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  1. Here's a little "Easter Egg" for those who have both "Peindre Des Figurines" (Jeremis Bonamant's DVD) and the new book "Le Grand Livre de la Peinture sur Figurine" (an amazing book BTW). Pop the DVD into your computer. Assuming you have a PC (I'm not sure of the procedures for Mac users), open "My Computer" and RMB over the DVD drive. Select "Open" and you'll see .PDF files for Glossary (the English version is GLOSSARY.pdf). If you print this, it's the same glossary found at the end of the book "Le Grand Livre...". Lucky me, that was going to be my starting point for translating this book...I wish I paid more attention during my one year of French in college :) Hope this is helpful. -AW
  2. Try straining it through some old patches of pantyhose. Be sure to double check with the person you're getting the hose from...you've been warned! -AW
  3. Love the inlayed(?) gems on this one. Your pieces are always a great inspiration! -AW
  4. This actually looks like a repackage of something akin to Minwax Polyshade. You might just try this technique first. -AW
  5. I really like the colors on this guy...especially the coat. You know, white spots on the back of this coat would be totally understandable considering his pet :) Wonderful job! -AW
  6. Nice to see I'm not the only one stuck at work :) -AW
  7. I'm like JoeK. I use that pin clamp when I've got my mini mounted on a base...only it tends to leave little dimples around the edge of the base. I also tend to pin the mini's feet in preparation for mounting on a base, in which case, I'll chuck the mini (through the pin in its leg) into a pin vise (I bought a whole bunch from a "swapmeet tool guy"...I love those stalls!). I then drop the pin vise into a block of wood that has holes to take the pin vise. If you have a multi-part mini, and use pins to secure, and like to paint the parts as assemblies, the multiple pin vise method is great. -AW
  8. Hey there Meg, This is a great tutorial. I'm wondering if, after you're finished, could we possibly get this either pinned or maybe consolidated into a tutorial that could be included at the Reaper's "The Craft" section. After hearing about the techniques for hair (from Paintminion and others) this is really driving home the massaging between highlights and glazes! Excellent. Can't wait for the finale. -AW
  9. Hey CuCulain, I rcvd your elf safe and sound! It's great! Great base work and color scheme. I've got him with my growing collection of Xchange minis in my display case now. I'll attempt photos later in the week. However, if you've taken photos prior to sending, please feel free to post. You deserve to show off this gem! Many Thanks, the wait was worth it...and congrats on your Vows! -AW
  10. LW, I'm totally with you on this. My hobby time is so dependent upon my work schedule, it's painful (I think I've had time to post here once or twice in the past month). I usually leave my work station logged in to the forums just in case I find a little down time so I can quickly visit (I know, it makes it look like I'm always on the boards). 1) Dare to dream...that's my motto. My stuff never comes out exactly as I see it in my mind's eye. Having reference from the elite helps push the bar higher and, if I can attain 1/50th of that...well it's an improvement. If their inspiration keeps pushing the bar even higher, and I'm still only attaining 1/50th...guess what, that's still an improvement. And if it's any consolation, I've been at this for years. 2) I've got two boys too (4 and 2) and the chores after work amount to my second full time job . I can only paint after they're in bed, bills are paid, yadda yadda...and I'm feeling in the mood. I must admit, after Gamesday, I've been a little bummed out (those guys are soo good!). 3) As someone said earlier, I think most of us paint like this...slowly massaging the colors and look. Pretty normal if you ask me. 4) Yep, my base coats are pretty loose but I do take that time to notice "gotcha" areas...places where painting on surface "a" endangers surface "b". Now is when I might start strategizing on how to get around the mini and those nasty areas. 5) This is what makes the hobby so fascinating right? One thing stimulates and excites us to the potential of another. It's sort of the nature of an addiction. It's how we all become "collectors". Priorities, but also, going with the flow is fine. If you aren't under the gun to complete anything, I wouldn't stress out, unless you really want to self-impose a "finish something" rule. I did a "can't buy or start anything new until I finish my current project" rule recently...that soon became a drag and I've regressed. 6) Looks like you've solved this one. I'm a tool nut and tend to buy tools and stuff...all with the hopes that I'll have time to use them in the near future...boy, I sure hope my kids grow up to be modelers. 7) Same here. 5:30am up, 7:00am at work, 5:00pm stuck on the freeway home, kids in bed asleep around 9:45-10:00. 10:00-12:00pm I'm either painting (or building) or sitting in a daze watching Iron Chef America Guess which I do most. Actually, seems pretty normal to me -AW
  11. I haven't rcvd any word as of today. Normally, real life or some postal mishap can be blamed for the unfullfilled assignments. I believe that most begin these exchanges with the best of intentions. I've been in a few and only had one postal snafu (but that nabbed me a Flynn mini ). If my painter wants to get in touch with me, please feel free to PM or send word through CBP. Thanks AWhang
  12. Not to hijack this thread too much but...I like your mini example! Please post more. I'm also interested in the styles and techniques that I'm seeing (but unable to read or understand) coming out of Europe. If you have incite or can comment on some of the differences you see or know of, I'd love to hear about them. (edit- now, here I've made a great leap to assume you're European...my apologies if this is totally eroneous) Welcome to the boards! -AW
  13. I recently embarked on a quest to purchase smaller lots of these pins (Rastl Deeperdown and Madog Barfog can attest) and my final conclusion was exactly what you came up with. It's easier, faster, and cheaper to buy a lot of 100 from this seller and then find others to share costs and divide. The only added costs would be the additional shipping when dividing up...maybe stick to a paint group or something? I'm getting used to mine...I'm hoping to try custom shaping the tip of one to get into tighter quarters. -AW
  14. Try this thread...it's not exclusively on Pro Paints, but it does survey the member's "must have" paints. reaper must haves -AW
  15. Hey Meg, I really like the gold! For a minute, I thought you were doing NMM It looks like your technique with metalics could readily transfer over to NMM (but I really don't see why that's necessary...looks like you got the best of both worlds going here!). The only suggestion I would add (and I know that this mini is probably shelved as done), is to paint her gear (gun and misc. stuff) with different greys to help differentiate from the debris on the ground. I don't know if some glazes with warmer colors or some other base colors would do it. Maybe faded color or industrial symbols on the debris...do metals rust in space? Anyways, very cool and congratulations! -AW
  16. I believe it was your 2002 Golden Demon that brought me back to minis. I had, up to that moment, never even conceived of game pieces painted to that level. You've been an inspiration ever since. In effect...it's all your fault Since that time, I've discovered a whole new world. I thank you! Bravo. -AW
  17. Love the sdkfz 250's! I forgot the designation for the 250 carrying the 37mm cannon...but that's a nice addition too! I'm looking for the 250 with the bedframe antenna? Very cool. -AW
  18. I'm with you there...I think my personnal collection just (by one mini) recently over-took my collection of Xchange minis :) Much more fun to paint for someone else! -AW
  19. Another fine display of your work! I really like your painting style. -AW
  20. This is really impressive! I remember your Mammoth and this is a definite step up from that (and that Mammoth was a tough act to follow!). Lots of nice details going on here. I really like your clean painting and color choices. Gives a neat contrast, the Monster with the festive color palette Can't wait to see this finished! -AW
  21. Congrats on the win! She came out great. I'm sure your friend will be pleased. -AW
  22. Is this a piece that you'll be playing with or a display piece? Is the scabbard a really heavy or large piece? Is there a large gluing surface to glue to or just a pinpoint? If the piece won't be abused, and the scabbard is small-ish and there is an amble gluing surface, I'm willing to bet that just scrapping the paint off the two surfaces to be glued and using a touch of CA glue would suffice. If you pin, you'll need to get your hands all over the mini to hold it while pinning...might cause more damage than it's worth. Just my $.02. -AW
  23. I'm in awe at how smooth the finish and blending is on all your pieces. Inspirational! -AW
  24. Well then, I owe you a big thank you for a fine packing job for my little Sophies Thanks Philip -AW
  25. Mine arrived yesterday. Flynn, are your initials by any chance PAE? Thanks AWhang
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