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  1. I second the comment on the great color choices. I especially like the transitions on the scales running down his/its back. I agree that a little darker tone between scales could really help them pop. Maybe try a very watered down wash that is guided along the scale edges. Very nice. -AWhang
  2. I like the expression on the dwarf's face. Looks like something ominous is lurking in the sky above. Very cool. -AW
  3. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. I really loved MarikeR's paint-up of this mini and took my inspiration for skin color from what I thought I remembered. Later, checking back, my green was really green...but I was happy with it. @Madog - the beach and water started as plaster-of-paris for the sand. I painted that a nice sandy brown (struggled something awful with that color). I then painted the deepest water part a nice turquoise-y blue, shading up to a wet sand color, then eventually ending in a dry sand color near the top of the beach. In the water area I painted a bunch of criss-crossing "ribbons" of white and off-white to represent caustic refractions on the floor of the beach. I bought, from Michael's, a $9 "kit" for making water called SceneArama Ripplin' Water Kit (Actually, I bought one of each of their kits). These kits are great. Made by Woodland Scenics (Train Layout fame) for school projects, these little kits are perfect for my few mini bases that I make. I used "Realistic Water" in thin pours and as each layer dried, I'd tint with increasingly lighter shades of blue-green. Near the top, where the water is roiling about her feet, I waited a few minutes for the "Realistic Water" to set a little, then I teased the stuff with the tip of a toothpick. I started painting little "strands" of foam during the last few pours as well. The final texture was "Water Effects" which is like Acrylic clear modeling paste. I stippled that on near the feet and down the path of some of the painted foam strands. When dry, that was painted white. That's it...pretty simple Thanks again! -AWhang
  4. Thanks Mathew! I've been wondering about that "set" since I saw it advertised on CMON. I'm a big fan of the latest DVDs from Miniature Mentor and was about to test this set. Is there a running commentary while the paint-a-mini demo is running? or is it just nice music as the camera follows her paint? Of the 5 DVDs, how many are devoted to just the paint-a-mini? What is the rest of the time devoted to? She does amazing freehand, does she go into how she paints those? Thanks AWhang
  5. It's huge! Must have been time consuming. Very impressive piece. Great color choices as the rider's flesh tones really pop. -AW
  6. As a stop-gap measure, I pumped up the brightness and edited the original post with the new images. I'm still going to take new shots eventually. Hope that helps a little. -AWhang
  7. I hope to be back to SCAHMS for their 2011 show. We should definitely meet up. I hope KatieG will be able to make it as well. Olliekickflip, you're in SD as well. I hope that you'll be able to make it up this coming March (bring a lot of your stuff...I'd love to see them in person! :) ). Sorry about the pics. They looked fine as I was combining them, but I also noticed that, when I finally got them up on the site, they looked too dark. I'm seriously considering shooting her again...I hate cameras... Thanks AWhang
  8. There's so much going on, I could look at this forever. This is one of those pieces I'd love to see in person. Those up-shots with him framed in the doorway are especially cool! -AW
  9. This is a very cool set. Your color scheme is great. Reminds me of an old "Night Gallery" episode. I'd keep a keen eye on those little guys if I were you! -AW
  10. Very nice work on the Curvaceous Foilbots! And a great paint job (especially those blacks on the jerkin) on Skreed. -AW
  11. Very nice. How are you painting the top half? There is a nice sheen on the brownish section that really works for me. I'm not noticing the sheen on the lower half of the body. It's a nice contrast. -AW
  12. Beautiful piece. Good luck with it! -AW
  13. Beautiful. I really like that smirk on his face. I love the pieces that have character. A great sculpt and a fantastic job bringing that sculpt to life. I'd like to know how you tackled the background. The stonework on the walls really catch my eye. Are you highlighting those cracks and crevasses using a brush or airbrush or...? Amazing. -AW
  14. Those are both awesome. Reminds me of my old tank building days. I still keep up with the armor modeling techniques and they seem to be all about oil pin washes and now powdered pigments. I know that game pieces get handled a lot so the powdered pigments may not be feasible, but your painting seems to recreate a lot of the subtleties that those powders give. Very nice! -AW
  15. Hello all, This is the first time that I've posted in WIP. Usually I just plod along on a project, floundering in the dark only to "call it done" and post in Show Off. This project, however, isn't moving at all for me so I'd thought I'd enlist some help. Here's the "story". I want to depict Lem quietly pondering (what, I have no idea. Where his next meal is coming from?) in a field of tall scrub. It'll be early evening and the fireflies will be out. Some are lit up in the scrub and a few have landed on Lem, strategically illuminating little details here and there. I've started, and I know I don't have the balance correct yet. In fact, many of the "spots" are just roughed in to let me know where the bug is. Please have a look and give me your thoughts and suggestions. I've sort of shelved him, so I really need a jolt of inspiration, a picture, an epiphany about pinpoint light sources in the dark...something, anything. Thanks AWhang
  16. What can I say, I'm on a roll This is another mini that was languishing on my shelf. I actually entered her in the local SCAHMS 2010 California Show. My first Gold Medal! She's one of my favorite sculpts, lots of attitude. I even saw a dwarf version sculpt of her, but not offered by PP! As always, comments and critiques welcomed. Thanks for looking AWhang edit: pumped up brightness on image. Hopefully, things look a little clearer.
  17. Hello all, I haven't done this in a while...and it's not even related to an exchange! (That's coming in a few days I hope). This is one that I actually completed last year sometime. I just had forgotten to take pictures. I pulled out my photo gear for the recent exchange and decided to do some catch-up. Only changes I made, and it's not very obvious, was to bend her feet so she'd be up on her tippie-toes. I wanted to justify those calves I'd love to hear any comments and critiques you might have. Hope you like her. Thanks AWhang
  18. In the mail (cheer!) Should get to the recipient in 3-4 days. I'll throw it into Show Off when I get word it's arrived. Thanks Shakandara and Reaper for another great exchange! I still wish there was a way to combine all the exchange final pictures into one nice thread so I didn't have to search high and low. Is everyone using a common subject line when putting their projects into Show Off (E.G. 2010 Summer Exchange, my exchange piece for so-and-so)? Some sort of search handle that we could use? Thanks AWhang
  19. I had trouble accessing my PM's so I couldn't get my recipient's address (yeah, yeah, excuses excuses). I'll mail it out first thing tomorrow AM. Promise :) Thanks AWhang
  20. Whew, so I'm not the only one. I'm also a bit late. I'm hoping to get this wrapped up within a week. @JimL - that guy looks pretty sweet. @ATM - more like "The poor recipient will be doing the 'happy dance' all over his/her walls..." -AW
  21. Just checking in. My first attempt has me a bit worried...I'm afraid I'm not quite up to what I envisioned (reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbs strip..."my mind is trying to kill me" ). Also, a bit of a life changing event in my RL has me scrambling. I've just picked up another mini and I've got my fingers crossed...where's my calendar?! -AW
  22. What Heisler said... Lots of Historical painters use acrylics as a base coat, then use oils over the top. Oils are usually applied very thin and the blending process can reveal the surface beneath, so a similar base coat helps hide bare spots. Since acrylic paints won't dissolve with the solvents used in oil painting, it's great as a base coat. Horses really look nice in oils because of the slight sheen oils can have (like acrylics, you can control sheen with additives and drying techniques) and the fattiness of the paint leaves slight brush strokes which gives the impression of hairs. If acrylics go over oils, the oils should be completely dry. Check out Hisorical mini sites for tuts and tips for oil painting. -AW
  23. cookjimjr, I know how you feel. I've missed a few myself. You can tag a forum topic or forum category so you get email notifications whenever a new entry is made, I believe (I've used this to successfully track a specific thread of interest only). Navigate to the specific thread, or in the case of exchanges, navigate to the category "Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests". At the top there is a button called "Watch this topic". If you click that, you're given options for notifications whenever an entry is made. This can be overwhelming for really popular categories (like Show Off) but Mini Exchanges and Paint Contests isn't heavily trafficked so you'll only need to do minimal email clean-ups...but the up side is, when the next exchange comes 'round, you'll be notified To clear a "watched" topic, you'll need to go into your "Settings" or "Profile" (I forget). -AW
  24. Gadzooks! Your work always astounds me. I love the reflected light on the shield. The white of the snow reflecting up to the shield is a great device to help make that design pop out. Am I also seeing gold reflecting off the ax onto the undersides of the helmet horn? Painted or actual reflected light? I honestly can't tell. Beautiful! -AW
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