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  1. Looks great buddy! Your going to need to make a little weird real estate agent to help people move into alllll these buildings! I especially like your chimneys and that clock-work looking tower!
  2. Never heard of this, now I have to check this out because of my 3 year old who LOVES dinos!
  3. Ok a little late, here is my own goblin. During my campaign I decided to add an NPC for some comic relief. He is a goblin named the Squirrel King. I also have him show up as other versions but they all end in "King". For instance Taco King and Insurance King. Squirrel King: No matter which version he is pretending to be he is always accompanied by squirrels. - Squirrel rush: thousands of squirrels rush in like a tidal wave breaking windows, doors etc, - Squirrel pickpockets: Squirrels steal from players, NPCs etc. - Squirrel adventuring party: Little squirrels dressed up as a fighter, wizard, cleric, thief, etc. they fight as a team, casting little fireballs etc. The cleric can ressurect the Squirrel King if needed. Taco King: -Little Squirrels in a big sombreros (hat) accompany the Taco King at his taco stand. Eat his hot tacos succesfully to have the squirrels draw your picture on the wall and get a Taco King t-shirt. Seriously the players wore their Taco King t-shirts for the whole adventure. Different meats and toppings grant different bonuses for players. Succeed the hot taco challenge lets players breathe fire for a set time, failing causes internal damage and a de-buff. Insurance King: - Little cute female squirrel wearing glasses and a dress at a desk with a typewriter will type up life and home insurance for players at 100 gold per policy. - Life insurance; if killed team of squirrels teleport in and bring dead player back to life. - Home insurance players house and belongings will be restored if damaged/destroyed. Sadly havent developed him anymore yet as my group fell apart and I am a work slave now. Player reception: Players love him, except for the one thief who really really hated him and got into a "peeing" contest with him for some reason.
  4. With my schedule I don't have much time to work on projects anymore. I get maybe a few hours on one day of the week so progress will be slow. 1) I have built houses using wood and they have been okay. 2) I have used foamcore and they are okay as filler buildings for line of site. 3) I bought 2 houses from Tabletop World and while they have nice detailing they are too small. The buildings are good for halflings! 4) I put all kinds of details into my buildings if you have seen them before. 5) Foam carved buildings, while they look cool, don't fit with the dimensions I want for the walls. Typically they aren't made to be used with minis moving around the inside as they are solid buildings. ...so I am trying to sculpt my first building using Supersculpey firm. So far I have the floor and will be building the walls up next. Ironically when I buy a bunch of minis from Reaper for a project they then release it in cheaper bones. For this one I bought a bunch of weapon packs as I am building a weapon shop. I am hoping I can achieve a desirable wall thickness, firmness and level of detail to satisfy my inner critic.
  5. If you listen carefully you can hear me clapping for you over here in Vermont! Ironically we are supposed to buy phones to take pictures and not cameras! This world is nuts. The landscapers and arborists in your world must be really tough.
  6. We had enough help I was done early a few days this week. I mowed my lawn!!!!!! Miss you to sweetums!!!
  7. Looks great! Hey Malefactus reminds me of Theomar Pius and his city of Dunbrough! Still amazed at how fast you zapped me when I joined that forum to ask him his technique. http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t6313p100-the-city-of-dunbrough One day I will have time to build something =P
  8. Im sorry I just want to make little footballs and glue them to their hand! Go long blue! I got it! I got it!
  9. I grew to hate the way they did the fighting. The events are fun but then I realized I don't like to socialize as much as I like to fight.
  10. I love the Stonehaven civilians and the unconscious minis, which I use as objectives!
  11. I first saw these and I was like Starcraft marines!!!! My favorite faction to play is the Terrans and I was like yeah the Bathalians could be zerg! Totally agree with you Starcraft fans!
  12. Oh man Catdancer would know the answer to this one hes all about boats! I know hes recovering still =(
  13. Beautiful! I would love to make a nice book of all my campaign info. The "Great Book of the Dungeon Master". I wonder if this kind of thing would work as a business. I would call my binding business "Bound to be Beautiful" of course some deviant types would get confused!
  14. A tutorial would be awesome, because by the time this is released I will forget everything you said. Now I want one! Plus my kid can't break this terrain piece.
  15. Oh hes a happy elf! Tra la la frolick in the flowers! Maybe some light brown for weathering on the breastplate, otherwise, great job! The greens and browns are excellent and the cape looks great!
  16. Ladies of negotiable affection hehehehe I use civilians alll the time I run encounters with main objectives, secondary objectives, bonus objectives and secret objectives. Save the townspeople locked in the church by the soldiers who have set it on fire, escort them to safety, don't let them burn to death or be hacked to death or shot with arrows, etc. Secret bonus was to escort kitten out of church as the burning roof collapsed. Bonus objectives during that episode was save the little grey kitten 3 times from danger, and yep I have cat minis! Had another one where a woman was in labor during the big fight as a bonus objective.
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