keep it straighter. However owning my own old house that I live in I know its walls all all kinds off wobbly and go every which way. There are not two doors the same in the place with all kinds of odd angles. My wife got her cookie sheet back!
  12. Nice! I love the Pathfinder goblin sculpts and yours are excellently painted!
  13. Curse you! Now I remember how awesome those painted ice tiles are!! Looking forward to seeing Reaperbryans!
  14. It takes me a while to work on anything, so don't expect weekly updates. My son insisted he be in the picture. So I guess his head will be my scale reference from now on! Working on walls and windows and leaving a door gap, will add a few beams on the outside later.
  15. O I thought this was a scene from Tim Burtons next stop-motion film. Monochromatic themed minis and terrain would be neat, maybe not all of ones minis and terrain. But for an adventure in the Shadowfell (purgatory) it would be neat! Looking good sir!
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