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  1. Beautiful work Meg! Hope to see more. Thanks AWhang
  2. Just wondering if the RCON '07 Sophie is up for sale yet...I made a quick hop over to the Asylum but didn't see anything yet. If someone could point me to the link if it is indeed up, I'd be greatful. (Doing the "anticipation dance" which looks remarkably like the "gotta pee dance" unfortunately) Thanks AWhang PS. I'm so jealous of all of you who get to go. It sounds like such a great time!
  3. Gahh!! I lied. Looks like I photograph tonight and mail tomorrow. Nutz! Oh well...at least it's done Thanks AWhang
  4. These look like fun. I have to agree that the pix are a bit dark. Are you going to do a WIP series with them? Can't wait to see more pix! Thanks AWhang
  5. Kengar, I really like that skull. The shading is great! The blade is also beautiful...is that metallics washed or are you layering with metallics? I'm not sure if the purple blue background you are using is working to your advantage...it matches too closely to the purple of your armor. Rocky is one lucky (and I bet happy) guy! Thanks for posting! AWhang
  6. Show volunteers, Judging assistants, the truly curious who've always wondered "...how does this judging really work?...", a bored spouse who's looking for something to kill time . I would think many might jump at the chance to listen in on judges as they do their thing. It should be fascinating to those trying to "up their game". Imagine hearing pros and cons on the vast variety of works usually entered in a contest...treasure trove of info. I wonder if this could actually turn into a revenue stream...1 ticket to be a GenCon Scribe! 2 tickets to be a GenCon Scribe for the Masters division (don't know it that really exists, sorry). Heck, make it a special treat... OR...maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part...for all I know, it could just be "...hm...very nice...movin' on...when's lunch?" Thanks AWhang
  7. Hey there Tzor! Yes, everyday is Christmas when you're on the Reaper Forums A very nice rendition of the Xmas Sophie. I really like all the attention you put into the details. The bag of goodies complete with stitching! The eyes on the doll...holy cow that must have been hard. I also like the way you handled the bow on the present. I'm not sure if it's the photography, but the skin looks a little pale and undefined. I think a little more shadow and highlights would help punch her skin tone against the red of her costume. Some darklining around bits would also do wonders to help "lift and separate" details (loin cloth against the skin). I see a little around the blue ribbon on the present...that might be a bit strong, but you can see it helps. Nice leathery wings. Only thing I'm unsure of is the color choice for the loin cloth. That pink isn't really working for me, but that's minor. Very nice Only 7months, 14days, 13hrs and 12 minutes until Xmas!
  8. Meg, One thing you can do next time is drill for pinning as normal (E.G. arms and shoulders both get a hole for a pin, the legs, the feet, usual culprits). Instead of glueing both sides together, just glue the pin to one side (the smaller more delicate part, in this case, the arm). Once the glue sets, you can chuck the exposed pin into your twist drill and use the twist drill handle as a handle for painting (I'm actually in the market to buy a bunch of cheap twist drill handles for just this purpose, my local swap meet has them at $2 a piece ). I know I've seen the Rackham studio painters do this. With my last piece I tried it and I really like being able to get to almost every nook and cranny, something that was difficult if I based my mini. After painting, you're ready to glue and you've already got the pinning holes drilled! The only extra thing needed would be a block of wood with some holes drilled to take the pin vise in case you want to take a break. Putting the thing down may expose your painted piece to damage. Thanks AWhang
  9. Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Stay-away-from-my-brushes Day...they're all good excuses to give her her own set. Then hide yours At least you'll know you've got a second set in the house in case you need them and no flak for spending the money..."...Honey, it's a gift!...yes, I know you love me..." Thanks AWhang
  10. I'm down to my "to do" list...hoping in 2-3 days to be able to ship. There, now I've said it! I've got to make it true Thanks AWhang
  11. I've only competed (ever so long ago) in historical contests (before SCAMMS was SCAMMS ) but I do remember that there was a chance for people to actually circulate around the tables with the judges, hear their comments, watch them interact amongst themselves...sort of get a taste for what judging was like. I think final decisions were closed door affairs. Their judging was based on the Open system, which is less contentious I believe, which may have allowed for the more open judging (less hurt feelings). I wonder, does mini judging allow for that...a period where judges "perform" their duties for all to see? I know that most contestants would love comments on their work. To me, the comments from the judges (or anyone for that matter) where always the most valuable 'prize' gained from the contests? I realize this would be a nightmare and very time consuming in larger contests (probably impossible) but, how often does the opportunity come up for a piece to be scrutinized by 3-5 respected and critical luminaries of the art (unless you live in Colorado...I'm so jealous!). What a shame if that entrant walks away with nothing constructive. (Of course, the truly driven can corner said judges on their own ). Perhaps, in lieu of written comments, if there was a session where pre-judging / culling is done in the open, that would offer the truly interested an opportunity to see what goes into judging and what the judges look for. Just a thought. thanks AWhang Just realized this probably doesn't belong in this thread...more of a response to what Paintminion brought up , sorry
  12. Ardice, your paint carousel is great! Looks like a lazy susan with stacked concentric foam disks...genius! I'm going to have to resurrect my old LS's and try that. Seems much more efficient and compact than a paintier to me. Thanks AWhang
  13. Silky smooth mini that paint just begs to flow over...priceless Sorry, couldn't resist. Thanks AWhang
  14. Anne, This is a great thread, especially as it is relevant to both newbies and experienced painters. I appreciate the thought and effort that you've put into this. Could we please have this "sticky-ed" up top...it's something I'm sure I'll revisit many times in the future (...everytime I foolishly try to convince myself to attempt a comp. ) Many Thanks AWhang
  15. Thank you mame! May I have another...OWcheee!
  16. I got gyp'd. I've been near-sighted since 4th grade. That kid with the bullet-proof specs was (and still is) me. My mom once told me that I looked like I was smelling the words off a page, not reading them. Now, I've been told that as we age, we grow far-sighted...so... I was expecting to have, at some point in my life, for at least a month or two, perfect vision. Never happened. I still paint better without my glasses although my face regularly interferes with my brush end...I really should think about cutting those brushes down Thanks AWhang
  17. ...And then put it all in a book... (quickly scans sky for a falling "bonk")
  18. Don't know if this will help anyone but... When I line, I'm really thinking of it as an extra dark shadow around an edge...and I treat it the same way (I know...duh ). My lining color is thin, probably even thinner than Vaitalla's. That means I'm not going to get a good solid color in one go. I use this to my advantage. Usually, my first attempt at a line will be a bit thicker than I really want. But, because the paint is so thin, it acts more like a glaze and helps transition the dark lining into the fold. If I slightly angle my brush so that the tip is always riding in the crease at the edge, that also helps flow the paint into the crease. Let it dry. Usually, I'm darklining all over the place so time passes, paint drys I'll continue to hit that edge with the same paint, I may do 3 to 4 passes. Each time I do it, I'm able to get a thinner line which helps concentrate and build-up the dark color where I need it, against the edge I'm trying to accentuate. The earlier attempts just act as transition which helps me avoid the cartoon cell feel one gets if the darklining is too stark (but some like this look). Anyways, I sneak up on it...much like how I do freehand. Really thin applications allow this. Hope this helps. Thanks AWhang
  19. Hey there hoboman, While I've never actually painted one myself, I noticed that a similar question had popped up on the boards. Check out this thread for some great hints at colors to use. Vaitalla herself answers. Good luck. We'd love to see your results. Make sure you post the finished piece! Thanks AWhang
  20. Wow, this is a beaut! I agree with all the comments about how real she looks. Very nice color choices and great attention to detail...right down to the dust on her boots! Love the sculpt too...I think she's picked her next target As always, top notch work! Thanks AWhang
  21. Wow, this is an amazing piece! I love the contrast between the skin color and armor. Actually, I love everything about her... Need to go back and look some more! Thanks for sharing a truly inspirational piece. AWhang
  22. You can do that!? SC, if you have a way to download and compress a pdf so that it's happy on a PDA, could you let me know please? That would just about make this perfect in every way! Thanks AWhang Edit: Yay!
  23. These are looking cool. I'm noticing a lot of really tight places due to the complexity of the models. I'm wondering if you would suggest the "glue all together before paint" or "glue after paint" for these things. Also, is that base getting in your way at all? I've been seriously thinking about getting one or two of these guys just to try, but all that "stuff" intertwined like that gives me the HeebieJeebies! Great job so far. Screw the GPA. It's all post-graduate isn't it? Paint more! Thanks AWhang
  24. awong


    Closer pic of the glove detail. Lighting here at work stinks but I think this will have to do because I will be giving up today. Wow, those gems are beautiful. I still haven't figured out gems. I understand the concept, it's the execution that kills me. The Hammer as a whole is great. I'm curious about the bit on his shoulder, under the armor. I can't make out what that is. Thanks AWhang
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