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  1. Very nice paint job! I can't wait to pick up some of these!
  2. The path in the woods looks amazing and the buildings are superb! More recently with my group if it isn't required or mandated by the story we just use whatever cool terrain piece we feel like using or making for the battle. Like when you play a video game and choose the stage for the fight to happen in. I am evolving my game towards "fun" more than "realism". (of course we havent played in months now and I have only finished painting one mini in a month =P)
  3. O like call them fat or not calling them after the first date? My favorite is saying yes and nodding my head but not listening it drives them crazy!
  4. Thank you guys! I used Woodland Scenics realistic water and some silicon that is super clear. Very slowly drawing it out and shaping with my fingers as neccessary. I applied the silicone first then the water effects over it my fingers were so gross!
  5. I would not have put the statues on washers for the shrine if I had thought about it. =)
  6. I made a fountain, inspired by the one in WOW, a shrine dedicated to the players, and some bas-relief of the good factions currently in game. Next is the evil factions. I will probably use them in game to indicate areas of deployment for different factions. The good faction ones will also be placed next to the hero shrine as those guys can teleport to their associated icon. I have been painting a few minis, but didn't feel like posting them, plus time for work! I like this hellhound I did.
  7. Ill get some pics up tomorrow in a seperate thread on this forum after work sometime, battery just died on the camera, go figure.
  8. Reaper is like the married couple that keeps having kids. ...well if we have another one they can do chores and kid number 2 will have someone to play with since kid number 1 is in school now. Can we afford another kid? Oh honey we will find the money they are so worth it =P
  9. Virtual high-five, yeah thats right I high five! My schedule right now is work 13 days (11-12 hour shifts with an hour commute each way) have one day off and then 13 more days of work. I have managed to get a few things built and painted the not-Tarrasque due to my resident gaming hobo living in my hobby room. The man loves to glue things together he even put together kaladrax for me! The not-Tarrasque ate the current party in a fun game using the Pathfinder version. Next is a re-match with all the characters that have been in my campaign ever. Game hobo also read my Super Dungeon explore rules, prepped the game and ran the game for me, it was fun! I should post some pics of what I have managed to make. I started using Super Sculpey firm, which is what I used in college, very nice! I got some armature wire and will make a voidwalker and Infernal mini.
  10. Looking good buddy! Remind me not to eat anything made with mushrooms at your house!
  11. Aw a nice piece for Mothers Day! Looks super-smash-tabular!
  12. I hear you Catdancer I have no free time working 6-7 days a week day now. I wake up at 5 am and get home around 8 pm. My games use primed minis now hehehe! I love your flowers Malefactus!
  13. Very cool, cute, colorful and characterful! They look great and as said already they compliment your current creations!
  14. You see this tiny skeleton mini and you think yeah easy paint job, nope. Actually a bit of a challenge for this guy with his eyes and the skull on his shoulder. The recesses on the ribs and arms are a lil small and can be hard to get your darker color into.
  15. "only six of which involve sliding through air ducts at velocity" Buglips is the best! Yep she has been in my gaming group for a while and has been coming up with her own strategies and ideas that work pretty well now. Even better than a certain 20 something year old player in the group. I would like my son to game as well but my wife decries D&D as the bane of "normal folk" and refuses to "nerdify" him. I hope he sees how cool it is and decides to join in for himself, guys love fighting I don't think she realizes how much we love killing things. (tho I usually play healers).
  16. Mother huggers! I need to use that because my 2 year old says everything I do! Very cool and I love the autographs! Great idea painting the bull!
  17. No not my toys Malefactus! Pfft, shes part of my new mini painting sweatshop since Bones 2 is shipping!
  18. I have to explain to her what "one of us, one of us means" =P She didn't know I posted her minis until she came home from school, I'm like your minis got a bunch of likes. She was all happy and so excited to post on the Reaper forum. You have given her a big ego boost, thank you!
  19. Super awesome!!! and congratulations on your award! He is fantastic, extemely well done!
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