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  1. Marsya, That Gargoyle is amazing ... HOW did you not win the Speed Painting round? I'd like your permission to use it on our website. Seriously that is a really great look on the Gargoyle!
  2. And then I went and injured myself. Okay I'm finally able to move around again. Made Thanksgiving dinner this morning and tomorrow ... back to shipping. Sorry for the health issues .... 2015 has been a year for more time being spent at hospital than not for my family. Really looking forward to 2016 being different. But will do my best to get these all shipped before the holiday mail traffic gets too bad.
  3. Thanks! That was a figure that I personally designed and I love how he turned out. If you have an Icepelt Rulebook, Margoth is described (but not pictured) on page 27 and I just had to try and bring that character into the miniature world. === Also apologies on the sculptor of the Beastface team ... I have fixed that. Jon Boyce hired John Pickford to sculpt the team and the KS now says that.
  4. Marineal, Apologies ... had two things happen. One I had one KickStarter that due to a number of problems beyond my control was over 1 year past due for delivery which is so unusual for my company. So I promised anyone that was not shipped out by the end of October that I'd refund them 50% of their reward dollars. Thought I could do it easily ... was very wrong ... my son got sick and recovery was very slow and so I spent the last two weeks sorting and shipping like a mad person when I had free moments (with the last box packed up at 11pm on October 31st). So I sat down to ship Chibi and my wife went to the hospital (she was just released today) and I've been staying with her and keeping the household running as best I could. So I'm about 3 weeks off my original schedule but the deck now is pretty clear so Chibi rewards should be all shipped out by end of November and you should get a tracking number when it is sent. If you have any issues at all before or after you receive the Chibi ... just message me through KS and I'll fix it for you as best I can. Tom @ Impact!
  5. Very cool. Nice to hear that worked out for you ... glad I could help you with this project!
  6. Trodax ... we are doing pretty well getting shipping done even with another several days lost to the hospital with my son over the last week. We are only 11 packages behind schedule to have shipping finished by the end of the month as of this morning. So you should hopefully get a notice very soon.
  7. 29 of the 32 images in the Deluxe Coloring/Art book are in the Art Book that was part of the Dungeon Monster II Chibi KS project. However ... the difference is that those 29 images are shown over 6 pages in the Art Book that was in the previous KS and over 29 pages in the Deluxe Coloring/Art book in this KickStarter. Layout differences: Dungeon Monster II Art book: 3 full page Pony images and then 26 Pony images shown over another 3 pages. Pony Coloring/Art book: 29 full page Pony images along with 3 brand new pieces of art (also full page) (32 images total) Let me know if anything is unclear ... hope that helps!
  8. Thank you everyone for the feedback. After talking with others about the feedback we have decided to leave the project title the same but have changed the title of the coloring book to "Pony Adventurers Coloring Book". All feedback was very much appreciated. We also have a new update and a Deluxe version of the book now being offered as we reached $500. Deluxe Art/Coloring book option added. $148 reward level upgraded So yesterday morning we decided to add a stretch goal for $500 and then we reached it before we could even announce it. We have now added a reward level to get a Deluxe version of the Coloring book which will also include 32 pages of the Pony images in full color at 8 1/2 x 11". So the Deluxe book is 32 pages of coloring book followed by 32 pages of art book. The book is available at an $18 reward level and you can add on additional copies of this book to any reward level for $15. In addition, we are upgrading the $148 reward level so that anyone who takes this reward can take their choice of either the 32 page Coloring book or the 64 page Coloring/Art book with that reward. We were also informed that for anyone that did not participate in our previous Pony miniatures KickStarter that having a small graphic that could show the ponies that would be in the coloring book would be really useful so we have completed that image below for you. We are very happy with how the KickStarter has done and thank everyone for their support of the project. Tom & Chris @ Impact!
  9. Based on this KickStarter funding ... we are already thinking about maybe doing a Cthulhu Coloring Book with Lorraine's art as well. Miniatures are a great thing to design for a living ... but I have to say ... there is something really fun and different that has appealed to me in creating this coloring book. My wife tells me it is because I never actually grew up.
  10. Huh ... Kangaroorex ... I will be honest ... you are the first person who has told me there was a negative connection with that term. Everyone I've meet so far at conventions who identified themselves as a Brony was incredible polite and nice when I talked to them. I have not been to Bronycon or a huge Toy Fair ... so disappointing to hear that happened. Those Ponies exist because of the 6-10 year old girls so that is kinda like biting the hand that feeds you. Let me talk it over with my business partner ... I'm not married to having the term on the cover so we'll consider your comments. Tom
  11. @Orlando_the_Technicoloured ... maybe ... let me see how well I can make it work ... but for friends I could definitely see what I could do. @redambrosia ... I look forward to helping you with that order whenever the car is good to you. I totally understand that. My truck I use for Impact! needed almost $6k in repairs over the last year. If I could time machine back I would just have replaced it when it first had issues.
  12. @EvilJames ... yeah sorry for the delay due to my family issues. I hope to have all the ZN Games KS rewards out by the end of month that are left to ship. That is the plan right now. Tom @ Impact!
  13. Thank you Kangaroorex ... I really hope it ends up being a $3k investment I'm glad I made. If it works ... we are considering doing a Chibi Giants KickStarter in the future as it won't cost us over $100 each to have the figures printed by Shapeways. ;-)
  14. Thank you everyone ... we will be able to create another 25 Chibee miniatures with the final result of the KickStarter. Tom @ Impact!
  15. Update #14 Apr 9 2015 Bast(et) unlocked! Sphinx at $20k! Free points stretch and the Beetle/Chi-bee for points! We just unlocked Bast(et) for the new 5 point Chibee. We are still working on her with Lorraine. I'm not sure what the final product is going to end up looking like. My first discussion with Chris was having Lorraine come up with a double dagger wielding version that was a mix between these two images: http://www.mmoreviews.com/imgs/Smite-rw2.jpgand http://www.ioffer.com/img3/item/537/586/303/clggegyptian-statue-bastet-feminine-divine.jpg However I know we were still working on it. But for those that do not know Bastet she was an Egyptian Goddess normally shown as a cat. She will go great with the other Egyptian models in this set. Okay at $19,000 we will unlock allowing everyone to use points instead of add-on $ to get the Scarab and the Chi-bee shown in the last couple update (and currently in the add-on section of the main page). At $20,000, we will be offering free points to several levels. ORC: 27' (2 free) BUGBEAR: 54 (4 free) TROLL: 85 (5 free) WARLORD: 116 (6 free) SORCERESS: 180 (10 free) LICH: 246 (16 free) ELDER DRAGON: 311 (21 free) And Juan has just made a very special offer for the race to the finish. He has offered to resculpt the Egyptian Sphinx for almost nothing if this project can actually reach $20,000. If that is the case we'll create a 50mm version of the Egyptian Sphinx and offer it as a 10 point miniature for the KickStarter if we reach $20,000. The original Egyptian Sphinx was a massive model (the head alone is 45mm tall) and it just does not cast well as it is soooo large. Shrinking it down to 50mm tall would still make it impressive but also mean it should cast at a significantly better quality. So there are the goals for the final 2 1/2 hours ... if you have friends who do not know about the project now is the time to go give them a shout and see if we can reach the free point level and pick up some more free points/items for many of the backers. Tom & Chris @ Impact!
  16. Thank you @ShadowRaven and @redambrosia for the kind words. I try to make sure I earn those types of comments with each order and project but it is definitely nice to hear it out loud. :D
  17. Update #13 Rock Elemental unlocked! Scarab Beetle and Chi-bee swarms and Bast(et) stretch goal Backers ... thank you! We just unlocked the Rock Elemental now and he has been added to the 5 point list of miniatures you can pick from. If we reach $18,000, we will unlock the Bast(et) chibi which will also be a 30mm tall 5 point miniature. To help us hopefully reach Bast(et) we have decided to make the molds for the Scarab Beetle and the Chi-bee swarms. If we reach $19,000, these miniatures will be able to be obtained for points but regardless of that you'll be able to add one to your pledge for $3, 4 of one type for $10 or 6 of one type for $15 as an add-on. I'm still hopefully we can reach the point where these are unlocked as points but we know that swarm monsters are very popular with the backers and Nick has been great to work with in sculpting these figures on short notice so we wanted to make them available to everyone. The below photo shows the Scarab Beetle and the Chi-bee with the Scorpion unlocked earlier in the Kickstarter. Finally here is the art for the Rock Elemental again so all backers know which figure we just unlocked in the 5 point list! Thank you again backers and we look forward to what the last 4 1/2 hours have to offer. Tom & Chris @ Impact!
  18. Update #10 Apr 6 2015 Final week ... requested minis added to list ... new reward levels ... Killer Lizard sculpt We are entering the final day of the project and wanted to thank everyone for your support so far. As of this update we are $869 from the next stretch goal to unlock the Rock Elemental. Once that is unlocked we have stretch goals planned at $18k, $19k and $20k so hopefully we'll be able to unlock several goals quickly as we enter the final days which are normally busy ones for a KickStarter project. We have had several requests to add on figures from the past to the project for points and we are doing our best to review those requests and respond where possible. In the 5 point category we are adding in the following 4 older monsters based on backer message requests: Hippocampus, Skeleton Pony, Zombie Pony and the One Eyed Demon. In addition, we had two requests (but from more than one person) for some other minis. The first was the Bob Olley dragon that my other son asked for as his figure to be put in the Impact! store. While not a Chibi ... it is a really great sculpt coming in at 52mm tall. The other was for Chibi like minions for the Pumpkinhead General to animate and command to battle. So we are including our 16mm tall Pumpkins to the list as well. Dragon is 15 points and the 4 Pumpkin set is 16 points. We hope to be able to give another update tomorrow with a preview of the art book. Based on other backer requests ... we added on two new reward levels for those not needing Chibi minis. The first will allow you to pledge for just the Electronic PDF files. The second will allow you to just get the Softcover Chibi Art Book. Finally, Juan really like the idea of the Killer Lizard so he has already completed the sculpt and he looks great. Tom's son is really happy with his miniature and hopes you enjoy it as well. Tom & Chris @ Impact!
  19. Well done on the final product. Looks great (and thank you both for backing!)
  20. Wanted to post Update #8 Update #8 Mar 30 2015 Killer Reptile sneaks into the KickStarter as an add-on 6 Comments Like 6 likes The Story: Years ago Tom informed his two sons that they both could have a figure if it was a reasonable cost to do so that they would like to see Impact! sell. The one son immediately pounced and asked for a dragon. It took me a while to find a good dragon to add to the store but I was finally able to purchase the rights to a sculpt by Bob Olley to add a dragon to the store to fulfill the request ( http://www.impactminiatures.com/minis/big/OlleyDragon.jpg ). My 2nd son ... held on to his request. While he has joking repeatedly asked for figures in the past (like a NopperabÅ during and after the Asian Chibi KS) ... he was never willing to use this request to get it. Last week he finally made a decision and requested a Chibi model and he offered to help finance some of it to help have it made while the figures for this KickStarter are being worked on. So Tom agreed and Lorraine has finished the art for his figure ... the Killer Reptile. If is a standard 30mm tall model and definitely has some serious tooth and claw attacks (probably more than one claw attack stat-wise). No KickStarter funds will be used to create him so he will not cause any increased stretches between stretch goals. He is an add-on figure as a result that points cannot be used to obtain and can be included with your reward for a $4 add-on to your pledge. We expect he will sell for either $5 or $6 when he is placed in the online store after the KickStarter. My son found him the perfect balance between cute and horrifying if you had to face 3 of them working as a team to be just want he wanted for his figure. Tom @ Impact!
  21. The Ponies should be in the online store by next week. If you REALLY want some ... I love our Reaper forum backers ... so send me a note and I'll work with you to see what I can do. I will add the Hippocampus to the KS based on your requests. The Unicorn and Pegasus ... those are first gen Chibi and while we get good feedback on them ... they are not as clean as our newest figures. So I'm reluctant to have them in. Again if there are figures form the Pony KS you really want just message me through the KickStarter and I'll work with you to set up your pledge so you can have them. Thanks for all the support everyone and feedback. Reached another stretch goal today so I need to push out the update. Tom
  22. @Marsya ... understand if you go that route. We make sure you get the figures at a good discount at the higher pledge levels vs what they end up at retail. I make sure that no one ever pays more to get the figures in the KickStarter than they will when they come to our store (both domestic and international).
  23. Talae ... thanks for the thread ... I look forward to seeing the work. I did want to make sure you know that if you have a figure that has unacceptable bubbles on easily viewed surfaces ... happy to work with you to get you replacements. I love the rusted effects I'm seeing on the Clockwork Pony. Really great looking on that figure. Well done.
  24. You are doing great. The eyes are excellent for a Chibi and grab your attention well. Thank you for sharing!
  25. Two additional items. By the end of the month we are looking to spend several thousand on getting our own 3-D printer based on a recommendation from another mini company that we have joint ventures with that should help improve the quality another step on getting our masters made. We have had a lot of positive feedback on the quality of the pony castings ... but I'd like to keep improving the line if possible. In terms of workable primers ... I had a resin company that has worked with Trollcast swear by using Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (they said the fine is the one you HAVE to get). They said it works great and bonds to the resin with no problem. I have ordered a can to verify if this is true. Grey is available on Amazon and I found white as well from an online hobby shop. I wanted to make a list of the primers to put on our online store information that I have been told definitely work ... so far I have from others information: Rust-oleum Self Etching Primer (this is the one I've personally used) Tamiya Fine Surface Primer Duplicolor Sandable Primer Krylon Primer for metal and plastic
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