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  1. I agree with the others, the base and freehand are excellent. Reminds me of those Bonsai Tree set-ups, the ones that have a rock, a beautifully tended tree and a figure or clay environment. Beautiful! Thanks AWhang
  2. 'Lady of the Irons'. Scroll about 3/4 of the way down. I agree with Haldir, definitely a favorite of mine too! Thanks AWhang
  3. Hello there Meg, This is a really nicely done mini! I especially like her face. The gaze, makes me feel like I just dropped into her crosshairs...not a good place to be I'd say you certainly have "Blue" down. Blue pistol rigs...that's cool. The only comments I would have is that the base seems unfinished. She looks like she's on a mound or something. Perhaps if you had some rubble from a building sticking out or maybe a tombstone...something that would help tell a story. Other than that, a beautifully painted mini! Inspiration to get to the ones I picked up from GenCon. Thanks AWhang
  4. Followed the progression in the WIP. It's really neat to see the piece completed. I really like the way you painted the ball and chain weapon! The fence timbers are also really convincingly painted. Great work! What a difference between the before and after! More, more, more! Thanks AWhang
  5. Hello Flynn, How funny and appropriate that you picked up on the checker pattern I was pretty much finished with the piece and the only thing that was really upsetting me was the blade. I had attempted an earlier checker board but the squares were too small and uneven. [i'll insert a WIP of the thing tomorrow so you can all laugh ] edit:added best pic available of old Choppa...not as clear as I had hoped I was going to just call it quits when what should I see...a beautiful Anti-Paladin with a checker board pattern on the shield. That was the inspiration that I needed! After a few minutes with an xacto scraping old paint off, I attempted the blade yet again (fourth times the charm!). Doesn't come close to what you did, but I felt it was the right decision after finishing. Thanks! NTM, I've found that most all the plastic GW orks can benifit from a little surgery at the wrists. I've been routinely bending and twisting the wrists to help loosen the stiff arms and add a little more character to the poses. I'm glad you liked the final result with this guy! AWhang
  6. Hey, a fellow recycler! I'm currently using a 2.5 gallon Arrowhead water jug (milky white plastic). I hang some grey felt inside to act as a backdrop. One Ott-light and a mini camera tripod and I'm good to go. I'm seriously thinking about getting more lights tho'. It's good to hear I'm not the only one who thought this was a workable solution Thanks AWhang
  7. I did. 1/35 armor (mostly German WWII). Then, because I was sooo sloooww I switched to 1/72 armor (Logic, smaller = less paint = faster...Wrong!). Dabbled in Napoleonic figure painting, started collecting books on US Civil War...Jumped to Gundam Anime-esq kits...rediscovered gaming minis... I'm a mess. Funny thing, I just saw (and preordered) a 1/72 kit that I've been waiting for for over 20+ years...I may just need to make a quick detour back into 1/72 armor How about you? Thanks AWhang
  8. I'd like to do more pieces I think I've mentioned that I'm sloooowwww. I have so many half-started and abandoned pieces that I needed to create a "one mini at a time rule". My next one is from Reaper's Townsfolk V set. I picked up the mother with two children at my first GenCon (it's what I was using as an example piece at the Paint'NTake). I have since stripped it, cleaned it, removed broccoli, and I'm now basecoating. I'm really looking forward to finishing this one as a gift to my wife (we've got two kids about the ages depicted in the fig...at least they are now...who knows how old they'll be when I finish ). Then, I believe the summer xchange kicks in, Whoot! And Thanks Kit for your, and Reaper's, unwavering commitment to all that is mini, Reaper's or not! Thanks AWhang
  9. Thanks to everyone for your positive comments. You all are such great inspiration and source of encouragement, it really drives a person forwards! Angorak, I totally agree...of all the GW stuff out there, I found the Orks to be the most interesting and they seemed to be the most fun to paint (although those new Ogres look mighty tempting too ). With that said, I must admit that I've got Varaug sitting in the wings and he looks to be a real blast (talk about bad @$$ attitude!)...I'm itching to get to him! Thanks AWhang
  10. Awesome! This'll be impressive rolling across a battlefield! Can't wait to see this completed. Thanks AWhang
  11. An enterprising person checks all "gateway"s Thanks Orchid! That was a great hint It's like Da Vinci's Code...the Holy Grail of Sophies Great pic Shakandara. Thanks AWhang
  12. Thanks Lastman for your comments. I've been figure painting off and on for over 20 years. I have to say that my painting has only improved over the past 2-3 years...since finding this community on-line. Prior to that, I was Vacuum-Bubble-Boy... I'm a very slow painter...this figure dragged on for over a year I'm now getting 2-3 hours a week, spread out over 2-3 nights. I did in fact get my BA in Fine Arts. Checkerboard was freehanded. After the blade was shaded to taste, I used really light washes of dark brown and reds to render the checkerboard. Advantage to really light washes is that slight slips of the brush will be hardly perceptable...you sort of sneak up on the final shapes with each layer you apply (it's how I do the majority of my freehand) . Not sure about the wire size...I collect bits and pieces of electrical wire where ever I can find them. Just picked something appropriate. Thanks AWhang
  13. I had major reservations about putting this up here(edit:as it's not a Reaper mini)...but it's just been soooo long since I've completed anything! I hope you like it. I had great fun painting it (so much fun that I did the choppa [knife] 4 times ). Minor conversions include lengthening the neck, and sculpting the pointing finger (originally, finger was on the trigger). Comments, Questions, and Condemnations all welcome! Thanks AWhang edit:link to vote
  14. Not to worry Adenosine. I wish I had a dime for all the times something like this has happened to me. To begin with...I'm slow...perhaps the slowest. So when one of mine go into the "green bath of renewal" it's a lot of time and tears that end up floating in that babyfood jar (E.G. I just "finished" one that dragged on for over 1 year...one completed figure in 1+ years...and I'm still not happy with it ) Sometimes, one just needs to step back. Before dunking, I'd just put the piece up on a shelf and try something different. It could just be a block, or lost interest. Believe me, with the speed that these minis are created, my excitement for projects shifts pretty fast. Come back after awhile. If it's a technique that's got you stalled, by stepping back and starting another, you may suddenly click on the new piece...with new knowledge in hand, revisit the shelved mini. I actually got into some trouble with walking away from too many pieces (I've got more half finished pieces than finished) that I've had to impose a "don't start a new one until I finish an existing one" moritorium...but that's the other extreme. Before you do anything extreme, step back, take a breath, post some pixs here...you'll get lots of encouragement and helpful hints...maybe tackle something new. If none of that helps...simple green...look at it as a right of passage Thanks AWhang
  15. Wow, you've picked a horse and rider for a week project! You're an animal! I'm looking forward to the final pics. Thanks AWhang
  16. Bump, in interest of the Books topic The System: Volume One, Figure Painting by Francois Verlinden (Editor), F. Verlinden (Photographer) ISBN:1930607334 I believe this monograph is heavy on oil painting techniques, but I'll have to check. It's been awhile since I've looked at it. I can say that Verlinden (the man and the company) is quite impressive for the sheer amount of quality work. Heavy on WWII but stuff like skin tones, camoflage, battle damage, etc all translates. I really liked it for when I was doing more 54mm stuff (good 'ol days). The Art of Painting Miniatures: Faces and Figures. Author: Alex Castro ISBN: 1902579623 This one I'd pass on. I had enough gripes with this book that I almost wrote a review on it for Amazon. The technique for skin tones is interesting and unique (E.G. he primers with silver paint) but to falthom an understandable explaination is too much work. Also, he's so engrossed with believing that he's reinvented figure painting that he's renamed practically all the standard painting techniques. All examples are large scale (E.G. garage resin kits) and most are airbrushed. Also annoying, the body of photos used to illustrate his "techniques" are all the same...two or three projects, 5-10 photos each cropped a little differently, all really at the wrong resolution for print. Modelling and Painting Figures Editor: Jerry Scutts ISBN: 1902579232 This one I don't have, but it's part of the Osprey Series. I've found that Osprey's reference manuals are very nice, but their modeling manuals lack something (sensible translations by someone familiar with modeling? ) This one might be better as it looks like it didn't get translated. A lot of the modeling manuals in Osprey's line are written by some very excellent Spanish modelers, but, the translations seem literal and flowery. Osprey has a couple of really nice Masterclass books also. Thanks AWhang Edit: removed Bill Horan Masterclass reference...that book is published by Windrow & Greene, not Osprey.
  17. Use the crater to your advantage. If she's an experienced Gladiator, she'll have picked up a few dings and dents. You might consider accentuating the crater as a dent and add some slashes and cuts on the shield, sword, and armor. A quick look over at the Reaper Gallery might yield some good examples of battle damage. Might be interesting! Thanks AWhang
  18. Cool. Thanks Flynn. Funny thing, the Yahoo map that one gets from the Asylum page also pinpoints this farm. It's a wonder you all found the place Thanks AWhang
  19. You can probably tell that I'm overly impressed with this thing Anyways, I hope no one minds, but I put in Reaper HQ...that way, next ReaperCon, I can go to frappr, go into Sat. mode, and just pretend I'm floating above all the festivities watching all you happy ReaperCon attendees wandering about the parking lot. Too bad it's not real time Can someone who is familiar with the facilities check the map? The marker seems to be at an intersection of a farm? Is this correct? Thanks AWhang
  20. Aha! Took your suggestion Ron and typed in my exact address. The result was a lot closer (my neighbor with the white sedan). I had to fudge with the exact street number to get the marker actually on my house. The save also took But then I thought, that's probably more info than people really need to know so I went back to the generic Zip Code entry. However, if you really want to pinpoint that marker, you can! Very cool. Maybe people can use the "Places" type markers to pinpoint painting venues, hobby shops, reaper outlets, painting club locations and the like...as a service to those who are new. This could definitely be a pinned thing don't you think? Thanks AWhang
  21. LOL. Just don't let The Freaks know about the satellite photo...they'll just use it as proof of ownership...or download and frame it Thanks AWhang
  22. Good heavens Sue...language! There are children on this forum. Can someone Please get a Chocolate Martini in here STAT! Thanks AWhang
  23. Supposedly, you can click your marker and use the edit to refine your position (you get a read-out of long. and lat.) Unfortunately, when I click Save Changes, the refinement doesn't keep. Funny thing, the Sat. photo of my house was taken before we moved in, but our neighbor's driveway looks exactly the same...same white sedan parked in the same place I need a pool!! Thanks AWhang
  24. I really like the idea of co-operation and similar organization...sort of a National IPMS for mini painting. I wonder if one could fold in or be folded in with the already existing network of Miniature Painting shows (I doubt they're organized but they do seem to share similarities and there almost seems to be an established "circuit" that Masters flow through). As for settling on one over-all premier show to be the year's end-all show...that would probably be tough as I'm sure many conventions would want theirs to host that (talk about through the roof prestige and quality!). Is GenCon the largest (outside of GW's Gamesday) game convention? Very neat ideas. Love to see if something like this could ever come to be. Thanks AWhang
  25. Something's working...I joined a day or two ago when there were only 53, now there's 62. Like a virus, we spread!! Thanks AWhang
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