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  1. Please don't use big words that make my brain meats hurt! :P But seriously, Thanks. GF
  2. Yeah. I could use one! Thanks to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday(or will later). GF
  3. "No One Insults MY Grandbabies!" Been playing a Thri-Kreen fighter that is also a grandma. It is SO fun! GF
  4. I learned painting from the Owner of my FLGS, who is a gamer too. He said that the best way to improve your painting skills is to repeat the same technique on several of the same mini. After each, the next is done better. You can improve on it to the point that the next time you use that technique you have muscle memory of how to do it. He said that 5 copies is the least you should do for this to work. GF
  5. If you are looking for inspiration for Mumak, I would reccomend doing an image search for... Shin megami tensei persona ganesha or Shin megami tensei persona girimehkala both are elephant like. And different enough from real world elephants too. Recommend turning on safe search, though. SMT/Persona has a few, interesting designs. Do NOT Image search for "Great Mara" anywhere other people are or you will regret it! But the series has a lot of cool looking creature art that can be a really good source of inspiration. GF
  6. Congratulations on your Level Up! Hope you got some cool new stuff this Level! GF
  7. This just needs the old Reaper Snow Goons as...targets. GF
  8. As the title says, I NEED ideas for titles. Bad! Also, hobby Goals and crap. GF
  9. My box has returned. Opened it to check out the journal and group paint mini. Will do a more thorough job later on. Tried to take pictures of the group paint mini but my camera isn't working anymore. GF
  10. @Marvin Why do you hate my wallet? Just Asking. GF
  11. @Wyvernfire I see you got the box last. Would like an update. LMK. Thanks. GF
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