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  1. Some day I'm going to put together a dedicated mini painting space and it is going to be AWESOME.

  2. Hi Folks! Been a while since I've worked on a mini. This one is a 7 month belated birthday present for my nephew (yes, I'm a terrible procrastinator). He's Kavorgh, Black Orc Warlord, by the talented Bobby Jackson: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/kavorgh/sku-down/14560 I didn't need to do any mods, so I just tidied up flashing and gave him a good scrubbing until he was glimmering! Probably the only time an orc has had a good bath: I failed to take a picture of the next step which was to prime him (I use a brush-on). Then I washed him in black and dry-brushed a bit more whi
  3. Hey hey! I finally finished painting him! I forgot to take in-progress pics though, sorry about that. So, here he is! I'll do glamour shots after I base him properly later. Too bad you can really only see the chest hair and nose stud with a magnifying glass. *sigh* One of the downsides of painting such small things!
  4. Howdy - I've been sick, and then somehow manage to injure my wrist (not badly - but enough to keep me from painting). I hope I can get back to this guy over the weekend! I hate leaving minis sitting half-done!
  5. Yeah, it's such a fun mini. I had been eyeing him on the website for a while. I was really excited when I finally convinced my fellow player to let me paint him for his character. :) PS - I love the hat addition!
  6. Alright! Now I am working on Sandru Vhiski. We'll be using him for the swashbuckler/bard in our DragonLance campaign. I simply ADORE Martin Jones' paint job of him, so I am going to more-or-less be copying it (although not half as well!). 1. Primed! 2. Base colours blocked out with some of the details, etc. I got interrupted tonight, or I would have got a bit more done. Next up is some touch ups, followed by shading and highlighting. And yes, if you look closely you can see chest hair. ;) Current soundtrack is Little Boots.
  7. Thanks! I am trying to be better about using higher contrasts for shadow/light. I used to not shade at all, and then I relied only on washes and dry brushing. Now I am trying to treat it more like my digital art in term of shading and whatnot. Having expanded my range of hues of paints that I own pre-mixed helps a lot. It was painful when all of the colours were hand-mixed. Slowly, slowly, I am getting better at this mini painting thing. :)
  8. Update: 02/16/2014 7. Okay! Worked on this more today! Added shadows! 8. And then highlights! Next up, make a sacrifice to the face-gods... 9. That was less painful than expected! Even managed to give him rugged brows, sideburns, and bottom lip! 10. Added text to the book! 11. And he's done! I will base him and do glamor shots later (tomorrow, hopefully). 12. A couple shots from other angles. I never did get pleased with the cloak. From now on I will probably just avoid making anything white that is too big - so very hard to get shade/highlight to work co
  9. (Updated photos in the reply below!) Here's my current WIP. He's from the pile o' unpainted minis someone in my gaming group acquired. I was actually able to track down this one: Halbarad, Crusaders Cleric. I wasn't surprised at all to find out he was a sculpt by Klocke, who is turning out to have made nearly all of my favourite sculpts I have come across. :) I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him how awesome he is! Anyways, we are possibly going to use this mini for our human fighter/ Cleric of Kiri-Jolith in our DragonLance campaign. 1. Primed/ shaded and ready to go
  10. Many thanks! I like how it turned out for the armour effect, so I'll definitely be using similiar methods when I next paint an armour-heavy mini. Double-points that it was so fast, too. :)
  11. I don't know where this mini originally came from. One of the players in my game has a big pile of old minis someone gave him a while back and this was from that stash. We are using him as Crownguard, Knight of Solamnia, an NPC in our DragonLance campaign. As a Knight, his armour should be really fancy, but as an NPC I didn't want to spend the time on him. So, instead I worked on my dry brushing technique! He was *super* fast to paint. I did a base of white primer followed by a black wash. I dry brushed him with white, and then drybrushed on the gold and silver (they don't show up m
  12. Howdy, it's been a while since I last painted anything due to crazy life stuff. Anyways, I painted Terezinya to use as one of my characters in my DragonLance campaign (she has betrayed the party by joining the Blue Dragon army). I bought her a while back because she looked so neat and I was super excited to finally have a reason to paint her! About the painting: Upsettingly, I accidentally grabbed a gloss sealant instead of my matte one. I didn't realize until it was too late. I tried adding a coating of matte on top, but it didn't help. :( Sad sad sad. I think I need to get some new
  13. I have discovered that teeny-weeny faces are very very hard to sculpt. This makes painting eyes seem like a piece of cake!

  14. Okay, here is the original with a cast from the broken mold. I washed her with brown so we can see more of the details. Actually, the clone is part of two casts - I added the head and outstretched arm from another of the casts. The mold is pretty dead now and will be trashed. Once I get better supplies I'll attempt re-molding/ re-casting. Stay tuned. *edit* I did a quick paint job on the clone, cuz why not.
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