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  1. Thanks JimL. That's the first time I was actually pleased with an NMM weapon of mine. I've had moderate success with crowns or buckles. From certain angles I think it actually looks OK. I really need to sit down with someone who knows what they're doing sometime and learn NMM proper. Glad you like the base. The practicality of it is the almost inch long pin needed to secure this guy buried in all that cork . (Oops, there goes the magic) @MamaG and Amalor Myrnnyx - Many thanks! -AW
  2. Yes there is a reason, and it is clever. You big tease you... -AW
  3. Glitter and Roderic are amazing, especially for the size that they are! I especially like the almost translucent effect you get at the tips of Glitter's wings. Your technique is truly amazing. (in a whisper...but Shaelin is still one of my all time favorite paint-ups ever!). -AW
  4. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm really glad that you like my take on the warrior. He was a bit bigger than what I'm used to painting from Reaper but that meant it was easier to modify. This Reaper catalog has some great pix of the guy as he comes out of the blister. I was mainly concerned with how flat he looked straight out of the box. I know that's mostly a casting issue but subtle bends here and there helped a lot. The other thing that caught my attention were the empty hands. I know if my deity granted me 4 hands and I was a warrior, those hands would be filled . I added a staff to fill two and was actually toying with the idea of a primitive set of bolas balls whirling about his head (that's to explain that awkwardly raised hand...taadaa). @Kang, LOL. About those chocolate chip cookies...I definitely need to study more 'shroom reference. After pinning the wings in I had large gaps at the root of the wings. The shoulders are covered in scales so I needed to sculpt those back in. Greenstuff balls were wrapped around the heads of two pins. After 5-10 minutes (harden a bit) I pressed the balls of G.S. into the scale patterns on the thighs. Now I had negative impressions. After the G.S. tool cured I puttied up the wing roots with more G.S., then used the "tools" to press in the scales. When done, I just had to include them somewhere on the model . The base is just stacked layers (4) of cork board. One corner was cut away to expose the cliff face. I used a spare white metal base (for weight, this guy is heavy) and cut it's corner as well. Flat faces were finished with plaster of paris and sanded smooth. The rocks are from a $5.00 bag of cork chips that I found at Michael's (great deal BTW! Save your cork sheets for the ground). Further ground work was done with layers of PVA glue a sand. I use three distinct sizes of sand which helps with scale IMO. Start with the larger grains. When dry, more diluted glue and smaller grains between the larger grains. Lastly, a finer grain to fill holes (got mine from San Diego beaches). Static grass on top, a thin layer of fibers from a kitchen scrubbing pad just under the surface to represent grass roots exposed by the eroding cliff and Done! Whew, that was long winded. Thanks again everyone! -AW
  5. Hmm, my paint table is a secretary desk, one of those tables with a folding lid that, when opened, extends the work surface. I've mounted a light on the underside of the top. Now your light cabinet has me considering lining the interior surfaces with white contact paper. I really like how the light bounces around and sort of diffuses itself. Thanks Tenebrien for some great ideas. -AW
  6. I got confirmation that Shakandara received his mini safe and sound so I'd like to share some images. This was especially neat (and nerve wracking) because this was his DYOM mini...that is, he designed this mini. I made a few modifications, tried to fill his many hands, spread him out a little as he's cast very flat. I got my color inspiration from his description (and I'm paraphrasing), "they come in all colors, even black and white". I thought I'd lean toward "black and white", but it all started sliding into the brownish tones. Those two strange mushrooms at the back of the base...those were actually tools I made to help me re-sculpt some of the lost scales after puttying up the wing joints Hope you like him/it. All comments, critiques, constructive criticisms welcome. -AW
  7. Sophie is amazing. It's impressive how quickly you can paint! Creamy skin and beautiful hair, as always. On the Sheik, I really like the use of off whites and how everything remains distinct even though they are close in color. A really wonderful piece! -AW
  8. A very nice piece. I'm currently working on the same one and I had also picked a bluish green skin tone. I've yet to tackle the thin stringy bits...I'm having a hard time figuring out what half that stuff is. You did a great job of picking out all that detail, and soo cleanly too! Whomever the recipient, I'm sure they'll enjoy her.
  9. Beautiful. Really like the jewel, metal work, and freehand on the horn. -AW
  10. Mine's in the mail. Fingers crossed that it gets to its destination in one piece. I'll post some pix once I get confirmation that it has arrived and the new owner has had a look. Thanks again Shakandara for putting this exchange together! -AW
  11. Welcome back! Looking forward to your posts and, hopefully, some minis when time permits. All in good time though. -AW
  12. I've been using plaster of paris. I bought a big bag for something (I've now forgotten). I mix up about a spoonful for each plastic base I use. Very easy to sand and adds a little extra heft to the whole mini. Michaels would have casting plaster which probably would last you ages. Glue a little fuzzy "velvet" textured paper to the underside and then paint on your logo (I'm using markers for my initials). Very cheap and easy to do. -AW
  13. Mini is finished. Photos tonight and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow AM. Whew! -AW
  14. And that lucky recipient is... Me! After a long Friday, I found a box waiting for me. Thanks Diamond Shark for making my Day. He's even more impressive in person! I've never tried painting a tartan, but you did it beautifully. He gets an honored position with my growing exchange collection! Thanks! -AW
  15. Thank you Diamond Shark! Got home after a long day and found the "most dynamic mini " waiting for me :) He's a beaut. Again, Thanks for a great mini, great paint-up, and making my day. -AW
  16. That's a beautiful piece MG. Lots of little details that, under less skilled hands, would just turn into mush. Even with your muted colors, the items all seem to pop and hold their own, but without overwhelming the figure. Great work! -AW
  17. Wow, this is one of the most dynamic mini's I've seen in a while. That's a very lucky recipient! -AW
  18. I actually built something similar following the specs given in his article. It was terribly under powered and labored when trying to shake up a Vallejo or similar dropper bottle. In fact, I was getting a strong burning smell which started to raise red flags with me. I eventually bought something like this. It's a laboratory vortex mixer. I found mine second hand on the internet for about $45-$60 many years ago. Very rugged and it'll shake the beeswax out of even the stubbornest paints. I just go until I hear the happy rattle of my agitators (glass beads and lead shot). No rubber bands to fiddle with, just press the bottle to the rubber cap and hold on. -AW
  19. I have high hopes that I'll be finished by Deadline date. I'll probably mail shortly late of the date. Fingers and toes crossed. -AW
  20. Just checking in. I'm still working on it... I should be done by the deadline. -AW
  21. Try Michael's. They've got a selection of 1" wooden disks that can make great bases and won't scratch badly. -AW
  22. what Wren said...I'd only add... try and unload your brush onto a towel or blotter. I test a glaze on my thumbnail. A swipe of the brush should leave a nice even film on your nail that dries fairly quickly (with or without blowing on the nail). If it pools on your nail, it may pool on your mini and if you're not fast enough, may leave rings and other splotches. -AW
  23. Gotta finish my Exchange mini next, but if you're starting in Jan...I'm in... think... think... think... -AW
  24. I'd like to add my congrats to all the finalists, winners, and participants...and Reaper (for hosting a great contest). As I said before, it must have been tough to narrow down that field to only ten. Very inspirational entries. So much so, that I'm planning on re-purposing my entry into a larger scene for next year :) Yep, I'm starting already Big thumbs up for the voting system! I didn't feel any twinge of guilt after I submitted my votes which is great. Looking forward to next year. -AW
  25. Definitely better, but it's still a bit dark. I'm afraid my comments may not reflect the work that you actually have done so take it with a grain (or cellar) of salt. I like the skin tone chosen for this piece. I think you could bring up the contrast (lighten the highlights and go deeper with some shadows) to help the facial features pop. He's sculpted with a very prominent brow and strong cheek bones, which would benefit from some highlights. The leather work looks very nice. If anything, I'd try to pick a different color for the hair. To me it's reading metallic, much like the weaponry. Lastly, I'd punch up the base a bit. Gotta give it a little love too, just to help ground the mini and give him a context. Those broccoli bases are way too generic. Glad to see you posting minis again! -AW
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