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  1. I think it would be really cool to have have a "weapon sprue" of spell effects, maybe in a clear translucent material so that it can be stained appropriately with glazes but allow for different colours. Things like: lightning bolts Cone of fire (& frost) Magic skull effect Etc. This would be cool to convert casters (spells leaving their hand), or maybe decorate bases (an air gensai with lightning bolts around them) , or show monsters giving a breath attack (some of the smaller dragons have open mouths - it could be fun to have them breathing fire).
  2. I would love to see an entire kickstarter expansion based on Oriental/Asian themes. There are so many possibilities that could go in there: Humanoids - Samurai - Geisha - Ninjas - Monks (including an unarmed, there aren't really many options of unarmed characters) Mythical Monsters - Classic Oriental Dragon - Water Serpent - Qilin/Kylin (Chinese hooved chimerical creature) - Feng Huang (Chinese phoenix) - Pixiu (Chinese chimera - Head of a Chinese dragon, antlers, body of a lion, feathered wings) - Qiu Yu - (Rabbit with a beak, it has eyes like an owl) - Raiju (Japanese thunder dog) - Huan (Chinese cat with 1 eye and 3 tails) - Kun-Peng (Chinese massive hybrid beast of fish & bird) Mythical Humanoids - Tiger-were People - Kitsune People - Praying Mantis People - Kappa (Japanese swamp demon/imps/yokai) - Asian style Spirits (maybe using translucent bones) - Yuki-onna (Japanese snow woman) Beasts - 9-tail Fox - Monkeys - Colobines (3-5 different sculpts small to medium size) - Yaks - Locust Swarms - Giant Insects - Water Striders, Dragonflies, Fireflies - Panda - Crane - Large Tortoise Decor - Chinese Guardian lions statues (like on the Bones 4 portal, but by themselves) - Roadside Shrine - Torii Gates - Jade Regent (like this one, maybe more static pose) - Terracotta Soldiers
  3. I just woke up! So hello peoples! The new baby dragons are just too cute & I must have them! An awesome thing to wake up to. Anyone know who sculpted them?
  4. If you are after center pieces & huge pieces for painting & displaying then I have a feeling you will find a few pieces you like before the end of the campaign. In the past the big "wow" pieces have come later - though we will probably see one when we hit around 1 mil, most of them will be towards the end.
  5. I did much the same thing - though I am finding it easier to find things to spend it on already. I will raise the amount once it is over $200. But it seemed easier at this point to just help things along knowing that I'd likely spend at least that much.
  6. I like the new kobolds & think they are a great addition to the core set. Not very exciting but definitely worthwhile. Me too - not enough to buy the expansion but I think its an awesome sculpt
  7. Sorry @Talae Ive had some computer trouble with things not loading as they should & I missed the hour mark. Here are the details a bit late Time (CDT): 1:05pm Pledged: $661,603 Backers: 6,345
  8. I love the NPC models - my husband I get so excited for them - often more so than the big dragons (though I do like dragons). A lot of my wishlist is types of NPCs - Prisoners & Sacrfices & Frightened townfolk - Nobility & Royalty - Bandits - Generic Bard - Tavern Dwellers/Drunks (sitting on keg/stool drinking & standing) - Angry Mob - Farmers
  9. I dont know about everyone else but I have backed all of the Bones KSs & every time I have got a core set. I definitely have more bones than I know what to do with but there is usually too much that I want in the core set to walk past that value. That said I can understand why returning backers might only go for options.
  10. I generally find it too fast to keep up - occasionally I will look to see what Reaper are saying on them but thats it. The forums give me nice people to share my excitement!
  11. @Talae Time (CDT): 9am Pledged: $628,595 Backers: 6062
  12. @Talae I am happy to help you where I can by just @ you - I just am not sure what hours I will be up.
  13. Hello peoples! I have awoken to pretty new reveals! I love the trolls - such awesome sculpts!
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