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  1. I would really need another KickStarter to pull that off. The Subsets are me getting the sets as small as possible so that they are still okay cost wise for me to sell from the family mold. So singles are currently a no but the Subsets will be available in retail later.
  2. Final 48 hours. Looks like we'll unlock at least one free miniature for every set in the KickStarter. Possibly 2 free miniatures per a set. Come stop by and check it out before the curtain closes. Retail for the sets will be $36 and will not include any free miniatures from the KickStarter stretch goals. The sets are currently 17 to 32 minis for $28 if you get 2 or more all the way down to $23 per a set at the top reward level. KickStarter tracking says I've had some great support from the Reaper community for this KickStarter and I want to thank you for that. Tom @ Impact!
  3. Thank you CashWiley ... that is a great review (meaning fair, balanced and through). I appreciate your overall recommendations and I'll make sure that Ed can see your review to hear your thoughts. On a more serious note ... it really makes me feel great that this happened. I know your long standing issues with TF and the fact that the way I run Impact! and the improvements Ed has been working on with TF reached the point where you'd recommend one of my KS projects as something worth backing. That's a red letter day for me (and there is zero sarcasm there ... seriously happy great day for me).
  4. With the stretch goals unlocked in the last 2 days, this KickStarter is now offering 290 old Heartbreaker models for you to choose from in the sets! I am beyond happy to be able to return that many figures to the market. Thank you to everyone who helped this project become a success. I am now adding in free miniatures to the existing sets in the KickStarter as we reach each $500 stretch goal. We'll keep going until all 16 sets have at least one free extra miniature.
  5. Okay so since you said that ... I have to show you this. So as part of the Chris Bledsoe estate ... his father was not involved super heavily to know what was and was not in the ZN Games workshop. So what he did was put all 900 lbs. worth of the ZN Games workshop that he still had boxed up onto a pallet and shipped it ALL to me (molds, masters, sculpts in progress, left over production copies, notebooks, loose notes, a CD copy of his hard drive)... EVERYTHING! And since there was a lot of stuff that was never released ... it means a LOT of research to figure out what was what and who if anybody I needed to get a license. So in a catalog that he had printed before he became very ill at the end of 2001 was a new release ... a Troll Mountain Thumper model. ZN Games part number 23-024. Masters had been made and a finished production mold ready for spinning to make many more was done and ready to go. The Troll Mountain Thumper looks like this: I now refer you to Heartbreaker MtG model 9125 So there you go ... it appears Orlando ... that you and Chris thought alike.
  6. I don't think I have any of those masters (sorry to say). I have 2 boxes left from working on this project for 3 years. On is a box of MtG masters and the other is a box of Warzone masters. MtG masters? Magic the Gathering? If yes. PLEASEEEEE! O__O Hasbro (and its sub WotC) is NOT an easy company to get a license from unfortunately.
  7. Thank you Orlando for that ... I'll see what I can do but I will admit the digging I've done so far makes me really fear that everything might have gone deep or even been trashed. Many thanks for that ... it was great to be able to unlock all the Earthdawn masters! The KickStarter is now up to bringing back in production 290 Hearthbreaker miniatures. So much more than I could have hoped for in under a week ... so I'm very psyched by the result.
  8. I don't think I have any of those masters (sorry to say). I have 2 boxes left from working on this project for 3 years. On is a box of MtG masters and the other is a box of Warzone masters.
  9. Any idea where one would find the owner of the Ilyad Games molds? .... I'm happy to make an inquiry. Tom
  10. Ah some of that is what the company asking for the molding does to the process. I work with TF to get the molds done to avoid these issues. I'm not sure if RH does. If they are like some companies that Ed has had to deal with ... they require X items to get into one mold and trying to get them all to fit can create some strange venting. That is why I wanted to show what the figures looked like right off the sprues on the KickStarter with the images of all 3 items being funded as test casts from the molds so that it was clear what was being offered. If you can KoDT ... can you send me a list of the items you already received that you were unhappy with. It really does matter to me that people want to work with Impact! and that means people wanting to work with Ed. So if you send me a list ... I'll see what I can do to ask about them.
  11. Love supporting the Paint & Take and Speed Painting. I like helping those events as I think they are an important part of Gen Con to expose people to fun of painting minis. I've been a Bronze to Silver supporter of those events since 2008. The Beer Garden Beauty is still one of my favorite figures this year is the 10 year anniversary of that sculpt which was the first one my company hired a sculptor outside of my friends to start sculpting new figures for the company. Patrick Keith now of Bombshell Miniatures did a great job on her.
  12. Thank you ced1106 and Thes Hunter for the words of support. Reaper is the only forum I feel like a punching bag when my projects get announced. L&R should have told everyone that the best way to paint those figures was with a wash with Dasty and then a spray prime with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. I've used that in house to paint hundreds of the old formula resin and mold release with zero issues. However that is a pain to have such a specific method ... I do not argue. I work very closely with Troll Forged to make sure I get everything as good as I can for my backers and customers. Troll Forged wants folks to enjoy their products and Ed has worked every year to keep improving the process. He is a small business just like mine and has had a ton of growing pains. I'm Ed's oldest higher volume client. I've worked with him to develop costs systems, get new equipment to offer more services and told him when he really needs to bite the bullet and just fire an employee who is not caring as much about the product produced as he does. He was constantly trying to make the company better as often as he could. I'm not defending how difficult it was to work with their older formulas ... trust me that even though we found a 100% method to paint them ... I was still really happy to hear the new formula improvements in January. I get what you are saying but can I tell you the tales for you the sides of Troll Forged that you don't hear from the angry sides. In the last 2 years, there have been 2 KickStarters that were failing and the only reason the backers received miniatures was because Troll Forged offered to work with them to use what resources those projects had left to get their miniatures made and for the backers to be able to get their miniatures. There are other projects where there have been issues but Troll Forged choose not to present their side of the issues for those projects which I think did them no favors as I still see posters on forums hold anger for them on those projects which I don't think they would have if they knew everything. And yes... I personally bug Troll Forged to get their own KS finally done and out the door and done as well ... as I agree ... really really agree ... that it is beyond way behind and needs finished for the few backers still needing their kits (part of this issue is that Ed is a frecking perfectionist who wants to make the mini as good as he can before casting it when he really sometimes needed to be okay with not adding a few details and just get it in the mold press). So I understand what you are saying KoDT/Weresheep but I also know this is not a company trying to produce products to make you unhappy. They worked their asses off almost around the clock to revise all the molds to work with the new formulas to help L&R get the new minis as quickly as possible in January. They don't deserve a medal for that ... absolutely not ... but its not the sign of a company who is trying to screw over gamers.
  13. My only issue with that is I don't know when whatever you are about to receive was cast. If it was pre-January ... it won't tell you anything to be very honest. If you ask anyone about my company and if your money is the smallest bit at risk with me ... I am confident you'll get the same answer from anyone that has done business with me. I cannot do more at this time than stand on the reputation I've built being in business for 11 years with the same standards of how to treat my customers during all that time. Tom @ Impact!
  14. I understand your reservations. Due to the Raging Heroes issues ... they went back to the drawing board to rework the entire process. I just received in new miniatures in the product and I'll really happy with it. It is a noted improvement on past materials I have received. I also received in test castings of some of the Heartbreaker minis to make sure they would be okay and they look great ... I'm not having issues with breakage for them and the resin no longer appears to be paint resistant. So its not blind faith I'm saying I stand behind it ... I've seen the product and am willing to endorse it. CashWiley ... I'm know you are not a fan ... but I'd also like to try to do what I can to make it so you can see the improvements ... because of course as a small company ... reputation is everything ... so your comments for my projects are something I'm more than happy to try and address for future projects. If you are willing to message me here with your address. I'll gladly send you a couple of the newest figures I've received with the newest resin and mold release formulas for you to see first hand ... free. As a company its important to me that peoples reaction not be "I would not go there" to my products and projects. ;-) So I would gladly like to send you a few figures to review that I have not washed or done anything more to than remove from the mold sprue for you to review if you are willing. Knight of the Dinner Table and Smokestack ... if you think the figures were a bad investment ... I do stand behind my promise to you to allow you to return them for a full refund. And yes I do understand that Knight of the Dinner Table is in Germany ... I'll still stand behind that promise including any import duties he has to pay if there are any if he is unhappy and wants to return the figures. There is no risk. And Knight of the Dinner Table ... I did want to answer this : "Oh. But formula and mold release (conveniently) changed in January." I can explain this to make it clear there is no conveniently in this situation. The company was asked to completely revise everything based the concerns with TGG2 as talked about by CashWiley above. They took this request very seriously and immediately began working with different chemical companies to come up with the new solution ... that process was completed in January of this year. I believe in shooting straight ... so you have my word that I'm not going to adjust the truth in order to make my products and KickStarter look better. I've had the license and masters in hand for the Heartbreaker range since June 29, 2014. I did not seek to bring them back to market because I didn't think the spincast resin was in a place that I felt the figures would be of a nature that I would be happy with as a product for me. With all the recent changes, I was encouraged and tested it and based on that testing felt it was okay to now pursue this. If I was willing to just try to make a buck ... I would have not sat on these masters by some of the best Oldhammer sculptors for almost 3 years. I want these to be great figures you are happy to own and I've waited to bring them out until I thought the materials would work with the masters to make a great product. So thank you both for backing ... I am working to make sure you are glad you did. Tom @ Impact!
  15. Thanks for feedback everyone ... I was really excited to be able to finally be in a position to bring these figures back into production!
  16. It might have been an option to run the campaign without shipping, and PayPal invoice that post-campaign. You would still have had to list the USPS estimates to begin with, but it might have given you the chance to figure out a better option for maybe a late-campaign surge in international backers. Given all the fantasy football stuff you do, I'm sure USPS rates are costing you a lot of potential there. @Arkady ... there was one big problem for me with this. Part of the big sell with this project is that I'm promising to ship everything by December 5th to get them items by Christmas. Any complication to the project could push this into a situation where that becomes difficult especially for the international buyers. I really needed to bake in the postage so that it is collected at project end by KickStarter and I'm not having to spend time trying to check off getting postage from 150 backers. The hours I would spend doing that are hours that I'm not spending packing up the boxes to get them shipped by December 5th. Also ... I really don't think there is a better option. I've looked into less expensive methods suggested to me so far and they either have no tracking numbers (ie GlobalPost) or require me to be sending around 100 games to get the volume of freight needed to make to use the service. When I looked at when Game Salute ran the original KickStarter for the game ... I was surprised to see .. their postage was not much less for international than mine, So I'm honestly not sure there is a better answer. Once you go over 12 ounces .... the international postage rates just go up very quickly. However if anyone has a suggestion ... happy to check into it!
  17. Yeah ... VERY sorry about that. Since this came up quickly (no warning on the offer) and needed an immediate KickStarter to help finance. I pulled together the budget and the KickStarter in 5 hours from Monday night and until launch at 11am Tuesday. So no planning time to search out fulfillment options for locations outside the USA. I normally do not sell heavy products ... so I was a bit crushed when I saw the USPS rates but for this one but was nothing I knew how to do with no time on the clock to find other options. In 2018, I have hopes of launching a KickStarter for a board game. If I do that ... it will be after I've sourced and identified a Canadian, Australian and European distribution option to make it international shipping friendly.
  18. Thanks Orlando for the post. Project is now live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/674003445/roller-derby-board-game-and-minis-shipped-for-chri
  19. Final 12 hours ... was a fun campaign. Thanks everyone. Unlocked 9 new miniatures, a Gazebo and a Life/Score counter @SamuraiJack ... been dealing with a lot of health issues for my son for the last year and as a result of just not having enough hours in the day (Impact! is unfortunately a one man shop ... just me ... no employees) ... those figures are not yet in the store from my last Chibi KS project. They will be ... just not there yet.
  20. Thank you redambrosia! We added a Life/Score Counter to the project that will hold your favorite miniature (even if it is a miniature from another company). $9 in the KickStarter or $24 painted
  21. The warning label is there because someone thought he could bend some part of the figure while working on it with his daughter by sticking it into the fire on his stove. So yes ... I tried to have fun with it. I wanted to do something that had not been done before for the miniatures. Doing them as LARPing Chibi was new and different. At this time I have not pursued paying for a license agreement to make non-chibi KODT. I had to pay for the license upfront before running the KickStarter so I wanted to start with working with something I have a lot of recent Kickstarter experience.
  22. @Gadgetman! Not trying to talk you into it. Not sure when the last time you saw any was. The formula has completely changed recently and they moved to an entirely different way of molding and entirely new designed machines to do the spincasting. If you like Chibi and KotD ... if you pledge ... message me that you are Gadgetman! ... if you get the package and still do not like it ... I'll refund the full order and you won't have to return the figures. Since I've moved to using Tamiya Fine Surface primer after a wash with Dawn dishsoap ... I've had no issues with the figures and the new casting equipment and molds has really eliminated the small bubble issues from when I first started making them. Just I know we've come a long way from where we started so wanted to make this offer to you.
  23. Stretch Goal #6 I know ... I reserve an entire day to work on that. Would be shorter if not for the government rules. ;-)
  24. We unlocked Glow in the Dark dice and Light Purple dice and are just a few backers away from unlocking Translucent Teal dice for all 20 dice. Almost all reward levels have been given free dice due to stretch goals that have unlocked. Stop on by and check it out!
  25. This project is the last stepping stone to be able to work on that dice chain. If this project reaches up to $33,000 we'll be able to full fund all the current irons in the fire for the KS project dice and already existing dice. At that point, we have an angel investor who has agreed to support us having molds made for a D17, D19, D26 & D28 to complete two dice chains (D3 to D20 in singles) and (D4 to D30 in evens). So I'm doing what I can to hopefully get this project up around $33,000 so I can have the resources to work on a full even dice chain next.
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