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  1. Thank you @Olaf the Stout and @Cranky Dog
  2. @PaganMegan @TheAuldGrump Thank you so much for the kind words on my 3-D Printing service. Very glad you are happy. I just found this thread tonight. I keep trying new equipment and new resins to make sure I get the best quality 3-D prints that I can for people that have the most details while being durable (not brittle) so you can game with them. If anyone tries our service and has an issue ... I promise to do my best to make it right. Really made me smile to see the thumbs up for the work!
  3. FINAL 12 hours. We unlocked so many stretch goals that the project has grown from 12 models to 35 models and we have more stretch goals to unlock in the final hours. http://kck.st/3ew2MXY
  4. We've doubled the number of models in the Digital Reward since the project started with unlocked Stretch Goals! And now I just really want to make the Snail goal happen! ;-)
  5. Since Orlando's last post we've unlocked the Fisherman and the Village Elder!
  6. We negotiated a one time special buy of resin and have decided to pass that on to the backers! All new physical models in packs have been reduced in price by 20%!!! Only for this KickStarter as they'll go back up when/if they go to retail after the KickStarter is delivered but its a great buy for this project!
  7. Thanks everyone ... really happy to see 5 Stretch Goal unlocked after a slow start. We have at least 5 more characters we can unlock in the next 9 days. Working with Heriberto (the sculptor) is a lot of fun so I really enjoy these projects with him.
  8. @dice4hire .. as part of this KickStarter I am offering backers who were victims of the Pulse Dice KickStarter free Pulse dice (or Pulse dice at cost) ... since this is my 40th KickStarter I wanted to give back to the KS community with this project. @Gadgetman!So I understand what you are saying fully! Here are two reasons Y was left off. 1) Koplow already makes a D6 with all the Vowel plus Y on it. 2) This was meant to be compliment die to the D21 Consonant Die I made with this project ... so between the 2 dice you have the full alphabet. I do realize that Y is sometimes vowel. Just was trying to make things that didn't already exist along with a matching letter die set.
  9. Thanks @redambrosia ... the 4 bottle babies we are fostering (Mallow, Nouget, JuJu and MoJo) wanted to say hi and thank you as well. And Jenessa (a foster not on bottle but loves their heated blankets) photobombed.
  10. I wanted to thank everyone for their ideas and support of the project. I already have some very interesting items that can be part of a sequel KickStarter for this one. Really happy with how well this funded for miniatures that were essentially on the Island of Misfit Toys. So thank you again for a fun and rewarding project!
  11. @Smokestack ... apologies for the delay to this question ... I have your answer. I was able to successfully print one last night and the arrows are very nice and stable. We are currently fostering 16 kittens for our local animal shelter and several are still on the bottle. Mallow wanted his bottle so he got in on the picture. Because I was feeding kittens I didn't do the best glue job ... so apologies up front for that. But the model looks really good ... after seeing it this morning ... I plan on printing one at double scale just because I think it would look really cool on my desk! I had a couple Hero Forge models I was hired to print yesterday that I put next to it for scale.
  12. I have all the miniatures from TA now available in the KS including the behemoths.
  13. @odinsgrandson thanks for the kind words on my prints! Here are painted versions of my prints for 14 of the 20 miniatures from the Dawn of the Archmage game that are part of the KickStarter.
  14. Maybe evolution wherever he is finally fixed that problem???
  15. Dakka Dakka found an image of one painted! Recovering minis is a fun treasure find.
  16. @Orlando_the_Technicoloured ... the Sun God is 70mm tall. The Lizardmen are only 35mm tall but have a lot of bits that are taking up the mold space. I even agree that the Lizardmen are not a good deal ... they were part of the acquisition so I put them in the KS.
  17. @Serpine and @WhiteWulfe Added the 54mm and 72mm Necro Wolf to the KickStarter
  18. Going to increase the size a bit. It printed but I'm not happy with the final result as much as I'd like to be.
  19. @Serpine and @WhiteWulfe ... since you both have interest in this ... I'll go ahead and determine pricing for both 54mm and 72mm and add those as option to the KickStarter. That way you can see the pricing and it will be a file that is ready to go in case others have similar interest.
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