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  1. Any thoughts on the Exchange summary page? How many are still pending? Would anyone know if an entry can be reshuffled to always sit at the top of a thread? If there is a complete list of participants and their recipients, I could attempt a first stab at setting up the base entry. I'm guessing if I start the summary entry, I'd be the only one that can edit it to include links? -AW
  2. Mini bought, repositioned, base being considered. Hmm...I may take a little detour over to the Halloween comp. Hopefully get something in on time . Ha Ha...hm...may be not. -AW
  3. I don't know if this has made the rounds but it's an interesting site that helps explain some of the muscles in the face. This might be a bit in-depth for the scale that minis are in, but a good foundation in musculature can't hurt. Fun to mess around with as well -AW
  4. If there's space, please count me in as well. How did I miss this this morning?! -AW
  5. You can always look at this as a potential modular piece. The next bit of cardbd you get can be used to level down along the sheer edges. The only problem might be the water feeding the water fall. Maybe the piece that butts up against the top level (E3) can hold the sacred fountain head that feeds the pool below...a fitting monument to serve as a battle objective? An up hill battle forcing the attacker to split forces against a smaller defending force...? ramble, ramble... -AW
  6. Impressive piece! How big are these anyways? My only suggestion would be to darken the base/rocky/footing section. I think the darker that is, the more grounded / weighty the piece will feel. Right now, I'm afraid he looks like he'll topple over at the slightest touch. Very interesting color choices too. I really like your treatment of the "nozzles" on his jet pack. -AW
  7. Love the skin tones that you've got going! Funny how the male is clothed...nope, no gratuitous nudity here, nope I too am curious about your butterflies. Great job on the wing shapes and beautifully painted! Spring is in the air... As always, your base work really enhances your subjects. -AW
  8. Wow, that's an intense glare you managed on him! I agree with everyone about your color choices...they work really well. So...what is making it's way to shore?... -AW
  9. Color me green with envy. Last time I painted in a group was when I worked the paint and take for the last LA Gen Con...sigh! Good times... -AW
  10. Very nice work on these two. The reference for the gray seems to show a warmer gray. It might be the photos (or more likely, my monitor) but your gray seems on the cool side. I think the suggestion for some light glazing of warmer browns, if indeed kept very light and thin, might enhance both the blending and maybe warm up the cool-ness of the grays. And a tiny nitpick (probably something just to file away for next time)...you can snip off those odd rectangular pieces below the off-white's front right paw and the gray's rear right paw...I think those are just channels to help the flow of molten metal during casting, probably wouldn't effect the wolves' stability any. I'm sure the first wolf will be happy now that the whole pack is back together again -AW
  11. Beautiful. I really enjoyed watching this come together on the WIP. I heard that your numbers don't really start reflecting the work properly until you get near the 50-60 votes stage. You've got a ways to go yet so I wouldn't worry. I'm watching your next project with great expectations! (no pressure ). Thanks for some really nice eye candy. -AW
  12. Those are absolutely amazing! The closeups especially! I may have missed this elsewhere, but what are you using for your dip? if I might ask. Wow. -AW
  13. I just had a chance to see the original Rocketeer costume this weekend! That Space Monkey is amazing! Actually, all of these are cool. It's always fun to see what you come up with next! -AW
  14. Nice attempt at the freehand. I actually find painting molded on "flourish" more difficult than straight freehand on a flat surface. Once you get stuff actually modeled on, you need to start addressing the edges of the raised decoration...that always seems to ruin the clean lines that I'm after. I like how you painted the rocks on the base as well. -AW
  15. Boy, this mini takes me back...I now have that annoying song stuck in my head too. Ratz! Great job with the little beady red eyes and texture on the wood. You also did a fine job differentiating the brown tones, keeping items separate and identifiable, even though they're all similarly colored. Gad! how I struggle with that! -AW
  16. I agree, nice smooth applications of paint. Looks like you've got some washes going on on the metal parts. After a dark wash, try going back with the original color and (with thinned paint, I use 3:1 water to paint, unload most of your paint so the brush is just moist) start bringing back the majority of the surfaces, leaving the cracks, recesses and joints darkened. Then try highlighting the proud surfaces (or surfaces facing your imagined light source). This will help get some depth into the surfaces and help distinguish pieces. A great start to a neat piece! -AW
  17. A fun treatment for these two fellows. With their contrasting hair color, I can almost see them working their mayhem as a pair. Mr. Kidd and Mr. Winter, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar... Fun. -AW
  18. A beautiful piece. The base work and color choices are wonderful! Pyreos is indeed lucky. -AW
  19. I had bought a set of Pearlex Powders many eons ago...yet to use them. I'm very curious to see what your experience and research turns up. -AW
  20. Weight might also be an issue. Something that large might need to be based on thin plywd or masonite bd. I'm coming from the perspective of a fine art student that had to do a lot of early acrylic painting on large sheets of cardbd (too early to start investing in canvas). D3 is absolutely correct about warping! We gesso'd our cardbd front and back (to even out warping) but when any medium thicker than just watered down paint was used we could expect significant bowing...wouldn't lay down flat. Later, in architecture school, we'd use cardboard for sketch models. If we built up terrain in topo sections, the warpage would be minimum because the stacking would strengthen and the weight would flatten the project. However, beware when you start applying layers of PVC to apply flocking! That moisture may start the boards warping. May I suggest getting a largish sheet of masonite (MDF?) as a base and use the cardboard sheet as your building material...cutting walls or terrain levels from that. The MDF will keep the project flat, the cardboard will keep it light, and cutting cardboard is easy with a sharp hobby knife (so it should go fast too). YMMV. Good luck and I'm curious to see what you come up with! -AW
  21. He's really starting to pop! I don't know if it's the sculpt, but the chest (pectoral muscles) is looking like plate armor. I think it's because the highlights near the sternum drops off so quickly into shadow, making the muscles look sharp, almost like nmm chest armor. The muscle group following the curve of the ribcage looks to be doing the same. Probably a stylistic issue as someone already mentioned, but softening those edges would make those muscles look more natural. Love the treatment on the fur so far. I'm following this closely and really looking forward to see it come all together. Any thoughts on basing? -AW
  22. Looking good as usual D3. How did you end up rubbing off the detail in his face?! During clean-up? Can't wait to see where you take him. -AW
  23. Wow! That is very impressive for a first attempt at NMM. I really like how clean and crisp everything is, and your composition is really nice, from every angle, a very pleasing scene. Love the overlapping outcroppings. It's a striking scene. I'm tempted to ask for closer pixs...I want to see if that eagle has a fish in its talons or not Beautiful -AW
  24. Hedgehog, Have you looked into Reaper's Learning to paint kits? Paints, instructions, minis, brushes all included for a very reasonable fee. A great way to try out the hobby without breaking the bank and a solid starting point for growing your paint collection. Have a look in the Reaper Miniatures site. Good luck! -AW
  25. Thanks Whiz, Kang, and MG! I'm glad that a little of that expression came through. -AW
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