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  1. Welcome! You did a pretty good job with you first mini. Definately got good brush control already and that is a very importent skill to have this early! A couple bits of advice. 1: Leave your first mini as is. Later on you will want to see how far you have come in your skills and being able to compare your most recent to your first is helpful. 2: Try stuff! Make mistakes! Learn from them! Paint a Manticore purple! Make a skeleton army bright pink! Turn Strahd into Count Chocula! Have fun! Anywho, welcome to the cult, uh, I mean hobby. Yeah. Hobby. GF
  2. Windows 10 and Firefox here. HP laptop with intel CORE i3 8th gen.
  3. The looting has completed! I found so much stuff I wanted! I think I found at least as much as I got from every previous box!! Combined! Thank You to everyone that was a part of my box this time! I really needed this now. GF
  4. GF box arrived on Friday. Planning on looting it tonight. GF
  5. Glad you are enjoying the box! Have fun saving the day with the Bat Dice! GF
  6. Sorry about the delays. Stuff happened and my sleep schedule got flipped so I wasn't awake when the post office was. Finally got it to a point where I could send it. Box is away. No group paint mini this round. Added extra stuff for everyone. Don't forget to write/draw in the journal! GF
  7. Is that Luna and Trelawny in the HP Nano-figs? Nice. GF
  8. All good advice. I can only add one thing to this. Get a routine for checking mirrors and looking around. I usually listen to music while driving, so I got in the habit of checking my mirrors every verse or looking around every line or two. Eventually, it just became a part of my head bopping rhythm completely. GF
  9. So, update on my situation. First off, Finally got an appointment for my cataract surgery. March 5th. Second, Need a new flat rate box. BAD. Old one isn't being held together by packing tape so much as being packing tape held together by some cardboard! Lastly, I'm expecting a delivery of some miniature related items tomorrow. Some of which might end up in the box depending on things. So, Box should go out Monday. GF
  10. Sorry. Something came up last minute that will delay the box a couple more days. Nothing big or bad, just time consuming and exausting. Plan is to send on Wednesday atm. GF
  11. Time has lost all meaning. It is 5 O'Clock everywhere. All of eternity has been compressed into a single instant. Ultimicia has won. So, Final Fantasy 8 joke aside, I forgot Monday is a holiday here in the states! So, box will go out Tuesday or Wednesday. Spending Monday going through the box one more time. GF
  12. @Mad Jack @slimninj4 @Keianna @[email protected] Welcome to Generic Fighter's Box of Goodwill version ??.0! Planning to go through the old box one more time before sending it out. If there is anything you folks are especially interested in, let me know. I'm gonna send it out by next Monday the 18th. Also, I will include a group paint mini too. Slap some paint on it. Try to do so as well as you can but no problem if you don't. Just do your best. GF
  13. Congratulations on surviving an additional orbit of the giant ball of nuclear fire! Hoping you manage it many more times! GF
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