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  1. Some day I'm going to put together a dedicated mini painting space and it is going to be AWESOME.

  2. Hi Folks! Been a while since I've worked on a mini. This one is a 7 month belated birthday present for my nephew (yes, I'm a terrible procrastinator). He's Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord, by the talented Bobby Jackson: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/kavorgh/sku-down/14560 I didn't need to do any mods, so I just tidied up flashing and gave him a good scrubbing until he was glimmering! Probably the only time an orc has had a good bath: I failed to take a picture of the next step which was to prime him (I use a brush-on). Then I washed him in black and dry-brushed a bit more white primer to really make all the details POP. Next up was to block out the basic colours. I've assigned skin tone paints to all the minis I have painted for my DragonLance campaign, so I had fun assigned kender, elf, and human leather bits to him: Excuse the flash on this one! I accidentally deletd the non-flash version. Here is Kavorgh with the shading: And then here's the highlighting! I really like how his skin and face have turned out! The final steps will be detail work, touch up, and basing. I have to finish him before I fly to Atlanta at the end of the month, so you'll be seeing more before too long. Stay tuned!
  3. DAYtheELF

    Sandru Vhiski - Swashbuckler bard

    Hey hey! I finally finished painting him! I forgot to take in-progress pics though, sorry about that. So, here he is! I'll do glamour shots after I base him properly later. Too bad you can really only see the chest hair and nose stud with a magnifying glass. *sigh* One of the downsides of painting such small things!
  4. DAYtheELF

    Sandru Vhiski - Swashbuckler bard

    Howdy - I've been sick, and then somehow manage to injure my wrist (not badly - but enough to keep me from painting). I hope I can get back to this guy over the weekend! I hate leaving minis sitting half-done!
  5. DAYtheELF

    Sandru Vhiski - Swashbuckler bard

    Yeah, it's such a fun mini. I had been eyeing him on the website for a while. I was really excited when I finally convinced my fellow player to let me paint him for his character. :) PS - I love the hat addition!
  6. Alright! Now I am working on Sandru Vhiski. We'll be using him for the swashbuckler/bard in our DragonLance campaign. I simply ADORE Martin Jones' paint job of him, so I am going to more-or-less be copying it (although not half as well!). 1. Primed! 2. Base colours blocked out with some of the details, etc. I got interrupted tonight, or I would have got a bit more done. Next up is some touch ups, followed by shading and highlighting. And yes, if you look closely you can see chest hair. ;) Current soundtrack is Little Boots.
  7. DAYtheELF

    Crusaders Cleric - For DragonLance - Updated!

    Thanks! I am trying to be better about using higher contrasts for shadow/light. I used to not shade at all, and then I relied only on washes and dry brushing. Now I am trying to treat it more like my digital art in term of shading and whatnot. Having expanded my range of hues of paints that I own pre-mixed helps a lot. It was painful when all of the colours were hand-mixed. Slowly, slowly, I am getting better at this mini painting thing. :)
  8. DAYtheELF

    Crusaders Cleric - For DragonLance - Updated!

    Update: 02/16/2014 7. Okay! Worked on this more today! Added shadows! 8. And then highlights! Next up, make a sacrifice to the face-gods... 9. That was less painful than expected! Even managed to give him rugged brows, sideburns, and bottom lip! 10. Added text to the book! 11. And he's done! I will base him and do glamor shots later (tomorrow, hopefully). 12. A couple shots from other angles. I never did get pleased with the cloak. From now on I will probably just avoid making anything white that is too big - so very hard to get shade/highlight to work correctly. :( OVERALL: Super pleased with this guy! Definitely one of my best to date!! :) :) :) :)
  9. (Updated photos in the reply below!) Here's my current WIP. He's from the pile o' unpainted minis someone in my gaming group acquired. I was actually able to track down this one: Halbarad, Crusaders Cleric. I wasn't surprised at all to find out he was a sculpt by Klocke, who is turning out to have made nearly all of my favourite sculpts I have come across. :) I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him how awesome he is! Anyways, we are possibly going to use this mini for our human fighter/ Cleric of Kiri-Jolith in our DragonLance campaign. 1. Primed/ shaded and ready to go! 2. Laying down some of the base colours (difficult to see the two tones of silver paints on there). Had a hard time deciding if I wanted his skirt white and cloak blue, or vis-versa. Also, Kiri-Jolith's colours are Brown & White, but we have a lot of brown already in the minis on our table so I made the executive decision to abandon brown overall. 3. His white cloak. I have found that items that are black or white are really hard, because shading/highlighting becomes problematic later... 4. Starting on the details. 5. More of the details. The bronze is a herald back to the brown of Kiri-Jolith. 6. Finally! With the head painted he doesn't seem so oppressively grey. Now that I have all of the base colours down things are coming together. Back in the day I would probably stop about now. However, next I will move on to fine details, shading/highlighting, and touch-ups. Woot! For anyone curious, music I am listening to whilst working on this guy is Imagine Dragons and the soundtracks from SailorMoon. ;)
  10. DAYtheELF

    Warrior - Dry brushing

    Many thanks! I like how it turned out for the armour effect, so I'll definitely be using similiar methods when I next paint an armour-heavy mini. Double-points that it was so fast, too. :)
  11. DAYtheELF

    Warrior - Dry brushing

    I don't know where this mini originally came from. One of the players in my game has a big pile of old minis someone gave him a while back and this was from that stash. We are using him as Crownguard, Knight of Solamnia, an NPC in our DragonLance campaign. As a Knight, his armour should be really fancy, but as an NPC I didn't want to spend the time on him. So, instead I worked on my dry brushing technique! He was *super* fast to paint. I did a base of white primer followed by a black wash. I dry brushed him with white, and then drybrushed on the gold and silver (they don't show up metallic in the photo, but they do in person). A quick splot of paint on his face/hair and he was done! Will probably do this in the future on other NPC minis since it was so quick and easy.
  12. DAYtheELF

    Terezinya, Bone Pander Wizard

    Howdy, it's been a while since I last painted anything due to crazy life stuff. Anyways, I painted Terezinya to use as one of my characters in my DragonLance campaign (she has betrayed the party by joining the Blue Dragon army). I bought her a while back because she looked so neat and I was super excited to finally have a reason to paint her! About the painting: Upsettingly, I accidentally grabbed a gloss sealant instead of my matte one. I didn't realize until it was too late. I tried adding a coating of matte on top, but it didn't help. :( Sad sad sad. I think I need to get some new paints, too. My old acrylics aren't going on very smoothly, and often look rather clumpy/ rough, making tiny stuff especially challenging. Oh, I added a spare bow I had lying around because my character Devla is an archer.
  13. I have discovered that teeny-weeny faces are very very hard to sculpt. This makes painting eyes seem like a piece of cake!

  14. DAYtheELF

    Hobgoblin hero archer - first sculpt ever

    Okay, here is the original with a cast from the broken mold. I washed her with brown so we can see more of the details. Actually, the clone is part of two casts - I added the head and outstretched arm from another of the casts. The mold is pretty dead now and will be trashed. Once I get better supplies I'll attempt re-molding/ re-casting. Stay tuned. *edit* I did a quick paint job on the clone, cuz why not.
  15. DAYtheELF

    Hobgoblin hero archer - first sculpt ever

    I'll have to pass that on to the GM... >:)