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  1. Cyanoacrylate (any of the "crazy", "zap", etc type glues) and baking soda can also be used to build up "mass". I'm guessing you'd definitely have some CA glue for your mini prep. Go raid the kitchen for some baking soda (many use that to keep their fridges smelling nice :) ). Build it up slowly. It's sand-able. I know RC plane guys use this trick as it's light-weight too...at least I think this was their trick Also, give the final coat a bit of time to dry before sanding with needle-files...you don't want to permanently clog up your files with wet CA. Thanks AWhang
  2. I'm assuming you are dealing with a metal mini? Try a dunk in "simple green". That gets some primers loose (I know Floquil Gray will come off). Good Luck AWhang
  3. Your eye for color is fine...I think it's your keyboard
  4. Thanks Derek for your reply. Your work is beautiful. We see the brushwork only through the artificial magic of "Macro". Besides, if one looks close enough, even the Masters throughout the ages reveal their techniques...you're in good company! Good luck on the auction! Thanks AWhang
  5. Derek, Thanks so much for the close-ups. I love images that allows one to study technique! I've never had the pleasure of watching you paint...and I'm not sure if this has come up before...but would you mind if I asked you about your painting technique? For instance, I noticed (I think) that on the front side of the dress' "train" you stroked length-wise or with the folds. The back of the "train" looks like you used short strokes across the folds. Was there a technical reason for this? This is a beautiful piece and I'm sure the lucky winner will cherish it! Thanks AWhang
  6. Hey there Meg, I love the color choices. I also admire how clean and clear everything is...especially since there is a lot going on with the beads and ribbons (this piece could get very "mushy" I imagine). Like WolfDreamerNZ, I think the darklining in the hair between the beads could be a bit stronger. For little suggestions (teeny tiny) - and, these probably would fight the clarity of the mini, so these are only musings really... Your reference work shows nice tattooing on her skin. How about some freehand on the skin? Or, the large expanse of the dress could support some organic freehand design? Something to suggest a close tie to nature, trees, etc. Uber nitpicky...sand the little blob of terrain that's hanging over the base edge and give the base a nice coat of black :) This really is a very beautiful piece. Nice work! Thanks AWhang
  7. Try Squadron.com. They have lots of back issues at a pretty reasonable price (although $10 isn't bad as Heisler has pointed out). Squadron will also periodically have really good sales (E.G. I bought my first 9 issues of FI when Squadron had them at $2.99...shipping cost me more :) ). It's too bad that their web presence is rather dead (I think their forum is all but shut down...haven't visited for about a year). Hope this helped. Thanks AWhang
  8. Looks like it's time to try and finish another mini...at least one a year, right? PM sent. Thanks A(rusty)Whang
  9. This Color Scheme Generator is probably a more useful and directed palette generator. You can pick from the more traditional "theories" to come up with useful color schemes. I must admit, that in comparing the two, I couldn't find what the first generator was using for it's choices...I guess it's just another point of view? Anyways, the second one is the more useful to me. Thanks AWhang
  10. Someone sent this ColorBlender tool on an unrelated forum, but it looks interesting and possibly useful to our purposes here. I remembered another such tool that had a topic on these boards and it was a better tool IMHO. It allowed one to pick from a number of different color theories, and then would generate the appropriate colors. Anyways, if there is an intrepid mod out there who can find that thread, we could combine the two (I think I might even have had something to do with that original thread ). Thanks and enjoy! AWhang
  11. Wow! Very impressive! I love what you did with this one and I'm amazed at the speed that you did it in...including breaks to take wonderful WIP pixs for the rest of us. Really beautiful work! Thanks AWhang
  12. What is that? An incantation to summon up Bodhi? It seems to have worked! I've requested this kit from Santa this year. I'm hoping to slowly build up my Master Paints and learn something to boot! The Barbarian looks to be the more successful of the two. Great contrast. The muscles really show off the light direction! He looks like he's standing outside with the bright sun overhead. Very smooth blends and convincing colors. Very nice work! Thanks AWhang
  13. I really like the sculpt. He's got a very purposeful walk going. I can almost hear him humming to himself as he stalks off to "work" The axes are great, from the metal to the wooden handles. I think a little stronger contrast for your darklining would go a long way to help make the details pop. For example, the belt around the waste gets a little lost in the back view, and the base of the horns where they meet the fur, back foot and greaves...those sorts of places. A top notch mini! Thanks AWhang
  14. I always enjoy your work Flynn. This is no exception. The greens are so rich and vibrant! I have this mini and the size of the surfaces on the wings are giving me heebie jeebies! This piece is truly amazing and I would like to add my voice to those clamoring for more "How tos" from you! Inspirational! Thanks AWhang
  15. I thought this might appeal to anyone needing "other worldly" reference... Looking at this stuff just makes me itchy Macro Photos of Bugs Thanks AWhang
  16. Dang, I didn't realize these could be that cheap. I just got back from... you guessed it... Michael's. I definitely would have grabbed one while I was there had I known that they were affordable! Thanks for the link. -Newt They're cheaper still with the 40 or 50% coupons that Michaels regularly run in the papers (I'm guessing they do that everywhere). Just this last weekend, they had the 50% ones. The coupons are only supposed to be good for regularly priced items, so prices may vary. thanks AWhang
  17. Cartoon Colour paints are animation cel paints. They're located right across the street from where I work in Culver City. I've only used a white as an experiment...but that was some time ago...I don't even remember where that bottle went. If you need an address or catalog, you can go to Cartoon Colour. If you have any need for someone to pop in, I'd be happy to walk over. Thanks AWhang
  18. Welcome Newt, If I were to throw in my $.02, it would be on the lines of the above. I've spent the majority of my time in one hobby or another working in a vacuum. You've found a great resource here! Try also to find local clubs, paint groups, the Black Lightning team is an excellent suggestion...nothing is going to get you answers faster than seeing your questions demonstrated (which is why I'm astounded that I haven't seen more video on the subject of mini painting ). Check out local and not-so-local conventions and events where you can rub shoulders with painters...and don't feel intimidated to ask questions and talk to them. I've never met a painter at these types of events not willing to help and enthusiastically critique work, discuss technique, suggest tools, etc...why would they be there if they didn't want to interact? Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing your first posts in the Show Off section. Thanks AWhang
  19. ...and you neglected to mention that this one is up for auction! Good luck with it, It's a beaut! Thanks AWhang
  20. The chalky-ness seems to be a by product of technique? It looks like you use dry-brushing. (I'm not going to step into the dry-brushing minefield ...it's a technique that has it's place). You can see that the technique works extremely well for textured items like the staff and the groundwork. Washes will help a bit, but you might get frustrated that you keep muting out your hard work (the highlights). Painting with thin layers will help you maintain a little more control. Great stuff! AWhang
  21. I agree with RHS about the skintones (although the yellowish skin of the blue is pretty neat). However, the Blue, IMHO, looks like it has more depth all around. I'm seeing darklining between fingers, more contrast between the light blue belt and darker blue pants, darklining between the arm bracers and skin, even the links and hardware on the weapon are more pronounced. It might be that the green could benifit from a wash of a darker color to get some of the quality you had in the blue. I really like the warm aged look to the bracers on Blue. I like them both, but I think the blue, because of the color choices and definition, really pops. Also, I'm seeing a seam line on the arm of Green. Getting rid of those mold lines will go a long way to improving the look of your finished pieces...more professional and all that :) Take a little time to prep your figure, but use that time to strategize your paint process, work out the color scheme, study the optimal lighting, discover the cool details that the sculpter has painstakenly added...it's all part of enjoying the mini (OK, ok, moldline removal isn't enjoyable, but I'm trying :) ) Nice work and keep it up. Thanks AWhang EDIT: NUTZ. mlavenish beat me to it...great minds eh
  22. Everything is so well blended and smooth! A great mini Flynn. I especially like your golds (brass), antiqued and weathered. Beautiful! Thanks AWhang
  23. For not wanting to tackle NMM, your photos are at least providing you with a good guide. Even if you painted the blade a single color, study that photo. Note the crisp change at the blade's break. There's a highlighted edge at the shadowed face's edge. If I didn't read your description, I would have thought that you had attempted NMM. Keep these pictures around as a reference for when you want to try NMM. For a first mini, it's pretty amazing. Thanks AWhang
  24. Sorry for raising the dead but...I love this tip After I baked, I threw the pods into a sandwich bag and lightly crushed the pods to separate. Sometimes, I could pull out the stem like pulling a pin from a grenade (easier after a little kneading between the fingers). I then made a little tray out of aluminium foil (a stiff plate really, no sides). About 8" x 8", a slight dent in the center. I walked outside and found a spot by my house that actually didn't have any breeze and then got all peasant-y. I tossed the seeds and separators up and down into the air, think flipping stir fry in a pan. The breeze created by your flipping action was enough to get the lighter seed wings to fly. Imagine how wheat was separated from chaff, rice from its covering. Very effective and so old school it's scary but it worked for me! Thanks AWhang
  25. Thanks everyone! I'm glad you all like her. That's always the toughest part about painting for someone else. Speaking of eyes, a recent issue of Figure International had a one page tips page on just painting eyes. The magazine mainly focuses on 54mm and up figures but I always see a Mini or two in the "reader submitted" section and they regularly feature new Minis by a certain French Company. Anyways, Squadron happened to have some back issues on sale (they may still be). The next xchange is happening too soon for me, my work schedule is killing me these days. Hope to see you all on the next one though! Thanks again! AWhang
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