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  1. So, the toothbrushes in the box. My Mom has very specific needs in toothbrushes that are not easily found. Though they may say that a toothbrush is a certain "firmness" it is often inconsistent as to exactly what that means across brands. So she buys multi packs, in case they are the right firmness for her. This means she often has several extras if she picks wrong. So, I threw them in the box so folks can have cheap mini cleaning brushes. GF
  2. Excellent choices. The dice are from Gatekeeper Gaming's Halfsies line. I got the decals from an Etsy shop. If anyone wants to know which one, go ahead and PM me for the deets. Same goes for the pins. And don't forget to check the "Flash Drive O' Doom" @Fire_Eyes GF
  3. Not expecting to get anything else done before next month so.. I have succeeded at every task I listed for the month!!!! YAY! GF
  4. THE BOX HAS BEEN SENT!!! @Fire_Eyes should keep a look out for it soon. GF
  5. @Fire_Eyes @Lidless Eye @Gamingdog @SamuraiJack @Wyvernfire Group Paint Mini has been primered. Putting finishing touches on the Flash Drive O' Doom. Finally, One importent thing have yet to mention... I have a cat now. Nightshade is currently shedding a lot. I think she is allergic to something. Haven't figured out what yet. So my BoGW might have some amount of cat fur or dander inside. If you have bad reactions to either, be warned. GF
  6. So, here is the group paint mini. Gonna primer it tonight. hoping to mail the box out this week as I have a couple other packages to mail. GF
  7. @Fire_Eyes @Lidless Eye @Gamingdog @SamuraiJack @Wyvernfire So, I've got my box nearly ready. I usually have a vote on the group paint mini but since due to the circumstances of this BoGW, I made an executive decision to just pick something. So, the group paint mini will be a 3D Printed Warforged Magic User I have. I'm gonna give it some primer and finish setting up the box. GF
  8. Yay! Gonna go through my box one more time then to check it over. Also, I've picked the short list of group paint mini options. GF
  9. Yeah. Fixing that now. GF @Marc It is mostly a reminder/suggestion thing.
  10. So, this is techniquely a picture but more just a neat thing to talk about. This is a scan of the rules I wrote for my box that I though might be a good example for folks. Also, I get to show off my terrible handwriting and fancy emotes. GF
  11. I'm in! Where: South Central Pennsylvania International: Nope Box Starter: Yes!!! Also, @Chaoswolf the copy paste for the rules has a small error. Near the end it mentions round 8. this is not round 8. GF EDIT: I'm also willing to be the beginners box starter, if needed.
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