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  1. Generic Fighter

    What are required "Japanese Anime" Movies

    Alright! A subject near and dear to my heart! Here goes... --Mobile Suit Gundam. A MUST WATCH SERIES!! If you are running or plan to run any TTRPG that can involve giant robots, watch at least 2 of the Gundam series. I personally recommend the Original series and either Turn A or Mobile Fighter G Gundam. --Twilight of the Cockroaches. A Very poignant but depressing movie. Even more so once you know what it is based off of. But so very well done. --Tokyo Godfathers. A comedy about one of the most tragic things that could ever happen. Three homeless people find a baby in a dumpster and try to care for her while looking for whoever left her there. I can find more. My best friend actually reviews anime on a website regularly and has been doing it for years now. i don't know if posting a link to his reviews is okay with the mods here, but if it is I will immediately. He knows his anime! GF
  2. Generic Fighter

    What are the "Required Viewing" Sci-Fi Movies?

    Alrighty, Sci-Fi media time. --The Metal Max/Saga series. These video games do a very good job of doing an post-apocalyptic world parody. Metal Saga for the PS2 is hard to find for any affordable price but it is AMAZING! And I regret selling my copy! :( --Star Trek. All of it! There are amazing episodes in every series, including Enterprise. Also, excellent for any island hopping campaign of any genre. --The Persona series. See my post in the fantasy version of this thread for info. --Babylon 5. Like Star Trek, but with a consistent, constant and continuous plot. And does some amazing thing with it! --Phantasy Star series. Classic Sci-Fi Roleplaying Video Games. First RPG with female protagonist, first with death of a playable character and first with a macro system. The Sega Ages version of the 1st is on the Switch and the other three on the Sega Genesis Classics collection available on the PS4 and Switch. 2 and 4 have callbacks to the earlier ones, too. GF
  3. Generic Fighter

    What are the "Required Viewing" Fantasy Movies?

    Okay, I've got a few bits of Fantasy media I recommend highly. --The Slayers Anime series. 4 seasons of over the top super high fantasy. Plot is basically someone's D&D campaign and does a pretty good balance of serious and humor. Also, parody of common fantasy tropes too. --Record of Lodoss War. The classic originator of Anime fantasy shows/movies. Still pretty good too. --Dragon Quest 5: The Hand of the Heavenly Bride. The best of the classic video game series and soon to be adapted into an anime movie. Plot follows a man through his entire life, from traveling with his dad as a kid on a search for the Legendary Hero, to adulthood, marraige and raising his kids, one of which is the Legendary Hero that his dad was searching for! The rest of the series has some really good stuff to mine for plots but this one is the best whole package together by far! --Harry Potter. A must read(Don't touch the movies with a ten foot broomstick) especially if doing a modern fantasy or a school based campaign. I ran a D&D4E campaign that was heavily influenced by it because a podcaster said Harry Potter didn't belong in D&D just to spite him! That game is at level 30 and will soon be coming to an end. --The Persona Series. These video games are also a must play if doing a modern fantasy or sci-fi game or/and any school based game. The combo of Serious plot stuff and teenagers being teenagers doing normal, ordinary teenager things is just about perfect. Especially good for mining downtime or between adventures ideas. I recommend eithet Persona 4 Golden for the PSVita/PSTV or Persona 5 for PS3/PS4 to start with. GF
  4. Generic Fighter

    June Bugs and Paintjobs. The Hobby goals Thread!

    My Goals for the month of June(assuming my apartment building survives the night. And myself.) --Repaint 4-5 D&D Minis for GenCon prized --finish preparations for Swinedimples F2F campaign finale --attend Local Con 7th through 9th --get Special Edition of Persona Q2 Video Game delivered on 4th --try to get anything else done after previous two items happen His Royal Magnificence, the Unflappable and Invincible Concoror of the Digital Realmes, Destroyer of Grammar and Favored Enemy of Spelling Bees Super, Ultra, Mega Emperor of All That Has Ever Existed and Ever Will, Generic Fighter the First, Last and Only
  5. Yeah, I know its early but I really want to be the one to make these threads and my reign has been challenged long enough! Long Live the Generic Empire and the Royal Fighter Dynasty! Or some such. Post those Hobby Goals. His Royal Magnificence, the Unflappable and Invincible Concoror of the Digital Realmes, Destroyer of Grammar and Favored Enemy of Spelling Bees Super, Ultra, Mega Emperor of All That Has Ever Existed and Ever Will, Generic Fighter the First
  6. I got it from a seller on Etsy. Just search for mimic and you will find several sellers with them. GF
  7. UPDATE ON THE LAPTOP REREINSTALL! I've got basic functionality again. still about 100 updates to go. I might not be interneting much for the next few days, so I want to deputize someone else to make decisions in case of apocalyptic laptop events that remove internet access for an extended time. So, @Chaoswolf I suggest either yourself or @Pineapple for this roll. Chaoswolf because you are the organizer, Pineapple because they are one of the few from my current box that have done this before and I think having someone from my box trip might be a good idea. You two can decide however you like. I would suggest looking up the most recent "Code of Behavior For Dueling Etiquette" before you decide. GF
  8. So, i thought I should let you all know this as it has been causing delays. My Laptop had an "issue" on Sunday and I have been reinstalling the OS in the time since. It has seemed to be going well but I think something might have gotten screwed up during the reinstall. I'm having trouble getting an important program working and I think I might have to do another Reinstall to see if it can be fixed or if I need a new laptop. So, yeah, happy fun times here. GF
  9. Either will do. I've gotten his address so I can provide it. We will be doing that. Please stick @Obi John27 after @3vil3lvis then! Thanks :)
  10. Generic Fighter

    Necromantic logging machinery

    This is AMAZING! I remember using Lego Minifigs for miniatures back when I started D&D. GF
  11. I've been informed by an IRL friend of @Obi John27 that he has had hard times come up unexpectedly. My apologies to him for even suspecting him of anything nefarious. So, I'm making an executive decision on this. So, I would prefer that he get my BoGW sooner than later, in the hopes that it helps bring a bit of joy in a bad time, if we can. So, I'm gonna contact that IRL friend to see if this might be a good idea. I will let everyone know once I do. GF EDIT: If we can, i would like to insert @Obi John27 in after @3vil3lvis on my BoGW travels. Please contact each other about addresses and such.
  12. Yeah, I agree. The only reason I brought this stuff up was so we might be prepared in case it happens sometime. Mostly because I'm an obsessive over preparer, especially for gaming stuff. As a D&D DM, I notoriously over prepare to a ridiculous degree! I'll take days working on every possible thing my Players might do only to have them do something I didn't expect at all about 5-10 minutes in to the session, usually that will redirect the session in another, unexpected direction for much of the session too! GF
  13. Well, I think the first option I gave was more likely by far but the second is one we should be ready for, just in case. Especially since it has happened before. Perhaps we should discuss this thoroughly before the next BoGW happens so we have an idea of what to do if something of this sort happens again. GF
  14. Generic Fighter

    I`m back

    I myself am Actually Autistic, That is the current way most of us prefer to be referred to as. I am an Aspie, someone that has Aspergars, a type of autism. GF
  15. Check my previous post for the edited info. GF