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  1. Going to increase the size a bit. It printed but I'm not happy with the final result as much as I'd like to be.
  2. @Serpine and @WhiteWulfe ... since you both have interest in this ... I'll go ahead and determine pricing for both 54mm and 72mm and add those as option to the KickStarter. That way you can see the pricing and it will be a file that is ready to go in case others have similar interest.
  3. The Alien Queen was just a painting example. Those figures are already on my website. Apologies @Darsc Zacal did not know I could not link ... lesson learned! Sorry for that
  4. @WhiteWulfe If you'd really like that quote for real-sy ... just let me know and I'll work it up for you. But yes I do expect you'll be getting close to $50 USD.
  5. @SamuraiJack Yes I am working on getting those. Just received in 4 close ups that I requested
  6. I have to be honest that was my thought ... and the 3 Gnome Pilots were very uninspiring which is why I did not convert them for individual sale.
  7. @WhiteWulfe I am willing to resize any miniatures in the 3-D print range as a special request. I will just need extra time to set it up and quote it and it would be a transaction outside the KS project (so that I don't mess up the mass printing of the models at the original manufacturer height). At 54mm that model would be $28 ... I could use MeshMixer to cut off the base if you wanted to drop that a bit. Just wanted to let you know.
  8. @WhiteWulfe Pretty large in all dimensions. I took this image which I think might help you with this question. The Rhino is pictured with both the Minotaurs from a top down view. The square are 10mm. I can make the Rhino bigger but because of his bulky body mixed with that rock and the club ... his price is going to go up very quickly as he gets a few mm taller. @WhiteWulfe updated graphic to answer this question.
  9. $135 ... and I would definitely need to print one to see if I could even really make it as there are SUPER fine parts in this monster. I can honestly say ... I have no idea how this was ever going to be cast in any way for the original project but might be able to print it. The question is ... do I spend all the time to set it up ... any takers you think at $135? Thank you very much @Darsc Zacal. I know you gave me sage advice that really helped me consider the folks that would not necessarily see this as a positive thing. I spent a lot of time talking to a lot of people after my conversations with you before even proceeding with including them in this project. I thank you very much for your time helping me see this project from all sides.
  10. I just heard a little bit ago from the company that original made those and they were beating me with the soft nerf bat to get heights on those ... I'll get to work on it!
  11. Hi @Serpine I wanted to address this as best I could. I seriously get where you are coming from! In a perfect world ... the Torn Armor folks would be able to cover your costs to have me print these at cost because at the end of the day they received your money and that is really want would be the best outcome. I even agree that some due diligence would have uncovered that Defiance / Tony was a bad bet to work with. I'm also finding a lot of issues with the models for what was planned for them. A lot of designs were done by an artist and then a sculptor was forced to make that image and the artist clearly didn't understand casting undercuts. So there were a lot of cards stacked against the project even if the money didn't disappear with Defiance. I wish I was a much larger company ... one that could grab the project and just consider making free minis for anyone that needed them as part of the cost of acquiring the STLs even though I have no connection at all with the Torn Armor KickStarter outside of buying the STLs from a closed company. However Impact! is a one man shop ... no employees and I run it from my house and the sales day to day just make sure I stay normally no more than one step behind the bills. So I messaged some Torn Armor backers ... talked with several folks that have done 10+ KickStarters themselves ... about the basic question. Financially I have zero obligation to the backers but at the same time ... the legal aspect isn't really important here. There were varied opinions but the one that I agreed with most was ... do not profit off of the Torn Armor backers ... they already paid in the system. So I agree with what you said ... I want you to know that. I wish Torn Armor would cover my costs to make your $300 worth of minis. I wish if that could not happen that I have the profits to cover my costs to make your $300 worth of minis. But those are just not where the situation is unfortunately. So I'm doing the best I can in this situation and offering to make the miniatures a reality and to not profit from any amount of the miniatures you want to get. Tom @ Impact! If I was even able to get a conversation started with them ... I'm sure we are probably talking at least a year before I could even do anything about it! We are about to find out @Smokestack!
  12. Thank you very much pcklnt. There should not be a problem with the resin versions .. I stand behind my work so if you do have a problem ... just let me know. The reason the individual figures are 2 figures are the price of a set is that the molding I received for all the resin sets were a single mold. So to get one individual figure ... I need to take it from an entire set. So with the sets set at wholesale pricing and the individual figures costed with only retail sales ... it turns out for all those sets that 2 individual figures need to sell for the price of a full set to work out correctly on the costs to break the sets. Thank you very much KODT! Thank you! This has been a really interesting project to work on over the last 14 months to get it to this point!
  13. I do not know how ... but I JUST found out about Drake and Drake II 3 days ago. Too late for me to try and get them included in this project. So we'll see how this project does and use it after I have the backers delivered as a proof of concept and approach them for a sequel project. Have a few new suggestions since this launched of companies to reach out to that might be interested in similar arrangements. So yes ... a bullet dodged for you ... (for now ... muh ha ha ha ha!) ;-) So the supports LOOK like it will print fine ... but I plan on printing one over the next couple days just to make sure it prints okay! I'll let you know the results!
  14. The STLS for some of the figures are available for sale if you want to print them yourself through the Chibi Capsule Patreon page. The KickStarter is offering new sculpts not available and also the previous offered STLs from Chibi Capsule printed at a print quality better than Shapeways offers for 40% less than they charge. So yes it is possible he paid to get the STLs from Chibi Capule and was able to print them for you.
  15. Hmmm ... <ring/ring, ring/ring> "yeah Painter guy ... can you finish painting the Gnoll before working on the Princess ... yes ... okay cool thanks."
  16. Mariya inspiration was this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mariya_Oktyabrskaya And thanks for the kind words on Corgberus
  17. @Cyradis and @WhiteWulfe ... since you mentioned liking Corgberus ... wanted to show you a painted copy I was sent an image of tonight.
  18. @SamuraiJack here you go from Nick Kelsch's Facebook page
  19. So two things on the IP front. I have no intention of trying to go for IP issues so if something has an IP-ish name and I was not aware ... definitely let me know. I was not a hardcore gamer and so when I ported in the catalog from Chibi Capsule to set this up of what he had sculpted ... I did not know the 2B or 9S connection. Gladly named changed them once @redambrosia mentioned it to me. Like I said ... I have no intentions of pulling a tiger's tail. That said ... in almost all cases ... a major change in artwork (ie move to Chibi style) and a change to any IP related names is normally all that is required to not have an issue. That has been our experience in our business and working with other companies during the last 12 years. However ... I like being safe rather than sorry ... so if you think there are any other names that need to change ... let me know. Happy to do so. Thanks for everyone that said they loved the figures. I really look forward to producing these. This project is an experiment for my company as I started commercial 3-D printing fantasy miniatures for hire for other companies late last year. I had several of my long time KickStarter backers order some to test them out and they all told me they were as good a quality as cast minis. So with that feedback I made the decision when Chibi Capsule came to me and asked if we could do a KickStarter for his designs in partnership to give it a go and see what happens!
  20. @TheAuldGrump ... if you are not happy with anything from your reward .... please let me know. I do my best to make sure people are happy with the reward they receive. I want you to know if you back a project from Impact! that its a safe investment. @HornedTurtle ... we unlocked 3 stretch goals for free minis for all backers. A Judge Dredd Goblin, a Weapon for conversions and a Trillobyte Maggot (all these 3 are part of the Chris Bledsoe Pay-It-Forward program which includes all the Heartbreaker figures) @Dan d'Lyon ... I think I am finally in the last 2 weeks of shipping. Having to check each set for accuracy added months to the shipping ... but the light is at the end of the tunnel. My goal is to have all the sets in my online store on February 1st if you would like to order more. Finally ... I'm glad to see the positive feedback here on the figures. Really am happy with these revival minis.
  21. . KoDT ... glad you are very happy with the results!!! I look forward to getting these out to retail in late September after I get all the rewards shipped.
  22. One of the promises is that ALL castings for this KickStarter (new releases and previously existing figures) will be done with the new resin formula. So no special primers will be needed for anything you get as a reward from this KickStarter.
  23. Thanks everyone ... I am really excited about this project ... especially now with the new resin and release formulas that work with any brush on or spray primer. Stretch Goals that we will hopefully discuss soon will have voting to unlock the other 3 Giants and 2 Elementals (and after that we have fun new stuff to come)
  24. BackerKit cannot handle giving my backers free extra credit to spend on add-ons (like the stretch goal where BIG sets would give backers an extra $7 in Add-ons to spend). So we use CrowdOx for the pledge manager as it can handle these types of stretch goals. And yes you can definitely add-on extras in CrowdOx when you check out. Tom
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