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  1. Yeah, I agree. The only reason I brought this stuff up was so we might be prepared in case it happens sometime. Mostly because I'm an obsessive over preparer, especially for gaming stuff. As a D&D DM, I notoriously over prepare to a ridiculous degree! I'll take days working on every possible thing my Players might do only to have them do something I didn't expect at all about 5-10 minutes in to the session, usually that will redirect the session in another, unexpected direction for much of the session too! GF
  2. Well, I think the first option I gave was more likely by far but the second is one we should be ready for, just in case. Especially since it has happened before. Perhaps we should discuss this thoroughly before the next BoGW happens so we have an idea of what to do if something of this sort happens again. GF
  3. Generic Fighter

    I`m back

    I myself am Actually Autistic, That is the current way most of us prefer to be referred to as. I am an Aspie, someone that has Aspergars, a type of autism. GF
  4. Check my previous post for the edited info. GF
  5. I think we should wait a few more days, just in case @Obi John27 had a big distracting thing happen that has taken up their time and attention for a while. So, maybe we should wait until, say, Saturday or so. Also, I'll contact the next in line after them to get an address too. I'll PM it to you if needed. GF EDIT: So I checked Obi John27's activity and he hasn't been back since making his only post on this forum. That is potentially worrisome to me. So either he had life hit him HARD right afterwards or he was attempting to scam us to get "Phat Loot". So I'm making an Executive Decision right now! We will skip him for now and place him at the end of the list instead. If he shows up before then and explains what happened, we will send the box to him before it goes back to me. @AHY79 contact @Pineapple for an address and send the box to them.
  6. Generic Fighter

    I`m back

    Sweet! A fellow actually Autistic! And we missed each other by a few months back in the day. I joined in December 2012. Wow, you've got some excellent skills! If even half of them are still around, you have twice or more than I do! Anywho, welcome back! GF
  7. Do however much or little you want to on it! I did the translucent blue magic effect, so complete the paintjob if you can! It would be nice to get one of these back completed for a change! I'm always afraid I'm gonna ruin someone's hard work if I try, so I don't. GF
  8. @AHY79That is one of the things it can be used for, yes. For more examples of things that can be put in one, see this thread where I posted scans of the one used for my first two BoGW trips. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/83396-gfs-bogw-journal-contents-scans-or-doom/&tab=comments#comment-1768042 Also, to my group, there is a Flash DRive in my Box filled with goodies! Feel free to copy anything on it to your own computer! It is free of Viruses, Adware and Malware as of this morning! Make sure it stays that way :) I'm quite obsessed with computer security and back up my files regularly. Also, i don't use that word as a joke, OCD is a thing I have! Anywho, Enjoy! GF
  9. I am proud to announce that The Generic Fighter BoGW has joined the USPS Soccer League! Playing for the Central Pennsylvania Ba'al Busters and having Signed a contract in time to play at their away game against the Texas Tall Tails on Monday, will be heading out immediately to join the rest of the team! Box is away. arrives Monday. Enjoy. GF
  10. Due to cat related sleep deprivation the box will go out Saturday morning. Currently setting up the journal. GF
  11. Generic Fighter

    May the Paint be with You (May Hobby Goals)

    My hobby goals... --finish prep work on Swinedimples Academy for Adventuring Heroes 10 Year Aniversery Class Reunion adventure! --Finish Prep work on last few sessions of F2F campaign. --get some of my VG backlog done before Persona Q2 comes out on June 5th and sucks the time out of the universe I am part of --get my BoGW and my Box of Many things into the mail system My Non-Hobby Goals... --Learn about running an election and being a candidate for a local office. --Learn exactly what a township Auditor does so I know how to do the job I'm running for GF
  12. Generic Fighter

    MInis for Twitter Exchange Thinger

    So, I've been a participant in an exchange type thing on Twitter for quite a while now. It is known as "The Box of Many Things" and is a low cost to no cost geeky, nerdy Secret Santa type exchange that takes place every other month. this is for my April Thinger. We use the term "Thinger" to describe those who are in the exchange, specifically the person you are sending to or are receiving from, which are rarely the same person. They even have international group for those outside of the states, too. Art is a common thing to send as it is very low cost to make and usually low cost to mail too! So behold my badly repainted D&D Minis! So, my Thinger plays two PCs, a Druid and and a Dryad Warlock and I was going to try to paint a mini for one of those but ran into a roadblock. I couldn't find a mini for either of them! Also, they are an excellent artist and provided ARTWORK of their PCs for reference! I wouldn't be able to do justice for them at all! So I dug through the 4 pages of info they gave to find something I could paint successfully and not take far too long to do so! And I found that The Druid likes to become a Dire Wolf a lot and the Dryad has a Winged Cat for a Familiar so i got to work! Here they are! Hope you enjoyed them! GF
  13. Okay. due to two individuals abstaining from the voting, they will be assigned the choices from the die rolls I made. So the final vote results are... AHY79-Tiefling Sorcerer ObiJohn27--Tiefling Sorcerer Pineapple--Gnome Druid 3vil3lvis--Gnome Druid Hungerfan--Dragonborn Fighter Synistar--Tiefling Sorcerer So we have a WINNER! Congratulations to the Tiefling Sorcerer for coming out on top, despite the constant attacks from the candidate from the Neo-Arkosian parties campaign to "Make the Nentyr Vale Draconic Again". The infighting from the Primal Spirit party seems to have helped their campaign too. So, Box goes out on the 3rd at the latest. GF
  14. 12 or so hours until voting cut off! Get those votes in! GF