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  1. Yep. This world has done it's best to kill me...and it's best wasn't good enough! GF
  2. AAAA! I missed it again! By 2 BLEEPING days! My box is ready and it will have to wait again! GF
  3. I'm sending mine Tuesday. Sorry for all the delays. Life is mostly stable now, so I can mail packages. I've spent a bunch of this time making stuff for the box. I'm also including a few freebies for everyone too. Again, I'm sorry for all the delays. Gf
  4. So, Updates! First off, Quarenteen is going well. Saturday should be the last full day for mom to stay at home. Dad has been practically symptom free for a week. Somehow I have managed to avoid it entirely! Might have something to do with me having my own place. I'm still going to quarrenteen for a while, just to be safe. As for my box, I've been working on stuff for it during some of this time. I've been making bases with my stamp collection. Also, I'm working on some cat whisker painting thingys. I've even been experimenting with those base stamps. The upper right hand corner of the first picture has my initial attempt. Second Picture has a sampling of the bases I've made so far. GF
  5. So, a lot has happened. Long story short. Everything happened. Then more stuff happened. Then I started to recover from the stuff that happened. Then my mom got the plague! Fortunetly, my dad doesn't have it nor do I so that is good. We have to quarrenteen though. I have been using this time to make stuff for the box at least. Rough estimate is sending it Tuesday if nothing changes. So, this is the first time I've had energy to spare for anything much. GF
  6. So, a lot happened over the last week or so. My Mom had to go to physical therapy, my PS4 died so I had to get a new one and the computer malware problem. The first one is being dealt with and the other two are fixed, so my box should be sent early next week. Tuesday at the earliest. GF
  7. New Update! My computer got a MalWare! I've been spending the last day or so reinstalling the OS and such. Just now got it working enough to do interwebs. As such, my box will be delayed a bit more than expected. GF
  8. My box will be delayed due to Mother Nature having a meltdown! The weather around here has gone koo koo bonkers. GF
  9. Yes, the whiskers are very, very thin. The one on the left is my persona one, so it has a small accumulation of paint that makes it slightly thicker. I'll be labeling them too. GF
  10. So, I've been working on something for the box and wanted some opinions on it. I'm making some special tools for painting extreme details, like eyes. I have a cat and she has shed a few whiskers recently. I learned at a painting class at GenCon years ago that cat whiskers are excellent for these details. So, I've been making several of these for my box. I've made a couple of these before now. I just want to check interest levels before making any more. GF
  11. Not nessesarily. If the current box is still in pretty good condition, then you can send it to the next person. But these boxes will wear out eventually so you might need to. Fortunately, these flat rate boxes are basically free to use. Hope that helps. GF
  12. IN!!!!! South Central Pennsylvania BOX STARTER!! Willing to be newbie box as usual. @Star in VA I would be willing to have my box end up with someone else as I have more than enough to fill 2 or 3 more boxes. If you are interested in keeping it going, I would be happy to put it in the hands of someone that would share the love. And I can start a whole new box for Round 13!
  13. Also, sometimes things go wonky even with a good one. The file is bad or corrupt or incompatible or someone blinked too loudly or the fey got in to your hard drive or ect. GF
  14. @Roonfizzle I've mentioned earlier in the thread that I have at least enough extras to fill 2 boxes. Much of my extras are fantasy or historical and from non-GW makers. Perhaps we might be able to combine some of each others minis stuff or something. So you can start a more balanced box and I can make some room in my apartment. I would be willing to figure something out. Shoot me a PM if interested. GF
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