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  1. There is a very, good reason I refer to it as "The US Postal System Soccer League!" This is it. :P GF
  2. Generic Fighter

    Box of Many Things Exchange Mini WiP

    So, been sick. But progress has happened! GF
  3. Generic Fighter

    Happy Birthday Generic Fighter

    Thank you to everybody that gave me birthday wishes! GF
  4. Generic Fighter

    Bones 4 Chibi Barbarian

    "Ah, it looks like Sheega of the Hinterlands got a bit carried away with the warpaint for today's raid." GF
  5. Generic Fighter

    Talk Like a Pirate Day 2019

    Aye, I've become a pirate true! I've gotten the Yarr-thritis it seems! GF P.S.: for some pirate themed fun, check out the following... --music artists-- Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew Alestorm
  6. My box is nearly ready and can be made so in about 2 weeks tops! GF
  7. So, when is the next one of these? GF
  8. Generic Fighter

    Box of Many Things Exchange Mini WiP

    So, I'm working on a miniature for my Box of Many Things exchange partner, more commonly known as a "Thinger" among those long time participants. This happens on the Twitters and you can search for it by sticking one those hashtag/pound sign/number sign thingies in front of BoxofManyThings in the search thingy there. Basically, it is like a Secret Santa type thing for geeks and nerds that happens every couple months. Sign ups for the next one should start near the end of October, if you are interested. Anywho, my "Thinger" is interested in, among other things, Medusas. So, since I'm kind of not up to much due to a severe lack of AC at my place, I've decided to try to distract myself from the fact I am alternating between melting and immolating at this time by making a custom mini and painting it. Also, attempt to chronicle it too. GF
  9. Generic Fighter

    "Animal Crossing" ReaperCon 2019 Dark Sword Diorama

    So show of hands. Who else thought of the video game of that name and expected something of that sort? GF
  10. Generic Fighter

    Rough Riders on Segways

    @Rat13 I showed the pictures to Tim Gatehouse, the owner of my FLGS, Gatehouse Games. His reaction was that he recognized the meme that was posted by @Glitterwolf. His reaction to the pictures of your actual work were of incredulous amusement. GF
  11. Generic Fighter

    Rough Riders on Segways

    Will do! Assuming my head is still attached to the rest of me and that I have not been burned at the stake for my "Heresy!" GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    And purchased!
  13. Generic Fighter

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    I'm checking the New Releases banner. GF
  14. Generic Fighter

    SWAG Bags for sale when? If?

    same here. GF