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  1. These are great! Who manufacturers these miniatures?
  2. These are great - most especially the panda suits! Nailed it!
  3. I'm calling this done. A good friend made the base - which helped set the stage for this fearsome beast. (Model from Pacesetter Games). Fun to paint!
  4. I really like them both - the troll though, is tops. Love the subtle colors.
  5. Crazy is good, especially for a pitchfork wielding peasant!
  6. I really need to learn how to do that, and do it well. (I have big plans to do the scales right for Ma'al drakar... but am very worried about starting it, because I rush too much!)
  7. Thank you all. I plan on toning down the blue a bit - and also highlighting the scales. Knarthex - I've been enjoying watching your progress on your own. It's looking great!
  8. Here's my WIP Demogorgon (AKA The Lashing Prince) from Pacesetter Games. I'd welcome your comments/ feedback on ways to improve the work. In particular, I'm at a bit of a loss on colors to use to highlight the scales. (I'm also not a huge fan of the clown face effect - but I tried to mirror other paint jobs using a mandril for inspiration - example found at http://www.pacesettergames.com/lashingprince.html). Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the reply Bryan! Economics aside I'd selfishly like to see a "Metal" Kickstarter ("Iron Bones?") just due to the value it would offer. There's something awesome about seeing the momentum behind your kickstarters, and the stretch goals/ add ons offered to backers. Anyway, thanks again - and I look forward to the next KS!
  10. Hey Reaper! I've backed all of your bones kickstarters - and have been very happy with the results. With that said, I still love metal miniatures - and would enthusiastically back a Reaper kickstarter that focused on metal figures. Any chance that could happen?
  11. Love the color choices and highlighting - nice work!
  12. I wish I could highlight as well as you do! This series is great!
  13. This is such a great WIP diorama; it really evokes mood and tells a story instantly. Can't wait to see the final product!
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