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  1. That's looking good! But then, most of your work does. These guys (rather, their 40K cousins) are what I first started painting when I discovered game minis 6 years ago...they're small and packed with character. I'm looking forward to the finishing touches. -AW
  2. Turned out awesome! It's busy, but very clean. You managed to separate each item beautifully. Your friend should be absolutely thrilled! -AW
  3. Another of my favorites. A great job using found objects (that front wave had me scratching my head until I read how you accomplished that!). I also agree that your work on the hair really stands out! Good luck in the contest! -AW
  4. Very nice conversion. Very animated and homogeneous. If you hadn't mentioned that it was a conversion, I would have thought I could pick one of these up at my FLGS! I also really like your shield...good job with the concentric circles and star...that must have been really tricky! I'll be looking for this one when voting time comes! -AW
  5. Nice work on both minis, although I think the elf is more successful because of the blending in the cloak (you did a bang-up job on the cloak!) and his eyes. The viking mini could use a little of that attention on the more stark highlights. Good luck in the Contest! -AW
  6. Nice work on those stars and stripes. I know what a pain those are to do, but you did a great job keeping them similar in size and clean. Good luck! -AW
  7. Those are both very cool! I bet they'd be great for all sorts of interesting color combinations. Thanks Shakandara! -AW
  8. Very nice and menacing! I would like to see a little more of the eyes. I think they're currently a bit dark or maybe just out of focus? If you could punch those up a bit, that would really help make the face pop. -AW
  9. DS, I usually try and hit Pegasus Hobbies (Montclair), Brookhurst Hobbies (Garden Grove), or On-line for supplies and minis. I'm not a gamer (barely have time to touch paint to mini these days ) so I just buy stuff and hoard...praying I still have some eyesight left when (or if) I retire What's your shop's name? Are there a lot of gamers in your area? Sarge, I'm with you. I'd probably have to get a few sets myself if those ever came out. How about a whole retro-TV set? (seems to work for Movies ). Gilligan's Island (the original Lost) would be pretty cool too. I think I'm going to have to visit that Chronoscope thread soon. Anne, Thanks for your kind words. The flesh is essentially the Suntan flesh triad with touches of True Blue added in the shadows to help knock down the orangy-ness a little. I highlighted up through the triad then added GW's Bleached Bone. For the wings I was trying to get a more translucent look by throwing in a lot of yellow glazes between the veins...but I'm not really convinced that worked...at least it's not matching what I had in my mind's eye. The base is two slabs of plaster of paris. The lower slab had "rebar" glued into holes I twist-drilled (rebar was plastic rod with thinner wire wrapped criss-crossed and then coated with CA glue. The top slab was just carved using a compass and hobby knife (reversed, so I'm really just scrapping). I think, if I get my enthusiasm up again, I will have to add more debris to the base as it's looking way too clean in the pixs. Thanks again everyone for looking and your comments! -AW
  10. I do most of my painting at night and I do like to have the room lights on. If anything, they brighten the overall ambiance in the room and reduce some of the harsher shadows on the mini, making it much easier for me to see what's going on. I have to correct my earlier post though...I just took a peak and found that I am actually using a compact fluorescent in my floor lamp over my shoulder, but that bulb is still much warmer (in color temperature) than my Ott. I recently (for pictures) put in a Reveal 60w and does that thing give of heat! I think that's why I opted for the CFL. Still, when I walk my mini over to any other light in my house, the mini looks just as I expected, so I guess it's working fine for me. -AW
  11. Man, I wish I had looked at this thread earlier this month. What you've accomplished on these wings were exactly what I had envisioned for something I was fiddling with. The last image has the veins just where I was shooting for...they really look like they're under the surface and not just painted on top! And, the rest of the membrane is still very vibrant and un-muddied. Very cool! -AW
  12. I really like your color choices! Everything seems very clear and clean so far. Especially looking forward to see Kristianna painted up. -AW
  13. I agree with everyone else. I think that the direction you're going looks great! Fine tuning can always happen later, when you can better judge the effects of one color or item against another. Just keep on keep'n on! -AW
  14. Thanks Beo, Yeah, I've really got to work on my time management. There's always the next one right? Hey DS, I'm just east of LA. Monterey Park. I work over in Culver City. Any good hobby/game stores in your area? Hey Sarge, Now wouldn't that be perfect for Chronos.? A guy talking in his shoe and a hottie agent (99 could be an easy conversion) standing next to a mail box (agent 13). I'd love to see Siegfried and Starker too "Starker...This is KAOS, vee don't PFPHTTT here!" Thanks guys AWhang
  15. Well, last night was a big rush, but it looks like I missed that deadline. Oh well, there's always next time I learned a valuable lesson...photos take a lot of time to take, even more time to correct (until I learn to use batch commands) and even more time to cull through. And, Texas / CST is 2 hrs ahead of California However, I did put up links to the mini over in the Show Off section, so have a look and please leave comments and crits. I know I need them (durn'd contrast! I'll never get that right). Now, back to my exchange mini, which I've been neglecting since July -AW
  16. Whoops! You're right about that J! I'll fix that right now. Thanks AWhang
  17. Ack, I missed the deadline for the Summer Contest (10:58PST, rats) BUT... I would appreciate any comments and suggestions. Hey, at least this is my first Show Off in...years! I know I'm still not getting the contrast I want. I didn't hit it with dull-coat yet. That might have helped. Link 1 for Nudity Thanks Jabberwocky for reminding me about the links. Thanks for looking and good luck to all the entries. Next time. -AW Oh yeah, Born on the Fourth, celebrating in her Birthday Suit...get it...I'm sleepy. She started as Bob Ridolfi's Alura the Temptress (03341). I added the Hat, Bow tie, Cuffs, and gave her longer wing "thumbs" to hold the flag and fireworks. The base is a representation of the Capitol's Rotunda Floor...I couldn't think of a "fitting" setting, so I went with the first thing that popped in my head. No disrespect intended to our Gov't.
  18. This is a very cool little mini! Is it a Reaper? I don't recognize it for some reason? I think a controlled wash into the crevasses and hollows might really make her pop without having to invest too much additional time. Because she's pretty much all in the same shade of blue, some shading in her chitin? would help the separations read better...especially from a little distance. Very nice job on the basing as well! It looks in scale and is that a little mushroom I see? -AW
  19. This brings up a question I've always had...assuming that we wanted to cast these creations, I had always heard that the casting process tends to deform the end result in very predictable ways (or maybe not so predictable?). If we knew the plane that the mold halves will be in, are there certain dimensions or body parts that need to be bulked up or thinned down to counteract the casting process? Ironhammer, I really like your knight mini. That looks like a lot of fun to paint. 18th C. Officer/Gentleman's extended arm could use a little additional definition to help locate the elbow. I know his coat is of a heavy material, but maybe some creases would help pinpoint that joint. Very nice work on the details though...you've done your research! Do you start by roughing out the underlying body shapes (E.G. a rough but anatomically correct arms and legs) before you apply clothes or do you sculpt everything all in one go? I'm in awe of you guys who can sculpt full figures! I find it frustratingly hard just doing simple conversions. -AW
  20. OK, Up until 2:30am today! Into work at 8:00am. Whoohoo...why's my cube spinning?! 2hrs tonight for photography and downloading. My entry is very much like Harbinger's...I guess brilliant minds think alike Succubus (Alura, Ridolfi version) celebrating her BDay, 4th of July...yes, in her Birthday Suit...and accessories. Fingers crossed that all goes well tonight. Thanks AWhang
  21. Sweet ambush scheme on the Tiger! And at 15mm?! Your friend's first attempt is also enviable. Keep up the good work! -AW
  22. Welcome Shawn350! Really impressive paint ups! I really like the Paladin's colors and your execution makes him pop. I too like what you did for the cloak and shield. The swapping weapons is a nice touch. Incidentally, I recognize Game Empire in Pasadena. Another fellow So. Californian! Again, welcome and I'm looking forward to seeing more. -AW
  23. Morning Kit, I read that the Contest Thread would be locked July 31st. Does that mean I need to have my entry uploaded by tonight (12 midnight Thurs July 30th) or do I have until Friday (12 midnight Frid July 31st)...or somewheres in between? Time is my enemy right now Many Thanks -AW Edit: Never mind...I reread the initial post and found the answer...and that I was off on my cut-off info completely... "This thread will be locked August 1st, 2009 (1 minute after midnight, CST, in fact). Then our staff will pick the best 10 entrants." Thanks AW
  24. Haahaa. I thought I had read "Nothing like 400lb, Elvis Princess Karyoke!" Wow, this mini is doing all sorts of strange things to my eyes. -AW
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