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  1. Love it! Some people use really fine sharpy markers for eyes which is super cool. Another option is thin line of black then thin line of white over that leaving black border then those black or whatever color dots you would want for the eye color/ hey I didn't know there was a reindeer on the shield! Due to wife reasons couldn't pick up this year =( Next year however...
  2. I got my 14 year old daughter the Bones Learn to Paint Kit and some minis. These are the first minis she painted. The unicorn is inspired by the Dark Unicorn from Kings Bounty. The details got a bit washed out outside in the sun, but the peasant does have a face with eyes, etc. It was -8 outside so I am not retaking the pics =P.
  3. For some reason I imagine Winnie the Pooh in the middle with his paw in the bucket sayin "o bother this honey isn't very good". Cause Pooh always spills the honey jars. Looks great!
  4. I know better than to pester them. =) I'll give it a week before I check on it. My wife said she will throw out the next Kickstarter that arrives at the house. I'm like jeesh I only had 4 fufill so far and I said I won't do any more.
  5. That is a very cool barbecue! I'm not on the forums much since I don't have a desk job anymore. I come home and take care of the kiddos. I have enough time to "lurk and like".
  6. I have a stupid question, I am a US early bird pledge. My pledge had been locked in for a while. Have those shipped yet or are they held up? I haven't seen anything yet message wise.
  7. Yeah the Muppets are great, I especially love Jim Hensons The Storyteller series. The wife only lets him watch educational programming for now, luckily for Sesame Street muppets!
  8. Thank you guys! LOL at Dukes of Hazard! Have you been watching my son play Cash? I don't know where he picked it up from but he ends every sentence with "sir" now. Maybe watching Downton Abbey with my wife. Its hilariously cute! He kept wanting to look at Blubbernaughts avatar calling it the "funny guys". One of the players in my Pathfinder group got kicked out of his Moms house just before Christmas. So I let him move into my game room. Apparently a bad idea because hes flooding it with his game stuff. Sure I have tons of minis, but man how many tabletop games do you need? He is supposed to be saving up for an apartment. I suppose I could build him a foam house to live in. =P 2x2 is a nice size to work with. Future terrain pieces are: Long bridge high up over rocky gorge for dramatic bridge fight Weapon Shop (players love these shops when I make them) Bakery The Scarlet Monastery (from WOW) just the cathedral wing; will be modular and go together, not a strict copy of it but recognizable
  9. Fiery car crashes he he he! Actually there where alot of car crashes into the river last night and the tow-truck was very busy. Then dinosaurs showed up and ate the little tree thats in the one corner.Nom nom nom! I like my terrain pieces to have a bit of "action" to them or some easter egg. Malefactus's terrain has all kinds of easter eggs. Thank you for all the kind words!
  10. The top level of the water fall comes off to reveal a cave system behind the waterfall. Ideally you would want to hold the high ground on top of the waterfall or the cave system. There is no bridge or tree connecting the sides of the river so as to cause the attacker to channel their troops. The waterfall itself is attached to the top level and covers the cave entrance, it is broken into two pieces with a bottom waterfall covering the lower part of the terrain that doesn't need to be removed. My last terrain piece was the graveyard, 2 feet by 2 feet, this water fall piece is 2 feet by 2 feet as well. My resident homeless gamer suggested I do them as 1 foot by 1 foot tiles so that sounds like a good direction to head in the future. These are intended as stand alone encounter sets but will most likely be joinable with future terrain pieces. My next piece will be a long bridge over a high rocky chasm. I also had to make a terrain piece for my 2 year old son to play with various cars on.
  11. Wow that was utterly frightening! I am glad to see you bounced back from disaster! Awesome collection by the way, and great work.
  12. I am glad to see you are finally "bridging the gap" in your terrain collection! muhuhahahhaha! Very nicely done!
  13. Thank you guys! Its amazing how much something like a good staircase can add to the adventure. They add more flexibility in building the terrain. For example the trap door can be used with floor tiles and my castle walls to represent a floor in a tower. I will be doing more traps later. I let my players set up the terrain most of the time, I have one player who loves doing it, he is gonna have fun!
  14. Decided to make a few dungeon tiles out of Sculpey to go with my Dwarven Forge stuff before starting on the waterfall set. Stairs (I make things to a size that minis can actually rest on) Pit trap Big pit with plank across that minis can fit on Water tile Floor with decoration Trap door tile I put some of the Dwarven Forge tiles around them so you can see how they fit. I figured a nice staircase would be great for the entrance to a dungeon crawl.
  15. I like to do a tan coat on my floors and then rub shoe polish into them with a nasty toothbrush.
  16. Love it! Seriously nice building! I especially like the dramatic "from below" picture.
  17. Yeh totally would look awesome with a ginormous pile of books with the dude standing there, hehe! Nice method of book production! Just a few different colors of paper and easily have variety in the books with no painting!
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